You Will Be Missed…

To the Administration of the City of Dearborn Heights;

        I am writing to notify you that I have resigned as a Commissioner of the Dearborn Heights Commission On Disability Concerns, effective November 14, 2011.
After serving as an active Chairman of the Commission for several years, I have found that I can no longer be as effective in this capacity. The city administration has been neglectful when following the suggestions from the Commission concerning the changes and updates of the ADA. The efforts of the Commission to work with the city to include the disabled, making the city buildings accessible, and remove barriers for the disabled have not been accomplished. We have hope that a new Chairman will not run into the obstacles that I have.
The Commission is encouraged by the completion of several projects throughout the City, but there is so much more to be done. This is an ongoing effort and it is imperative that the city fulfill its obligations to its citizens who are disabled.
I would like to thank the many people who have helped the Commission in the efforts for the inclusion of the disabled, especially J. Badalow for her active participation as the liaison for the Commission.
    Linda Butler
cc:  Dearborn Heights Administration
       All Commissioners

2 thoughts on “You Will Be Missed…”

  1. Donna

    I removed it but even if you put your email in the form to fill out a comment it does not show unless you post it in a the comment its self. You do not have to fill in the email portion in-order to make a comment just to make sure everyone knows that.


  2. I have read about all the things you have done for the disabled, not only in Dearborn Heights, other cities as well. God bless you, you will be so missed.


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