$12.00 or $200,000.00 Can we Have a Seriouse Disscussion About This?

Can we as residents seniors and non have a serious discussion about the senior centers and what is to be done with them? I ask because I want to write about this and have been very hesitant to do so. I don’t want to disrespect the seniors at the same time I don’t want the city to be afraid to do the right thing by the rest of us.

Rent for the Eton center is a dollar a month, the city has to give D7 a years notice if they leave. If the city decides to keep the lease and stay in the building that will cost the city around 200,000.00. The reason for this the roof has to be replaced.

The Berwyn center a building owned by the city has the senior center in it and the community and economic development departments has it’s offices there.

Canfield center has the recreation department and several evening activities this is all so owned by the city. Keeping any of these buildings open cost money in utilities and maintenance.

During the months leading up to the HO vote there was talk about closing down the Eton center the past few months there has been very little talk about recreation what so ever. You have a Mayor who will not commit one way or the other on Eton only to say D7 doesn’t want it back. In the title of the post I used the amount of $12.00 dollars. That is the amount the city would pay even if they gave notice to D7 today closed it up and moved the senior activities some place else.

I would like to ask the question without the people from the recreation department biting my head off or telling me what a vital service they provide. Let’s just say up front a vital service is provided for the seniors that use the senior centers. Let’s also keep in mind that there are many seniors that do not use the centers and we can also establish that all tax money is going to keep their programs and centers open. We can also say that seniors should be honored for everything they have done for us and we should pay them the highest respect and I do.

Now the question for everyone is this what should be cut in order for the senior centers to stay open. If the city is going to find 5.1 million dollars in cuts and the senior centers are off limits then what? I do not want to see the people working there loss their jobs, but we can not have talks about getting the budget together unless we look at everything. So far the one area that no one wants to talk about is this. Cut fire, cut police, cut departments to the bone but don’t what ever you do talk about this.

So bloggers seniors and non where should the council and Mayor look to find the money?


9 thoughts on “$12.00 or $200,000.00 Can we Have a Seriouse Disscussion About This?”

  1. I asked Janet to clarify what was said at the meeting yesterday but I haven’t heard from her. What I “think” she said was that we pay District 7 $1/year for the Eton Center. What I also “think” she said was that there are approximately 1,000 seniors in the city. With that amount of money, we can afford to notify the district that we are pulling out and with that amount of seniors throughout the city (if I remember the facts correctly) then we STILL need to close the Eton Center. I did a study of 9 surrounding cities and with 4 cities in the study containing upwards of 98,000 people and our city having 56,000, we are the ONLY city that has two senior centers. If nothing else, those facts verify that we have too many senior centers. For that matter, with the few seniors we do have, one center is more than sufficient.


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  3. I hadn’t thought about the number of seniors, but that makes sense since seniors are probably less likely to have mortgage debt problems.

    It sounds like the mayor is telling us that he plans to run again.


  4. I just saw a “political” someone who said that the mayor WON’T close Eton because it would anger the seniors, thereby cutting way down on the votes for him. And what about the seniors who want Eton closed? Aren’t we afraid of angering them? I was also told if a senior lives on one end of the city, they won’t drive to the other end to go to that center. As far as I’m concerned, if they want to go to the center that bad, they’ll drive. I was also told that some can’t drive that far. I agree with “Anonymous” above. If they drive to Eton they can drive to Berwyn. If they don’t want to go to Berwyn because of some misplaced anger against the other “end,” then so be it. I guess they won’t have anywhere to go and I guess the center didn’t really mean that much to them which is then, another argument for closing Eton. One last note. Who’s going to vote for him again anyway?


  5. Clearly it is not in the political best interest for any politican to say – close a senior center.
    When Seniors make up the highest percentage of voters in the city. I agree that everyone is tiptoeing around it. I understand that if workers will be laid off and a center closed it is best to make the announcemnet with a concrete plan and timeline agreed to. This is the most compassionate way to handle it.. However, I think many seniors expect far to much from their fellow citizens. I have heard some say” well are you going to pick us up and bus us to the Berwyn?” If you drive to Eaton why can’t you drive to Berwyn?!?

    Clearly recreation can be cut – the question is by how much and when?


  6. In the last City Council meeting, in response to a Council member’s question, the Mayor called Eton “a political hot button issue that is best discussed one-on-one.”

    Does anyone know what he meant by that?

    What does he think will happen to him if it is discussed out in the open?


  7. Im no where near retirement, but have thought about what I would do once I retired. No, a senior ctr is not a option. Like you, I would be doing things I couldn’t when I was working. One senior center is enough. Most other cities have only 1senior center.


  8. I’d like to see a specific, detailed technical description of the problems with the Eton Center roof. The lease does NOT say that we need to replace it; it only said we are responsible for REPAIRS.

    As far as I am concerned, unless the roof has blown off the building, we are not responsible for a full and complete renovation of the roof.


  9. It is beyond my comprehension as to why everyone is tip toeing around the seniors. I’m a senior and I’m all for getting out of Eton. The seniors don’t need two centers. What? Just because someone doesn’t want to go to the other end of the city? What else do they have to do? If it was somewhere I wanted to go, I’d go. Is someone talking about cutting police or fire to keep TWO centers open? Let’s get real, people. Lord. Why is this even a discussion? I don’t know why this city has EVER needed two senior centers. Close Eton, cut any losses and be done with it! I, for one, don’t use either center. I’m too busy doing the things I couldn’t do when I was working. There’s a whole world out there, people. Don’t limit yourself to a senior center.


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