Another Week and Still No Movement..

Another study session and nothing accomplished. The Mayor hasn’t met with department heads yet. Not sure how much more some departments could give anyway. The Mayor is sitting with the Police union his self, a good thing and long over due. That doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere the PD has given all they are willing to give, that’s what the word is any way. No word back from the state if it’s a go or no go with the plan. Councilman Apigian came up with something if not cuts then the city should be looking to raise revenue. How far did his good idea go? No where, he was shot down and told that this was not the meeting to discuss that. To that Ned said I thought since we are talking about the budget and revenue is part of the budget that this would be the time to talk about it. I agree Councilman if that was not the time when is the time?  Oh well maybe the next study session will be more productive.


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