You Knew The Situation when You Ran For Office..

At council study session 1-17-2012 the newly elected clerk asked for time to speak to the council. He did for an  hour, an hour wasted on the gripes of the clerk.  Just what he can’t do and what he wants.  Sorry Walter, but you ran telling everyone that you would be best for the job. You ran telling all of us of how you were streamlining the clerk’s office.  You ran for the office telling the whole city just how great you were doing the job. How much you had improved the office of the clerk already. How you were the only one with “On the Job experience.” So what’s up now? You knew all of this and more before you decided to run for the office. What did the clerk say in his hour-long whining session before the council. Well to start with he has done no work on the redistricting of the precincts, something that is very important to every resident in this city who takes the time to vote.  He does not like the IT person and has hired his own. He wants new computers; the city is getting a city-wide up grade that will include his office. They will be working with Clouds and virtual PC. He is upset that he was not asked if he wanted BS&A before the council voted on it. Aah just would like to point out that you were not even a blip on the radar when these decisions were made.. He wants the deputy back. The position was eliminated  for cost savings and he was aware of that when he took the job. He went on to say that nothing was getting done and he was having to come in on week ends. Pointing out that he worked this past Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even Monday just to catch up Why? because they are so far behind. Why are you behind, I thought you streamlined the clerk’s office. That office should be running like clock work for all we heard during the election. Might I suggest that you stay in your office and do the work instead of running to all the different departments to yell at them.

The clerk went on to say that there are to many interruptions during the working day. People calling all day for different departments because when they call those departments no one picks up the phone. Well here’s the deal the clerk before you and the clerk before her did that all day. No they did not ask for special time to address the council on the matter. They did what’s always been done answered the public’s questions. Not saying that this is right just saying the clerk’s office is the equivalent to the information desk at any company. Seeing as how the city doesn’t have one of those, the clerk’s office has been delegated that duty over time.

He said that he is short-staffed well it’s the same amount of people you had working in there when you campaigned for the job right? You gave the impression that you could handle this job even with under staffing. He has to do a fund transfer for the council secretary’s overtime. Yep that’s right the council secretary has overtime. That’s a new one. All the years that Mary was there, she never had over time to the point that a fund transfer had to be requested. He wants to do a fund transfer for the recount, funny thing here he said he did not know where he was going to take the 4,400.00 dollars to pay the county from. Someone on the council pointed out that ah you take it from the election budget.

As a taxpayer I resent the fact that Council Chair gave an hour of the study session time to talk about this nonsense. Time that should  be used to talk about this city’s current budget crisis, and the plan..  Next time put it in a Memo. What ever the hell is going on over there at city hall between the clerk and the other departments the council has nothing to do with it. Please Mr. Mayor get your boy under control here isn’t this something you could have taken care of on your own. I have to say here that every department over at city hall is working with understaffed departments, not one of those department heads has come before the council to complain. They do the job with what they have to work with. If this is too much for you then leave, that simple. It’s just a little late in the game to come and cry about it. You wanted it, you campaigned for it, you won. Now stop the complaining and do the job.


29 thoughts on “You Knew The Situation when You Ran For Office..”

  1. So, how did the clerk reward you after writing all this junk? I’m sure you had his blessing.

    By the way, how do you know he’s working if nobody else is at city hall? Because he tells you he is? If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    The clerk is trying to save money? By stating he wants to have a deputy?

    I don’t know why you’re worried about Kathy’s “truthful or unbiased” blog, when your bias is so evident, it fairly leaps off the page.


  2. Yes, I absolutely agree. Every person of legal voting age should vote! Does your vote make a difference? Yes. Perfect example would be the primary for City clerk in August, 2011. Janet and Bob had a 10 vote spread. Ten voters made a difference for Janet. General MacArthur has been quoted as saying,” If your government is not doing what you want it to, you, as a citizen of the United States of America, have a morale obligation to change it- by voting and using the power of speech.” He stated these words, this timeless concept, in his farewell address after World War II.


  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I am sorry to read and hear your opinion of our City and our elected officials. I certainly understand your view of things are based on past experiences. However, as an elected official, I have and will continue to work to the best of my ability to serve the residents of Dearborn Heights. I take my position very seriously. I have continued to meet with and consult with residents and various department heads, working towards a viable solution to our current state of affairs. I encourage our residents to stay involved with our City. Our best resource is our residents. I welcome all comments and suggestions. I follow up on all contacts and inquiries. I encourage you to do the same, if interested.


  4. If you dont like the way Kathy is dont participate in this blog. She is truthfull and honest and always makes sure of her facts.Yes I voted for her becaue of how she is. She has the knowledge and makes sure of the things she speaks about before she puts in the blog. I for one am not intersted in what you have to put on this blog.


  5. Okay wrong word again not mine, but I did write it my apologies for using that word. My whole point is the Mayor who supported and pushed for him to get elected should be able to sit down and talk with him about any issues he has.


  6. Does campaign support mean that the candidate is their “boy” then? Have you supported someone or had them support you? Would you like the characterization of them as being your “boy”, or “girl”? There is an implication there that the individual does not possess independent thought, which is not fair.


  7. Why do I get the feeling that in the Clerk’s office (and probably in other departments) the offices’ “corporate memory” walks out the door when the sitting department head leaves.

    There’s no excuse for that.

    There was no excuse for not being prepared with special “primary” ballots when the City has managed many primary elections in the past. That need should have been anticipated, prepared for and announced to citizens way in advance via the website.

    The website is the citizen’s “user’s guide” for a department. If it does its job properly, there shouldn’t be any questions (or many, anyway).

    In addition, the tasks performed by the people in the department should be documented so that a new hire (or “electee”) can walk in and do the job. It’s expensive (and unprofessional) to start the learning process over every time there is a personnel change.

    Documentation is a valuable and unselfish legacy that a department head can give to the City. I’d be curious to know how many departments have documented their tasks.


  8. I like some of the things you have posted but to have an excuse for NOT VOTING, there is NO such thing unless you are on your death bed. Get all of your 20ish friends out to vote and maybe you all can make a change. The people in your age bracket are our next leaders and I hope you all do a better job than this last group that is there now. But please, no more excuses, if you want to make a differance get out and vote. As much as I dislike what’s going on I have not missed a vote in 38 years. I take it you voted in the last election so this comment is not for you, If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. It also would be nice to know who you are, you know who most of us are.


  9. Walt DID answer my email on Friday and resolved my question. (I don’t know what was going on with the phones. I don’t call City Hall often enough to know what kind of phone system is in place.)

    Every department’s web page is the citizen’s “user’s guide” for that department, and it’s probably not fair to expect the department heads to know how to write a user’s guide. Since I’ve made my living designing and writing user’s guides and training, I decided to do something constructive (instead of complain) and review the website for time-saving opportunities.

    I sent Walt my file today. Hopefully he’ll find a few things in there that will make his life easier and his workforce more productive.


  10. Watcher,

    I just wanted to answer ONE question that you asked. “Did ‘WP’ really say anything that was all that crazy?” YES. When he campaigned, he said that he could work with less people in his office including NO deputy clerk. Now he wants to just put in the council secretary for that position? Sounds like he doesn’t know how civil service works. You just can’t PUT ANYBODY in that position, no matter how much they brown nose you! According to civil service, this position must be advertised, tested and interviewed. Not to mention, you must have so many years of experience or a degree. Does the council secretary have these qualifications or will WP just change the requirements so she will be the only person qualified?

    As for your statement about Janet working with the mayor. Does the clerk REALLY have to work with the mayor? Do you think that WP does?


  11. Anonymous

    I will not put up anything about the incident you are talking about during the primary election you are not giving your real name here. If you want to say things like that about the man then post your name so he can go at you not after me.. Next I would hope they know about me getting sued I did post it here and who brought the suit and who else they sued and my husband was not a party to that.. Do a little investigating here on the blog and go down town to get the case to see what the end result was.

    Next Councilwoman Badalow, now where in the charter does it say she has to give out her home or cell number to the residents of the city? Did I miss something each council member is given a city number they use what is wrong with her using that number to have residents call on? That’s just how I look at it. Talk about unfounded I would say your statements about councilwoman Badalow are totally unfounded do you have any evidence to back that statement up with. Have you heard her say that, did she tell you that. Any way she’s a big girl if she has anything to say about it she can come here and say it.

    Do I have any idea about IT, I’ve been writing about the bloody bills from the IT for two years have you bothered to read about it here. I was talking about that long, long ago. Here you go again what evidence to you have sir to say that she ran a poorly run office, did you work for her? You said you are 20 when did you have access to the inner workings of the clerks office in the past 20 years? Want me to talk about my friends faults okay here is one fault Judy has. She is to nice she did not stick up for her self those are her faults, she is my friend and I’m proud to say she is.. One thing she will be happy to know is that she has been elevated to “goddess” Judy if you are reading this don’t let it go to your head my friend your still Judy to me. I’m not about to start calling you “goddess Judy.”

    Vulgar language so don’t read, journalistic integrity oh come on now please goodness sakes I’m a resident I don’t have a journalistic degree. Political commentator are you kidding with me now come on down back to the real world this is just me. Just a person who started a blog to write about how I feel about the city I live in. A blog about how I feel about the people who run this city a blog for everyone to have just a little voice in what’s happening in their city. Political commentator lets not get carried away here. As for the Press and Guide they came to me I did not ask them. You go ahead start your own blog be more than happy to put a link here to it have at it and show us all how it’s done. Let me know how it goes when you get your link from the New York Times. It’s been fun, but now I have to go work on my next Pulitzer Prize Winning blog post.


  12. Watcher

    I refer to him as the Mayors boy because the Mayor supported his campaign that is a fact don’t beleive me ask Bob Constan those are his words. I said I’m fair yes I think I am I put up what you guys have to say I could have blocked all comments coming in here I could password protect the blog. I did not I made it public and kept it that way I write what I feel it’s up to each of you to fling something back at me as you’ve done to give your point of view. I’m not intentionally framing anything I’m writing my point of view that’s all nothing more. I never said that the people who voted for him are ignorant I beleive that who ever gets the most votes is the winner. Fine I stand by what I said I can not stomach “say what ever it takes to get elected candidates.” Never have liked them and never will if you are okay with this that is your right just like it’s mine not to be. Not saying what he was saying was not true and you know that the post was about the fact he ran as the only candidate that could deal with the very things he’s now saying he can’t.

    I would have worked my heart out for the residents of this city. Would I sit back and take his lies no, would I sit back and allow him to deny me information to do the job the voters elected me for no. Would I let him spew his garbage at the council table unchecked no.. Having said that if the man came up with an idea that was for the betterment of this city and it’s taxpayers I would have been the first one voting yes on it. If your okay with the way things have been going between the council and the Mayor for the past few years that is great. If your okay with that man showing so little respect for them again great. If I would have been elected I would have paid respect to him as long as he was paying respect to me and my fellow council members. Council members do have plenty to say about the Mayor every last one of them no things are not all so wonderful. All of this has nothing to do with anything I was not elected and apparently you and the rest who did not vote for me thank god for that. That’s fine life moves on and I will continue to write about my city I will continue to write in my voice and I will continue to leave it up to those who come here to let me have it when they think I’m wrong about something.


  13. I think that all of the issues you mentioned at the end of your post are valid concerns that the city is dealing with. We’re in a lot of trouble and there aren’t many people stepping up to fix it. But you cannot claim that this blog is truthful or unbiased. You want me to talk about it all? How about the fact that Janet is now refusing to give out her phone number to citizens because she’s bitter that she lost the clerk’s position? How is she helping the city? The actual clerk is working in City Hall when no one else is there so that he can best serve the city. Who is in the wrong here? Do you have any idea how much money the IT person was charging the city? Walt is trying to save money. He also has no political connection to the Mayor whatsoever, so that is unfounded. Judy left a poorly run, inefficient office when she retired but she’s portrayed as a goddess on this blog. You don’t point out your friends failures. You use vulgar language in your posts. This blog has no journalistic integrity whatsoever and still it’s connected to the Press and Guide page. There are journalistic standards that should be in place and I’m planning on writing to the newspaper pointing out the problems. Read the New York Times standards on blogs connected to the newspaper. I think you’ll find them interesting. Do they know that you and your husband have been sued for slander before? I think that taints your reputation a bit as a political commentator.


  14. Well….here is why I think anon was upset Kathy. It is usually not the facts that are always at issue. It is the spin. You can say things multiple ways. You can choose to not tell both sides. Your framing of an issue can cause other posters to sort of chime in with their own inflammatory bits, creating a caustic atmosphere.

    Now if you don’t like a policymaker that is your choice and you are certainly more than free to say what you wish. But don’t then turn around and cry foul when the same is hurled back at you, claiming how “fair” you are.

    Lets take the original post. Did “WP” really say anything that was all that crazy? Was he that far out of bounds? Weren’t some of those things actually true? There is a slant that is overwhelmingly negative. Others have posted that those who voted him in are ignorant or foolish. So by extension most of our voters are fools? He won by a solid margin.

    As for the alternative. Janet is a good council person. But do you think she would have worked well sitting 20 feet from the mayor’s office? She could have brought about positive change and still may, but I think framing one person as a complete dunce and another as a perfect champion is just not accurate.

    Also, do you think you would have worked well with the Mayor? Whether or not I like him is irrelevant. The fact is council and the administration need to work together. Could you set all of this venom aside? Do you think he could? There are people on the council that disagree with some or even all of his policies and still manage to move forward.

    Now lets look at specific bits. You refer to WP as the Mayor’s “boy”. Why? How is that an example of factual? Because he works with him? How do you know that is the case? If you aren’t hostile to the mayor are you suddenly his thrall?

    Is it really that crazy to bring up what “WP” said in a more objective light? Or would that make you the Mayor’s boy?


  15. Ray it does not matter who gets voted into office. They either make to much money or they turn they back on the taxpayers when they get into office.Look at you standing up at the council meetings were does it get you.They dont care council or mayor.SORRY THIS CITY SUCKS


  16. Our esteemed clerk has suddenly equated “elected official” with the phrase, “king of the world”. I don’t believe he understands that NO ONE in city hall reports to him except those few people who work in the Clerk’s office. It also appears that he doesn’t understand the term “budget deficit” and that hiring additional staff (when everyone else must lay off staff) INCREASES the deficit. Quick, someone get this man to an Accounting 101 class.

    Apparently everyone in city hall is incapable of running his/her department and only he knows how things should be done. Of course, every time he opens his mouth he shows how little he understands. He is not at all familiar with the city charter, state requirements the city must meet during the course of its various operations, or the definition of the word, “team”.

    I shudder to think what will happen during the presidential elections when there is a large voter turnout and he must actually produce work on a timely and accurate basis.

    He has been quick to point out the flaws in many other departments (even if those flaws don’t actually exist) but he doesn’t seem able to hold up that mirror to his department and see its problems. It’s as though he wants to have himself pictured as the “outsider” pointing out issues while contending that he and his department are perfect. Nothing makes a better story than that if he wants to set himself up to run for mayor. That’s just my opinion, but I think it is a distinct possibility. I hope I’m wrong.

    I sh


  17. I would like to thank you for voting it doesn’t matter to me if you voted for me or not. The fact that you took the time to do it at all at your age is wonderful.

    Your right it is so silly, to think that one hour was spent on this nonsense instead of talking about the financial crises this city is in.
    I’m not bitter at the lose not at all I’ve moved on what does disturb me is the fact because I ran some how I’m no longer entitled to have an opinion or voice what I see wrong with my city. No not allowed to do that without having someone tell me I’m bitter or resentful if I would’ve known that running would have done that would have never bothered. At least I put myself out there I tried was not successful does not say I gave up my right to expect my elected officials do their jobs. My agenda is simple to call this administration out for the lies they tell. Oh how I wish I did not know what I know if I could turn back the clock I would go back to being the same as most who live here vote and never pay attention to what is going on in this city.

    There are no wild accusations here, what I say I back up with council meetings, study sessions, documents, and council agenda packets. Please do not throw wild statements like that thank you very much. I’m sick and tired maybe more than you considering I have 27 years on you of the “say anything to get elected politician.” When people like me try to say something we are labeled with all of the labels you gave in your comment. I’ve seen for years from local to national politicians get away with the same shit year after year with little or nothing happening to them for doing it. I decided first that I would not be one of those “politicians” so I did not run like a politician I said what I stood for and did not take the middle ground. I had an opinion and stuck with it. I could have done like most and kept my mouth shut, but I would not. If I was a politician I would have never started this blog or said the things I’ve said over the two years this blog has been up a politician would never do such a thing. I decided a couple of years ago that I might not be able to change things on a national level, but I sure did not have to sit back and let my local politicians take a big dump on me every chance they got. So yes I have a big mouth and yes I call it like I see it, no I’m not always right and no I’m not perfect. Yes that has come at a price you may not like to give me credit for it but I put up your comment even though it’s bashing me. I stand by what I say and I think you are entitled to your opinion even if you are taking a shot at me. No problem that is what this blog is for that is what it’s about.

    Having said all of that what would you like to see done? What do you think of our current financial crises. What do you think of the senior centers closing down. Do you have an opinion on the HO? What do you think of the Mayor constantly not giving council the information they ask for. Do you think it’s right that your tax money went to pay for a car being used by a city employee for 6 years. Never showing how many miles they drove that car for. What do you think of the Police Department not giving 10% like everyone else? Are you disturbed that the city might have a Financial Manager come in and strip us all of our rights. What do you think of the fact that there is still nothing being done on the 900,000.00 the city has to come up with in 6 months. There is so much going on in the city what is your stand on these issues want to talk, talk about it all.


  18. Well if he had that many complaints He should have just let Janet have the job!!! He knew what he was stepping in to, manure!! He is an elected official, he needs to deal with it!! Nothing has changed since he started this position so why start complaining NOW?


  19. For all of those who did not vote for Janet, you got what you wanted. I only wrote that because if I write what I want to it would never be posted. Now I just sit back and LOL at the Janet bashers and those who did not vote for Kathy, and all who did not vote at all.


  20. When I got started with the Internet in 1995, there were no authoring tools and people did need a webmaster to post online (I wrote my first website in HTML code in the Notepad). These days it’s something that anyone should be able to do (after all, having a Facebook page is the same as posting online).

    Every department that has a page on the City’s website should have an at least one employee who can post to it on a regular basis to communicate with the citizens.

    (I hope they’re not talking about something that basic when they say they need IT help.)


  21. This is all just so silly. Sorry you’re still bitter about not being elected Kathy, but there’s a reason behind why I didn’t vote for you and why you lost. It’s people like you and the frequenters of this blog that are ruining politics, our city, and our country. You all choose to post slanted opinions and instead of actually trying to work together to get something done. You claim, Kathy, that you’re trying to get out the vote and encourage as many people as possible to get involved. As a person in my 20s (the age bracket with some of the lowest voter turnout), I can tell you exactly why people my age don’t vote. We’re sick of the bickering. We’re sick of watching the generation before us screw us over time and time again while arguing over things that don’t really matter. We’re sick of the lack of honest, open, truthful communication on all sides. We’re sick of the private agendas. We’re sick of politics as usual. I’ve sat here and read many of the posts and comments on this blog and never commented before because I didn’t want to deal with some of the blatant ignorance I’ve seen here. You claim to be a “truth page” but still only post what serves your own agenda. You’re no better than any politician on Capitol Hill right now. But let me give you some advice. If you want to end “politics as usual”, start with yourself. Stop the nonsense, stop the bickering, stop the wild accusations, stop the buddy system that destroys our political structure. Let’s try something new: open and honest without bias, working together to reach a solution. That’s the only way anything is going to be accomplished in this city.


  22. Isn’t this ironic? I wrote to WP stating MY OPINION, he freaked, cried to the admin, council, and whoever else would listen, boo hoo. Now I get to read all this stuff on the blog? Ho, ho, ho, WP. Until now, you needed a wheel barrow to carry your ego around.


  23. Linda

    I’ve been asking for sometime now that the city has a website that is up to date and can handle the many things it should be.. For what ever reason we do not have a webmaster (someone who over sees the website.) There is so much that can be done online just a huge waste that the city is not utilizing the full potential of the site..


  24. Can somebody tell me why they dont tape the study session to be aired on cable like they do for council meetings.I work afternoon and can not take time off to go see a comedy show. But i do watch them on cable. You all make me and my family sick that you make that much money and bitch try making $18 hr 5 days a week and no overtime and have to pay my medical out of that but you bitch bitch bitch. WALTER SHUT UP AND DO YOUR FFFFFFFFFFFF JOB.


  25. “…because when they call those departments no one picks up the phone.”

    Yesterday I called the Clerk’s Office with a question about obtaining an absentee ballot because the application form linked to on the Clerk’s Office website is different from the one displayed in the City Council meeting.

    The phone rang several times and then disconnected me. No one answered and there was no automated system that allowed me to leave a message.

    Then I sent the Clerks’s Office an email. I have yet to receive an answer, so this morning I mailed in the form that I could access from the website.

    The Clerk could do a lot to reduce his workload by using the City website. What I needed wasn’t there. It should have been.


    A week ago, I contacted the Building Department via email to obtain a list of home improvements that require permits and building codes. I received an answer THE SAME DAY which included PDF copies of the permit applications (which included the lists) and identification of the building codes to which the city conformed (I was able to find that easily on Google). GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

    Again, though, my contact could have been avoided altogether if the website had indicated that the Permit Application Forms included the lists (for dense-minded literalists like me, who never opened the links to look) and included a link to the building codes, which are online.

    – – – – –

    Any department with a page on the city’s website can use it as a mini newsletter (and link to key information) to address the issues that are coming in by email and phone. When they make changes in their page, they should describe them in the “announcements” portion of the City Council meeting.

    Governor Snyder said that he wanted the cities to show more creativity in solving their problems. Maybe something as small as the website is a good place to start. It could be a great time and money saver!

    [From now on, I will be using my first name only to reduce the giant footprints that I’ve been leaving in Google.]


  26. Great!… one more over-payed, incompetent, person at city hall who’s salary is of course paid by our taxpayers.
    First of all, Judy trained Walt because he said he wasn’t interested in running and then he changed his mind and touted himself as being the only “qualified” person. He won the election, and now he is complaining???
    You know how many families with children in this city don’t make your salary ($70,000)with both parents working and you are complaining over a 4 day work week!!! You have got a lot of nerve Walt!!!

    I am so sick of seeing the salaries of these people $60,000, $70,000, $80,000, and then they turn out to be incompetent, lazy, or incapable of doing their job. We have enough of these people working for the city already!

    Well for the citizens of Dearborn Heights that voted for Walt……this is what you deserve!
    Next time do some research before you vote for someone.


  27. He got what he wanted, what the hell is his problem? The reason he has to play catch up is because he didn’t know what he was doing to begin with. He probably didn’t listen to Judy when she was there to help.
    Sounds like he BS ‘s his way through the whole process, and now is realizing he actually has to work. And not serving coffee to everyone like he did when he first started there, and had Judy do all the work, when he should have been Paying attention! Judy was great at her job and was a true professional, and never complained to the council. Sorry, Walt. Where I work, I do the job of three. Sign of the times. U said with all confidence that you were the best for the job. I didn’t vote for you, I didn’t buy your BS.


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