Antiquated Hardware A Two Year Old Subject..

Major software upgrade scheduled for April and hardware not in place to run it. BS&A software approved by the council set for installation in April. Some departments are using the software  (the City Clerks Office.) Dog licensing and so forth. The rest of the city’s financials set to go on board in April providing the city has the hardware to handle the software upgrade. The city doesn’t that brings us to the forever story of IT. Still no word on who will be getting that contract Dearborn or another company. Dearborn filed for a joint grant not sure based on what I heard at the last council meeting if we got that grant or not. Either way it does take time to get everything in place for the new software. It’s not like the company the city does go with can start the very next day. They do have other clients I’m sure. Hardware needs to be purchased, delivered and installed. Not to mention what councilwoman Badalow was saying. The city of Dearborn did not give the City of Dearborn heights a package including hardware. While April is 4 months away, if past history is any indication of what will happen it will be June before the city is up and running on BS&A.

The whole city under one software program working together. Everyone having access to information across the city. What a novel idea a program that will make work more efficient, and streamline the city’s financials. Not to forget they offer a Dashboard for free to meet the requirements for state shared revenue. This is a council approved city-wide upgrade that all departments will get and use.  You can’t have every department running their own software. The IT subject is not a new one it’s been on going for over two years. Councilwoman Badalows fear of this getting sidetracked is a very legitimate one. Just use this site as an example of how long the city has been talking about it. Take a look at how many post about IT over the past two years..


4 thoughts on “Antiquated Hardware A Two Year Old Subject..”

  1. The Dearborn proposal is for the city of Dearborn’s IT dept to provide support – since they use the same software. It did not include hardware purchases or software license. I don’t know how bitsy08 can say it’s a cost savings – since the apples to apples quotes on software/hardware/support that we requested in November have not been provided for review.

    If Dearborn does not get the grant to “share” this service, it may not be the most efficient or cost effective strategy. Still waiting to find out if that grant was approved. Based on last study session neither Bob C. or the Mayor had info. Suprising – because if my dept had a $ 200,000+ grant in the works – I’d keep close tabs on it.


  2. IT is only as good as the people they work for. If they work for a company or municipality that doesn’t want to make improvements then that isn’t their fault. If they work with no contract that’s not their fault. If they make suggestions that are not implemented not their fault.

    Having said all of that has this company doing IT for the city made out like gang busters? Yes they have.


  3. That is one of the “plans”. I wish they would. It would save so much money instead of wasting it on the incompetent IT people they have now!


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