Six Months and $900,000.00 To Go…

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At the January 10 2012 City council meeting councilman Apigian made an observation. He pointed out that the council only has about three weeks to formulate the cuts to the budget. He all so said that the longer the council and the Mayor wait the less they are going to gain with those cuts. The city’s half way through the budget year. So what happened in the first half of this budget year? Nothing.

Last June councilwoman Badalow dared to suggest that she wanted to start moving on the cuts then. The man who runs this city tried his best to humiliate her by saying in essence she didn’t know what she was talking about. Same meeting councilwoman Van Houten said the sooner they get started the better. That’s six months of nothing, six months of the man who runs the show doing nothing. Go back to the adoption of this budget by the council. In this budget the Mayor put nothing in place for deficit reduction he should have it would have been prudent to do so. He knew than that the city was running a deficit and still did nothing.  The council is not in charge of putting together a deficit budget plan the plan must come from HIM. Once submitted to them then they (the council) can work from there. As councilwoman Van Houten pointed out at this last meeting. We might have to make changes on a monthly basis to be on track for this budget year.

Councilman Berry asked for numbers. I want numbers, I want to see numbers, I need numbers. Councilman Berry would like to Chart the city’s progress. As he said how else are we going to know if we are reaching our goals.  You think Mr. Mayor you can get the man some numbers to work with? Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton pointed out that the deficit reduction plan submitted to the council was very basic. She asked when the council would be getting something of substance. We need to see how we are going to reach our goals. The MATT (man at the top) said that we can not work on formulating a plan when there is no plan to work on. Can’t expand on something that this administration has yet to formulate. Think I got the essence of what the MATT was trying to say.

There was a common thread at the first council meeting of the year. SHOW ME THE NUMBERS, LET’S GET GOING, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING…. Well 6 months into the budget year and exactly what Councilwoman Badalow and Van Houten were trying to avoid is happening. Not enough time to come up with the $900,000.00 by the end of the budget year. If I remember correctly councilwoman Badalow said back in June, July, or August that she did not want to try to find the savings half way through the year. Sorry, but that is just what has happened. Once again MATT forever thumbing his nose at the council has managed to put the city in an impossible position. There will be monthly meetings on the budget the third Tuesday of the month. Good thing they insisted on it why with all that the Mayor has on his plate according to Council Chair Baron. Well it’s only 150,000.00 a month for the next (6) months the city has to cut.


13 thoughts on “Six Months and $900,000.00 To Go…”

  1. I grew up in dearborn and mother currently still lives there. That city is not the same,just a step above us. The schools are awful. The High schools last year got a D rating. That was printed in the Detroit news. Meaps scores awful. Only the recreation is still decent.
    The crime is just as bad as ours, my brother inlaw is a cop there. If I could move it wouldn’t be there._


  2. I keep hearing that Tom is setting himself up to run for Mayor. I don’t see the background or strength.

    Hope the current Mayor doesn’t run again – he just needs to retire. He hasn’t kept up with the times and I think a lot of issues are caused by his nepotism and lack of knowlege of today’s world. In December he said the reason he did not have the deficit reduction plan ready to submit with the end of year numbers – was because he didn’t know it was due. He said this is the first time he had to do this…..well read the detail provided by the state! It’s your job to know!



  3. Then move to Dearborn that is what my children did , they graduated from dearborn hts when the school were the best and when they had children moved to Dearborn as district 7 was becoming very bad .They rented till they were able to buy.They are all well educated and verry sucsesfull people . I enjoyed the programs in those school music acting sports and much more.So if you feel the way you do Dearborn is the city to move to.


  4. As a parent of school age kids here in dnb hts, I don’t give a hill of beans if there is no recreation. Not impressed with what is offered. Dearborn is better. They offer no craft classes, dance lessons, and educational classes. Please don’t tell me they do, cause it’s only at the. Senior centers,which I’m to young to go there. Not allowed.


  5. There is a reason for “strong Mayor-weak Council”. It was done so that the Mayor and Council were accountable to the public for their actions. The only other way is a City Manager. First they cost a lot more than a Mayor does and they owe no alligence to the City they work in. It is strictly a job to them and they answer only to the Council, not to the public.

    The answer is to make the Mayor and the Council responsible for their actions. We hired them. The main thing they all (most of them) care about is getting elected/reelected. The Mayor isn’t coming up with ideas because he refuses to touch Recreation along with some other departments. Recreation is where the senior centers are and parents of kids in City activities. The Seniors vote. The ballots are mailed to them. Young people do not. At least not near the same ratio. The Mayor is trying to force the Council to make the decisions on the budget changes. He is not going to make the parents or the Seniors angry. He can just say ” I didn’t do it. The Council did”.

    At the “Town Hall Meeting” he should have explained that the money he was asking for would end up being about 3.5 million. That is not sufficient to cover the shortage. Therefore decisions must be made on how to find the other $900,000 that we are short at this minute. Things must be cut from the budget. He should have told them that he could keep recreation just the way it is, however, it would mean he had to cut more out of Police, Fire and DPW. Then at least people there could have made informed decisions instead of decisions based on half-truths.


  6. There are some that have already called the state on what he’s doing. No it wasn’t me but I think the state is short handed our little city is nothing but a blip on their radar. I get the impression that the state has much bigger city’s to worry about right now. Well all you have to do is pick up the paper and you can read what their concern is at the moment.

    The stuff that happens here isn’t big enough for the news media or the state.


  7. I have been to most of the city council meetings for a number of years, It has been Margret and Janet who have opposed the mayors budget plan. All the others sat on their hands and let the mayor run wild. With all do respect the mayor may have thought his plan was working so I won’t trash him on that, hell I would not know what to do. Those who went with the mayors plan still are doing nothing, Tom wants numbers, where was he when Van Houten and Janet voted no! A third no vote would have gone a long way in finding another way out of this mess. All people have to do is look at the voting records of the council members. This why I can’t figure out why people want to trash Janet. I still think Tom could be a good council member because of what he is doing now, but could that be because he is setting himself up for a new job? It all starts at the top, Council Chair needs to step up and get tough, Ken is a good man, somtimes to good. I wish I could do more but this budget thing is out of my league. The council members ran for these jobs knowing full well they would have to take care of the buget, now it’s time to do what they were intrusted to do.


  8. When is the mayor up for re-election? Sounds like we need to start educating our fellow residents as to what is happening and going to the state level to forse MATT to stop stone-walling. Any ideas?


  9. It is not all the council members being weak,they all need to be strong against the mayor.Only 2or3 stand up to him and that is all the others need to get a back bone against the mayor but Oh I forgot the mayor is the BOSS.He shoud have been pushed out a long time ago.It was easier for all of you to trash Janet and waste time doing i instead of taking care of buisiness which she was trying to do quite a while ago,


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