Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth A Trick Well Mastered By This Administration.

The master of double talk is at it again. The Mayor plays the game like no other while attending a Christmas Party at the Eton Senior Center. The Mayor told the seniors in attendance not to worry he had no plans to close the Eton Senior Center. Not true in his ” Deficit Reduction Plan” he put the Eton Center for closure. During the election you told the Senior Voters that if they come out and support the HO that you will not close the senior centers. Now I’ve heard this from quite a few seniors. Mayor come clean with them you are planing on closing the Eton center and have been all along. Stop it..

The seniors are not alone to the police he said that with the HO he would not need to come to them for more. He told them with out it he would be laying off what was it 20%. To the fireman they were told without the HO they would see one of their fire stations closed. Funny in his 5 year plan he is looking to cut the salaries of all in each of these departments. Funny thing is he puts all of this in his big plans for deficit reduction, but unless they ( the unions) agree to open their contracts this administration can do nothing. Am not saying they won’t but this administration has zero credibility.


4 thoughts on “Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth A Trick Well Mastered By This Administration.”

  1. He is protecting his self and own self interest if the council meeting wasn’t the place to discuss a city issue where is ? According to him behind closed doors he wants to blame the council for the closing of Eton center. This way he can tell the seniors wasn’t me the council did it. What a coward he s good to see Marge call him out on his games.


  2. Odd statement by the Mayor at the latest City Council meeting….

    At about 20 minutes in to the meeting there was a discussion of the Eton Center. The Mayor called Eton “a political hot button that is best discussed one-on-one.”

    What (or whom) is he trying to protect “politically?”

    He always seems evasive where Eton is concerned.

    I think he may have tipped his hand this time. He’s hiding something.


  3. When I polling in November at Annapolis HS,a police officer was there for the ho. He grew up in the southend. He said he didn’t think the ho would be enough either. He didn’t see how. The numbers didn’t add up to do everything the mayor said. Kathy, we the citizens will be the Dutch boy left with his finger in the hole of a dam. The lies are on the other side of the dam, which I think will collapse soon. Fuzzy math, and tricks of bate and switch will only get you so far.


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