Down The Yellow Brick Road

Ruby slippers
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Last year at his State Of The City address the Mayor said that the city was just great. Two months later the city was falling of a cliff. Now on the eve of another State Of The City Address is the Mayor getting ready  to take us down the yellow brick road one more time. Unless he’s wearing a pair of ruby slippers that he can click three times and make everything all right. He better think twice about doing that.

Having watched the Mayor operate I hold little hope in seeing anything different from him. When your asked to follow the yellow brick road you should get to the emerald city at the end. He’s taken us down the road for so long, but no emerald city.

The residents just voted for HO it would be a little hard for the Mayor to get up there and say everything is okay here in Dearborn Heights. The city still is going to offer early outs. They still plan on going back and asking for more concessions from the Unions. The city is only open four days a week. No just can’t see how he will be able to take us down the road this time. Will the council stand up and say not this time Mr. Mayor.


5 thoughts on “Down The Yellow Brick Road”

  1. This has been an on going thing for the two years that I’ve been going. Council waited forever to get news from the mayor about Dearborn. The study the council did was back in 2010 at that time the city was a mess can only imagine with two more years added on to equipment and software becoming more out of date with each passing day.

    Some are questioning if there even is a grant that was put in for wonder if anyone from the council saw the application. Who’s in charge of follow up on it? Anyone.


  2. I attended the November meeting in which council discussed the IT sharing with Dearborn and had a quote reviewed for their services. The decision on to proceed was delayed until the coucil received approval from the state to consider this a shared service and get funding from state. I have attended every meeting since, and no mention of the reply from the state or discussion re: how to proceed on the bid for IT support services.

    Anyone else have any info to share? That funding is not in-place and we do not get credit for shared service unless we sign a contract. Dearborn and sharing may not be the best solution to the IT project. The other bid was attractive – if we do not get “sharing” funds.



  3. Private
    You have to remember the new guide lines put in place by the Governor in-order for any city to get State shared revenue. The State no long just gives it to city’s. I wrote about this a few months ago part of it is what you find on the city’s website. The performance dashboard and Citizens Guide. Working with other city’s (Dearborn with our IT) is another prong in getting our state shared revenue.
    The loss of State Shared Revenue is a large part of the reason Dearborn Heights and other city’s are facing economic hardship.


  4. The Governor is a huge part of the cities financial problems and are city leaders should be doing more in Lansing. I just read that the Governor is sitting on $800 million-$1 billion dollars of revenue sharing that he is not releasing to Michigan cities. It is my understanding that our city has lost close to $8 million in revenue sharing. I think the Governor does not care about the safety of Michigan residents and wants to see Michigan cities fail. The council and the mayor should be fighting with Lansing and not each other.


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