Year in Review..

The past year Dearborn Heights saw many changes for the most part they are not good ones either.. This past year we witnessed a Mayor boldly lie to his residents. Not such a new thing for this Mayor but the lie was a whooper that still has some asking what happened. We saw a council pass a sham of a budget again based on more lies from the Mayor. Insurance savings that never materialized matter of fact they’ve gone up. New contracts negotiated and passed. We witnessed the mass exodus of city employees through early outs. Elected officials taking 10% pay cuts, department heads taking 10% pay cuts. Our Fire Fighters taking the 10% pay cut and still working 5 days a week. This year brought the city a new work week Monday-Thursday Fridays closed.

The residents saw an increase in ACT 345, Public Safety, Water Rate increase, and least I forget the HO. We learned thanks to the city’s Treasure that some on the police force are going to almost be millionaires when they retire. The residents got to see the Mayors tirades on more than one occasion. We all got ring side seats to watch the screw up of the NSP program until today there is money out standing with the state. We discovered that the city’s building Director had nothing to do with the NSP Homes. We got to witness the city settling for 10k to a former employee whom the Mayor hired illegally to our city.

Another year passing without any advancement in the IT for the city. The city council has talked about getting new IT for the city since forever. It was discussed Back in 2009 , we are now moving into 2012 and still no New IT this is boarding on irresponsible. Time and time again the council asked the mayor about this subject and over and over he would say he is talking with Dearborn..

We watched as the former clerk left the city (in a not so nice way) and a new one elected. The voters elected two new council members. One some are having voters remorse over the other many of us are very excited to have her get started. We’ve watched as the moral over at city hall sinks to all time low. Many, to many wondering if they are going to have a job. We see people working the job of two, and getting their work done in a shorter work week. This year again showed the inequality in the ASFCEME Union again the clerk typist (mostly woman) getting less than the DPW (mostly men.)

We saw the council finally take away the cars from department heads in this city. The residents had to witness the ATTM take her car home for over two weeks after the council voted them parked. Did anything happen to her for her insubordination? No. We witnessed not for the first time how some abuse their positions in the city. When  resident arrested and taken out in hand cuffs from the Mayors office. Many in the city started questioning who the Mayor is? Over at city hall there is no doubt who they have to keep happy.

The residents got to voice their concerns at two town hall meetings this year. No doubt one of the best things that happened this year. I loved seeing all those residents come out and speak up. I’ve seen more and more people taking an interest in what happens in their city. Here on this blog and when I walked door to door. We’ve all watched as residents are starting to come to the realization that the Mayor does not walk on water. Unfortunately the city’s residents saw that we have a Mayor that is unable to cope with the situation the city is now in. He keeps trying the same old tired solutions, and misinformation that’s always worked for him in the past. By doing this the Mayor wasted a full year. A year that if he would have expanded all that energy on finding workable solutions to the problems. The city would be in a far better state then it’s in.

With the mayors state of the city address just around the corner will he try to sell us the same old lines? “The city is great” “we are so much better than other cities.” Will he still try to walk on water before the residents of this city. Will he continue to be more worried about his reputation over what is best for the city? Will he for once come clean about the state of the city? If the last few meetings are any indication the answer to these questions and more is NO.

Let me know what you remember most over this past year…


6 thoughts on “Year in Review..”

  1. Eddie, you must be living in another city. Everything posted on the year in review is right on. There was nothing that came out of this city hall that was good. From flooding to going broke. All we heard were lies and more lies. Companies were made rich with all the studies that were made about all of the problems in the city. Don’t forget the mayor telling us that Dearborn Heights was just fine and we are not like the other cities around us, we are just fine. Now he said he did not figure that the housing in our city would take such a hit. Where the hell has he been, on mars or just listening to the ATTM. My God Eddie what more does it take for people to wake up.


  2. Eddie,

    Although the year did have many negative points when Kathy calls people out whether it be the ATTM, the Mayor or a specific council member she backs it up with detail on the specific issue or vote. Her post is a summary of the year – and therefore doesn’t contain all the details that day-to-day posts do. The reality is that many on the council are not working in a constructive and team oriented way. We need the council to be a team in order to move things forward in this community. If you aren’t representing the citizens you aren’t doing your job.


  3. Ahh, you are really full of yourself, Eddie G. There were no lies in what Kathy wrote, and if you think there were, point them out, let’s hear your take on the Year in Review.


  4. Eddie, although I agree to a point with your statement about the page (and the post) being overly negative, I feel it goes way too far. I think Janet and Marge have their own views, and I doubt they are in lockstep with Kathy on many things.

    Marge has said as much on this page I believe.

    And the personal attacks you mention are frankly disgusting.


  5. Eddie

    Nice to hear from you again.
    No it’s not the complaint page not sure what part of the post was not the truth. These things all happened this past year. No it was not a good year and no the council did not do what they were suppose to do.. My buddies or not they tried to do things through out the year with little success. If they are only one or two voting for something and the others do not vote with them not much they can get done. Sorry you feel I’ve been complaining a lot.
    No I’m not interested in bashing only people I do not like. Going after the Mayor for misleading every resident in this city is not bashing it’s telling the truth. Asking that competent people do a job and stop wasting all of our money is not bashing it’s telling the truth. If you feel that something so wonderful happened this year in the city let me know. Maybe I am being to negative just calling it like I see it. I’m not perfect please let me know what I missed.



  6. When Marge Horvath left the room to change her vote back in may to yes from a no vote .Please let us know why you (Marge) changed you vote.


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