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Part of the fairytale plan from the Mayor is well tickets, yep send those police officers out to write-up those rolling stop sign tickets. The tickets for one mile over the speed limit. (I know someone who got one of those right on John Daily.)  The ticket for having your bumper hanging over just over the side-walk. You know when you park your car in a crowded drive way and you’re the last one. Your bumper better not be over the side-walk. Yep all that and much more is coming back how is he ever going to get them to do it without offering them overtime. Good thing they took the lights off the Mayors car. Never know he might have been out giving tickets.



9 thoughts on “Traffic Tickets and Revenue…”

  1. Is the Dearborn Heights Police force is out of control with their traffic ticket writing?This all started with a ticket for an alleged rolling stop sign violation. It escalated to several police cars, blocking off the whole street, and attack dogs and alleged threats by police [with drawn weapons] to shoot the victim and his mother, entering a house without a warrant, and rude and unprofessional conduct.

    Here is the lawsuit filed. It is VERY scary. That could have been you or me. Please take time to read it.


  2. Bitsy,

    You even argue with people who are trying to agree with you. You’re right. I shouldn’t assume that they don’t give tickets for a mile over, but I have never heard of that in my life.

    Police officers shouldn’t be above the law, but they seem to be. You’re exactly right, “do as I say, not as I do.” It definitely should not be that way. Everybody should obey the law.


  3. You know, in Dearborn citizen’s know when the street cleaning equipment is coming through and they are told not to park on the street on that day. Why can’t we do the same? That way, if cars are parked on the street they are ticketed. Simple.


  4. Sorry, Simplicity, but “edict” is EXACTLY the right word.
    World English Dictionary
    edict (ˈiːdɪkt)
    1. a decree, order, or ordinance issued by a sovereign, state, or any other holder of authority
    2. any formal or authoritative command, proclamation, etc.
    Besides which, up until just recently, you would have thought the mayor was running a monarchy.

    Another thing I want to mention; why would you say another person’s experience didn’t happen – that it’s an exaggeration? I know in Oscoda where a friend lives, her husband did get a ticket for 3 miles over. Just because it hasn’t been your experience is no reason to deny another’s.

    As to your statement that if you’re breaking the law, you should get a ticket. What about the police officers that I see – on a DAILY basis – run the stop signs in front of my house? And don’t tell me they’re on a call. I got a ticket for a rolling stop and awhile after that I saw the exact same police officer who issued the ticket to me do a rolling stop in front of my house. “Do as I say, not as I do.”


  5. If they want to increase revenue I suggest deputizing some ordinance control officers and sending them out after a snowstorm. Give a ticket to all the lunkheads that have their cars parked on the streets that cause the driveways in front and in back to get piled up with snow when the plow comes through. With what could be made in one day they could probably keep the Eton Center open full time during the winter.


  6. About four years ago I was driving down John Daly. For approximately one house my speedometer went to 27 miles per hour immediately corrected the situation. Six blocks later I was pulled over and asked if I knew I was going 27 miles per hour. I said yes for one house. Went thru the drivers license thing. He came back to my car and handed me a ticket that said I was going 30 miles per hour. He said because it is the same price. He then went thru the Kangeroo court thing on how not to get any points. I was angry and asked if I was meeting his quota for the day and he just laughed.. In a 25 mile per hour speed limit who hasn’t crept up over 25. They indeed had quota’s got paid extra for how many tickets they could write. The state of michigan came in and stopped the practice. The mayor is trying to get back to this. Guess he doesn’t care what the state thinks. I am not exaggerating this really happened to me. I don’t consider myself to be a law violator. See the blogroll about tickets in dearborn heights. It truly is unbelievable until it happens to you.


  7. Edict? An interesting word. I had to look it up: An edict is an announcement of a law, often associated with monarchism. The Pope and various micronational leaders are currently the only persons who still issue edicts. Maybe not the correct word here.

    But, I agree. The police department should be giving tickets for ALL infractions. I’m sure they don’t give tickets for one mile over. That’s an exaggeration. But, if you’re breaking the law, no matter how minor, you deserve a ticket. That is why there are laws and rules, right? If there are no laws and rules, we have anarchy! The resolution is simple. Obey the law and you won’t receive a ticket. Very very simple!


  8. What I want to ask is why would it take an edict from the mayor to get the police to do what they should have been doing all along? I’m SICK AND TIRED of people parking their cars on the drive, completely covering the sidewalk, like it’s no problem and not against city law. It’s about damn time they got a ticket.


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