Keeping The Water Fund Flush…

Flush those toilets, turn on your faucets the city needs the money. Get ready your water rates just might be going up again. The water fund has money the city borrows from it so we all know it has money. So why would you raise the rates on us again? Well to keep that fund flush of course because the city is going to have to use that money. Interdepartmental loans better than going out of the city to get the funds. I know one council member that is not to happy about this. They said how can we raise the rates when we just hit them with the HO? Wonder if anyone has ever done a study about how many flushes it would take each resident to balance the budget.


5 thoughts on “Keeping The Water Fund Flush…”

  1. Lisa that’s correct and yes if there is going to be an increase I would like it a little at a time. Just trying to lighten things a little there is so much to get upset about more on that later.


  2. I don’t know about the history of this issue in depth, however I’ve been told by a Council member that the city received a 13% increase from Wayne County on water rates a few months ago. Which seems in line with what the Free Press reported. The council did not pass along the increase to residents. I personally think that a portion of the increase should be passed along. I’d rather get a 8-10% increase now than a 20% increase in a couple of years. Water use and it’s associated costs is somethings that homeowners can actively manage in their homes, by eliminating waste where possible. This allows the HO funds to be used for for the priorities identified by the citizens at the town hall meetings. Priorities which I believe are Police, Fire and Dept. of Public works….everything else after those 3.


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