Will It Be a Plan With Tangible Goals?

Is our Mayor going to submit a plan with tangible goals? Is this plan going to have details? Is the Mayor going to give realistic numbers or is this going to be more of the fairytale that he is writing for us. Tonight’s meeting is an open meeting sorry to say looks like I will be at work. Christmas season you know.

Council I ask that if the Mayor is going to give you the same unrealistic no detail report that you do not approve it. On behalf of the residents of this city please get all the information before you say Yes or No. Hasn’t he fooled around with all of us long enough.


6 thoughts on “Will It Be a Plan With Tangible Goals?”

  1. Yes, Mr. Berry did stand up to the Mayor on the budget issue of revenue being generated via traffic tickets and increased court costs. Mostly everyone agreed that if someone deserves a ticket it should be issued, but there are enough legitimate violations that you don’t need to write tickets on minor rolling stops and such. And overtime should not be earned by writing tickets.

    I was very annoyed with the way the meeting was run. The deficit reduction plan was not shown on the screen, the meeting was not taped and at several points the Council members started solutioning instead of just analyzing for feasabily the plan. When I say solutioning – the council does not need to spend excessive time on verbal tangets regarding what buildings can be remodeled,what activities can be offered at which buildings…etc. The bottom line is programs will be cut, and is is the savings we are expecting probable or a pipe dream. Decisions on buildings, programs, and utility savings should be entered into when those facts and figures are presented for analysis.


  2. Anonymous

    You might like to know while councilman Berry may have supported the plan he did get very angry with the mayor. Part of the mayors plan is to generate more revenue through traffic tickets. He said that he was tired of the Mayor trying to balance his budget on the backs of the residents.. Something along those lines it was very heated..


  3. Just goes to show you who has BALLS to stand up to the mayor. Ladies thank you very much.Ned I hope you no how to swim. Barron and Tom quit kissing up to the Mayor.


  4. The mayor packed up his toys and left since he didn’t get his way. Very childish. Doesn’t surprise me.
    As far as neds comment, that was dumb beyond belief.
    a warm pool? Really? We can’t pay the damn bills and this is his only contribution? What a big D A.


  5. Also, when the vote deadlocked at 3-3 the Mayor got up and said “Well then I’m going home” picked up his papers and left. The discussion amongst Council members continued another hour.

    Meeting was not taped for cable. I do not know why – since it was a regular session.


  6. The meeting was a bust as was the Mayors plan. Once again – not enough details to allow a reasonable person to determine it’s viability. Council’s reasonable people Janet and Marge voted no- Margaret VH also voted no – Tom Berry kept saying it’s a plan- it allows us to submit something and we can change it later – the same sentiment echo’d by K. Baron – but those standing for citizens said – no they have been burned by that before.

    Ned followed the Mayor as sheep do. His only input for the night was the seniors want a warm pool.


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