Our City Is Not A Hand Of Poker…

Mayor Dan Paletko said Friday that he submitted a detailed five-year deficit elimination plan to city council members late Thursday. Council must approve the plan before it can be submitted to the state.

“The plan is more detail than the state will require, but I wanted to make sure I laid it out with a lot of targets,” he said.

Saying he didn’t want to “tip his hand,” he declined to go into specifics about the plan because it contains many suggested targets for labor concessions. He did say, however, that he used his notes from two town hall meetings this fall about the city’s finances to help guide shape the plan.

n addition to the deficit elimination plan due to the state, city officials still need to come up with a way to cut more than $900,000 from this year’s budget. The mayor submitted a plan to council in late November that consisted of cost reductions and some new revenue, with almost all of it centering on the police department and 20th District Court. Several council members criticized the plan as too speculative and the disagreement still remains. The longer the city waits to institute the plan for this year, the more drastic the cuts will have to be, because as it stands the city is spending as if it is not in a deficit situation.

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Lëtzebuergesch: En Häerzer-Royal Flush.
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Doesn’t want to “tip his hand” not with the council for the past two years. Not with the taxpayers who are flipping the bill. Not with the employees of the city. Hasn’t wanted to “tip his hand” that’s what’s been going on all this time. What is he holding in his hand like a man sitting at a poker table that he can’t show. Is our Mayor holding a Royal Flush that he is going to win the game for us with? Maybe he’s bluffing with a pair of deuce’s.  Is that why he doesn’t want the other players in this game to know his hand. Are the players in this game the council, taxpayers, and employees of the city? Come on Mr. Mayor what is the magic hand you are holding that’s going to save the day? Hasn’t there been enough lies for the past two years? You assured all of us and the city council that you have it all under control you stated that you are so confident with your budget. Where is all that confidence now? All you can say is ” Oh I didn’t know that.” For two years you have been selling so many in this city with the lie’s of your balanced budget. Now with a deadline of December 31 and no more council meetings. Not to mention that if the state does not approve what ever great hand you have this my lead this city to a financial manager.The value of your property is not for you to gamble with Mr. Mayor.


10 thoughts on “Our City Is Not A Hand Of Poker…”

  1. Please note a study session for council is scheduled for Dec 20. No doubt the plan will be a plan of discussion. Everyone should go and get educated and then contact their council with feedback.
    (Citizens do not speak at study sessions). We have to make our voices heard.


  2. If the city is that crooked, then maybe a financial manager is the way to go.

    I wish the media would investigate Dearborn Heights the way they investigated Wayne County.


  3. Personally I think he is looking to friends in Lansing to help bail him out. Look the other way so to speak. He has had every opportunity to do something about the budget. He has chosen not to do so. My guess would be the taxpayers are going to receive a bunch of special assessments to pull him through. I am sure the council will go along. They will say we had to the city is broke. Living within their means just doesn’t occur to them.

    If it is true that you can chair the council for one year and receive over a half million dollars in healthcare that is shameful. The council should recind that immediately. Elected officials should get benefits only when they are on the job. The lifetime pensions and healthcare has to be abolished.


  4. The Mayor isn’t gambling with the value of his property. He rents. Remember?

    It’s time to have a homeowner at the helm!


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