Thanks But No Thank You…

At one of the most recent council meetings the city’s CEDD said something along the lines of when we start selling the NSP homes that money will go back to buy more homes. The city has the potential to make so much profit.  Can I have some of what they are all smoking please. If you can stand there and make statements like that. There’s still money two years later to come back to the city’s general fund from the state. What planet is everyone living on the city needs every penny it can get its hands on to keep the city running. Not to mention the homes were over paid for and renovations on all most each home ran over the original bid.

Thanks but no thanks any money that comes from the state or the sale of those homes should go back to the general fund to keep what little services we are going to have in this city. I would like to see that the council makes sure that this happens. NO MORE NSP.


4 thoughts on “Thanks But No Thank You…”

  1. It seems very sad to me that we are just ignoring offers for help. Almost every council meeting someone gets up and complains about the dilapidated condition of this building or that one, and when the city gets a grant to try and address it, suddenly we are too good for it?

    The lack of funding is why NSP is a good idea, not a bad idea. What will happen to the homes if nothing is done at all? Just sit there and rot? Is that suddenly a good idea?

    The problems you address are more about the management of the grant, not the grant itself. It just seems weird to say: “Lets just let homes rot and forget fixing them or demolishing them. ”

    What is your solution to fight blighted homes, if fixing them up or demolishing them is *not* involved?


  2. I would like to clairify my original statement. The general fund pays the up front money and when the reimbursement requests are made and received the money is returned to the general fund. In this case it would be for the purchase of the homes and the upgrades made. While it is true that we have been slow in getting the money back from the State, I believe that has been rectified now that the grant is being handled through CDBG. As for the sale of the homes, once the homes are sold that money stays with CDBG. It is refered to as Program Income. It can not go into the general fund.


  3. Marge the money spent on the NSP program came from the general fund not the CDBG grant. The money spent from general fund has to go back there you know that. Didn’t you and others on the council ask the treasure on more than one occasion if we got the Money back. You your self said many times that the city could not afford to keep spending money out of he general fund and nothing coming back, how many times did you call the state to get that money?


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