Stop Singing Kumbaya and Get To Work

Okay being civil to one another is good minding your manners is great, but and there is always a but. The council is so busy being nice with the Mayor sometimes I think they are all going to hold hands up there at the council table and start singing “Kumbaya.” Oh I know I’m so negative well here’s some things that make me so. For instance the city has a taxable value decrease of approximately 15% this was offset by the increase in the Act 345 millage.The overall property tax revenue decreased nearly 14 percent this results in a decrease of approximately 1.5 million. The city’s combined net assets decreased by 4.4 percent from last year.

The Mayor without a plan caught like a deer in headlights with the excuses of I didn’t know. No plan for the deficit reduction no realistic plan for the more than two million dollars a year that the city has to come up with. Nothing submitted to the state  on time the end of September. Knowing all of that and much more the council still wants to hold his hand and say oh thank you Mr. Mayor.  Still it goes on there is no reason for the council to continue its like watching a group of people being led to the edge of the cliff. little by little the whole city being led to the cliffs edge the next step is going to take the whole city over the edge.

So maybe a little anger called for, yep I would like to see a little anger. Is it any wonder people in this city and here on this blog want more of what Councilwoman Badalow is showing. What happened to Councilwoman Horvath who was so passionate about the Failed and I say again Failed NSP program. We need to see her again. Maybe councilman Berry comes out once in a while gives a little show but then as if he’s sent to the chalk board to write a hundred times “I will never do it again” he’s silent again.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but don’t lead me to the edge of the cliff and then tell me to follow us while we jump over.  Get a little angry council ask this mayor why he’s been hiding the facts from all of us. I would like to see that Audit report  on the city website for everyone to read we did pay for it after all. No redaction just put up the numbers. Every resident who has an interest in understanding what is going on in this city should read it. It’s an eye opener just goes to show how much the mayor has been hiding from everyone. If Plante & Moran were not willing to cut the Mayor any slack why should you the council. Why should we the residents be so willing to do so.


2 thoughts on “Stop Singing Kumbaya and Get To Work”

  1. Isn’t there some legal means we the citizens can start to stop this. I feel like I am watching a car sitting a railroad track with a train bearing down on it and in the car is the mayor and the council singing Kumbaya.

    We need to start some sort of citizens committee to stop this. Anyone have any ideas?

    I am not willing to just by and see my city slide into the sewer.


  2. Well said. Study session on the cars again. You can find the audit reports on the web site under city government. You can go back and look at several years. However, they have not given this years report to the state yet.

    Not much hope for the city, inept mayor, council and voters have sealed our fate.


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