It’s Time Council Picks Up The Ball and Run It In For The Touch Down..

Time for council to call some play’s pick up the deficit reduction ball and run with it their selves.  No plan again apparently no deficit reduction plan. No plan for the cuts to this years budget. We’re all well aware that the HO was not enough. Council and Mayor said that they were going to come up with a plan to make the necessary cuts. There were no meetings before the election to discuss what cuts no meetings since the election. When does the administration plan on giving the council his plan if he has one? When is the council going to say enough sitting on our hands and do what Detroit’s council is doing. Detroit’s city council decided to take matters into their own hands and by-pass Mayor Bing and do things their selves. If that is what needs to take place then council time to do it. What are you waiting for?

The first time that someone asked about the deficit reduction plan was back in June when councilwoman Badalow asked for the plan. The Mayor made no bones about telling her that he did not need to give them anything because the plan was not due to the state before December. Ah hello anyone looking at the calendar it’s the end of November. With only so many council meetings left next one December 13 what the hell is everyone waiting for? This process should start with the administration. The Mayor should submit the deficit reduction plan to the council in a timely manner. They go over it and decide what they want to keep or change, or god forbid come up with an idea they might want to implement. Looks like he is going to wait until the December 13 meeting, tell them here it is and you have to approve it now because this is our last meeting and the state needs it from us.

Not to mention budget cuts that no one has even started working on. Has the administration put together a comprehensive plan for where they plan on taking the cuts? Early outs were on the last agenda and put back to the administration. To answer a question the administration should have had an answer to. The question was out of the 16 positions that could take early outs how many if any does the city have to fill? The administration had no answer tabled until the next council meeting. To quote Bitsy08

This is what I meant when I said that the mayor should have sat down with all involved and gone through the steps of where he planned to save money.

While there may not have been a way to come up with Plan A and Plan B before the election. Using those six weeks to get an idea of where the cuts might come from. Giving everyone the opportunity to voice their ideas before hand. That’s a good use of that time instead of what we see now.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time Council Picks Up The Ball and Run It In For The Touch Down..”

  1. Kathy, as the British would say, “you are spot-on”. I think it is now necessary for all of us to attend not only the council meetings but the council study sessions. I have a feeling that nothing will be done before January 1st as they will use the Christmas Holidays as an excuse. I have to take some classes but will be finished the end of the year and will start up attending the sessions again. I have been watching the council meetings on tv to keep informed but nothing beats actually attending and making your comment at the end. We have to hold the mayor and the councils toes to the fire as they just can’t go on with the same old-same old.

    On a different note, I am sorry to hear what happened to some of your campaign signs. I was appalled when your husband held up a sign as a sample at the last meeting.


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