Are You Kidding Me No Body Thought To Ask..

Talk about dropping the ball. No one thought about looking at the lease agreement between the city and district 7 for the Eton Center before this. Why didn’t the Mayor instruct corporation counsel to meet with district 7 to find out if the city could get out of the lease agreement with out giving one years notice? Really, come on it was only the subject of two town hall meetings and brought up at council meetings. The Eton Center is one thing the council and the Mayor discussed for closing due to revenue shortage. Yet the Mayor did nothing except put the lease agreement on the agenda. You can find it under back up on the city website. Look under city government council minutes and agendas.

Granted the lease is one dollar a year, but the city is responsible for repairs. Right now as the council has stated the Eton Center needs a new roof. The city would have to pay for this early estimates put the cost at $ 200,00.00.  So what does this mean? Well how would we know considering the picture is incomplete. The information is incomplete something brought before the council without all the facts. How can anyone expect the council to complete the puzzle if there are pieces missing? Who holds those puzzle pieces? The administration at this point I think the council has to divide their selves up and everyone has to take on something. Oh wait if they do that you might have the Mayor yelling “You Are Micro Managing.” 


15 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me No Body Thought To Ask..”

  1. No Fleet Manager, no Property Manager…..

    Just what are the management positions in this city?

    Is there an organization chart anywhere?


  2. Ooooooooooooooh. I guess you told me. I probably should have worded it differently but Kathy had mentioned about a recall campaign so I was really asking if anyone had started one or was interested. As it is now, is anyone interested in helping me with a recall?

    By the way, Ray, I was wondering the same thing about the mayor KNOWING the perameters of the lease and playing dumb just so he could get Eton fixed and be a hero to the seniors.


  3. Bitsy,
    You can go ahead and get the ball rolling on the recall campaign. Just let us know when you have the proper paperwork filed and we can get started. Oh, wait, you’re waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to do it…….


  4. The mayor knew what was in the lease, now he will look like a hero when the Eton center stays open and gets a new roof paid for by the tax payers. Other cuts will be made some where else that need not be made because of it. He then will say ” I did not know what was in the lease”. Funny he knows everything else unless it’s something that will make him look bad. The mayor is a very smart man I just wish he would go back to the same man he used to be.


  5. Can’t find “backups” anywhere, Cathy, but I’m with Linda. Give the district notice now and still move the seniors to Berwyn. The extra money people voted in was not to be used to fix Eton. We can’t afford it. If necessary, put a plug in it and move on.

    This is just another example of the Mayor’s lack of follow-through. Why wouldn’t someone in his position NOT think of the lease and what it entails. And you making excuses for the council doesn’t wash with me. We have one mayor, one assistant, and seven council members and NOT ONE OF THEM thought of what it would take to get out of this lease. This is what I meant when I said that the mayor should have sat down with all involved and gone through the steps of where he planned to save money. If he had done that, the lease would and should have been addressed. Instead we get more of the same. There are too many people out there making excuses for all involved and I for one am really tired of it.

    If anyone wants to start a recall campaign, please let me know. And I don’t want to hear any more excuses of who would take over. Ken Baron as council chair would take over and from what I’ve learned about him, he’s an honest, hard working man. I’m tired of the status quo. I’m livid with the ineffectiveness of this administration. Time to clean house.


  6. Here is what it says…

    “City shall perform and pay for all repairs as are necessary, at the discretion of the City.”

    I think we have a lot of leeway there.

    “Repair” does NOT mean RENNOVATION.


  7. Linda

    I have no idea who manages property for the city. The administration is responsible to bring before the council all information pertaining to any given subject. So much time is wasted if it was done right the first time around than things would get done in a timely manner.


  8. Like hell I’d put a new roof on someone else’s property.

    Where does the lease define “repairs?”

    Maybe it doesn’t need a new roof. Maybe it just needs a stop-gap fix to resolve an existing problem.

    C’mon guys, be creative. Play a little hardball!


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