Concerns about the Council What They Said or Did Not Say in The Weeks Leading Up To The Election..

Concerns about the council sent to me,

Kathy you ask us to call or email the council with any questions we might have on how they are going to vote. What makes you think they are going to tell the truth? Do you personally feel you got all the information you wanted before you had to vote on the Headlee override?

Do you think the council was truthful with the residents about what they plan cut? I have been coming to the blog for about a year over that period of time you have laid much of the blame for what has happened in the city on the administration. Don’t you think the council is equally responsible for what has happened?

Myself I think the council was less the truthful in the weeks leading up to the vote on the Headlee override. I believe they misled the residents and were less than fourth coming with us. I would like you to touch on this if you would. Just look at what they said or did not say about the Eton center. Please talk about this I think it is important.

Yes I ask everyone to watch or attend council meetings. For two years I’ve asked you to call or email council members with your concerns. I believe when you call, most of them you will give a truthful answer to question you will ask them. I would have like to have some more information before going to vote. That was the information given to the council from the administration. I think the council members were as fourth coming with information as they could be. I think they couldn’t individually start saying at council meetings what they planed to cut. That is why they should have had the meetings once a week and get an idea of where each of them was looking to cut.

I think the council is somewhat responsible for some of what has happened over the past two years. In no way do I think they are equal in that responsibility. I can point to several occasions when the council asked for information and it was never given. How many times are things brought before the council at the last-minute hurry, hurry we have to do it today. If you watched council meetings going back to the spring there were council members trying to talk about the deficit budget. There were those on the council that wanted to start on this long ago.

As for the Eton center listening at the town hall meeting on the south end and  council meetings the council made it very clear in my eyes that they are going to close the Eton center.



7 thoughts on “Concerns about the Council What They Said or Did Not Say in The Weeks Leading Up To The Election..”

  1. I disagree. I was at the so called “Town Hall Meeting” and I never heard ANYONE say they were going to close any Senior Center. Not Eton or Berwyn. I heard a lot of people saying they wanted them to stay open, but NOONE said they were going to be closed. Seniors vote.


  2. Nancy,
    Yes, maybe non union people should get their own benefits. Those would/should be bigger and better than union, right? I mean, if they get paid more, then their bonuses should be more. Is that what you’re saying? In my opinion, why waste money making separate deals with non union when they can just give them what the union has? It seems like a cost saver to me. Why do you think union people deserve something just because they are union? If there are bonuses and benefits, every single employee should be entitled. Do you disagree? As far as I know, longevity is only for people who have been there a certain amount of years. It’s not a union or non union thing. It’s for people that have devoted themselves to the city. Hence the term “longevity”!!!! From Wikipedia: The word “longevity” is sometimes used as a synonym for “life expectancy” in demography or known as “long life”, especially when it concerns someone or something lasting longer than expected (an ancient tree, for example).


  3. I don’t disagree with having some sort of recreation offered to residents. However 2 senior centers is crazy for a town of our population and geographic span. This is pure politics! Don’t want to piss off either geographic base…yet only 1,000 residents use the senior center. In a town of 60,000 citizens you do the math….crazy waste of money. We can work with local churches and other halls to provide activiites at their locales and not have the cost of heating, cooling, maintaining the building(s). This is just the Mayor covering his butt for getting the Senior vote.


  4. Psha
    Non union people do have benefits..Sometimes to get a signed union contract they will ask for and get lets just say its the Friday after Thanksgiving. They are asking the council to give this to non union people also. I believe it is thru this proceedure that longevity came to all non union people. The union considers these to be their yearly bonus. Do you really think the Mayor and Department Heads deserve a bonus for the way the city has been managed? The Mayor and Department heads are very well paid for the jobs they do. They do not need to cash in on union benefits. Bonuses should be based on performance not because the union got them. This should have never gotten started . Its time to take it back.


  5. I just don’t understand what is wrong with non union people having benefits as well. Can you please explain, Nancy? If benefits are offered at a place of business, shouldn’t everybody be entitled to them? Why does it matter if they’re in a union or not?


  6. The city of Detroit did that for years, and look what’s happening now. Self serving of their own needs. People couldn’t afford to live there. High taxes, low services. We keep this up, we’ll end up that way too.


  7. Just read the back ups for the council meeting. They are getting a renewal of the Eton center lease. They are asking for an opt out on the health care bill. So instead of bringing healthcare cost in line they can continue to pay the high costs. They should be taking advantage of the law. The only thing they are doing to protect dollars is to ask for early outs. Worked out well last time. Fixed the budget no need for Ho. We are getting an increase in the water bills. Do not understand the water bills here. The water rates in surrounding communities are much lower. Maybe they don’t have Plante and Moran setting their rates. So much for the city getting its fiscal house in order. They are going to continue giving away the store until no one can afford to live here anymore. They are just proving that the people that voted against the HO were justified in their thinking. Save our city? They are protecting their own wants and could care less about the city. While you are at it make sure you get the same benefits as the union. What a bunch of pea brains


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