We Said Yes What are You Doing?

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Ten days ago the voters said “Yes” to their city. The Headlee Override passed ten days later and not a word from the council. The council said thank you to the residents talking about “giving the city new life.” Great thank you. Now when are you going to start talking about what you are going to “Cut?” Where are you going to advertise the meetings? Will this be discussed during study sessions? Will there be special meeting scheduled? There are six (6) other days in the week why not use them? Well maybe not the weekends, but what about the other four (4) days in the work week.

There was much talk about Plan A and Plan B before the vote. As we soon discovered there was no Plan A or B. The council discussed meetings once a week leading up to the Vote again not so much. At the last council meeting before November 8 councilwoman Horvath and Council Chair Baron said they were in attendance during the one meeting. They soon discovered that it was impossible to come up with a “Plan” in such a short time. That’s fine still does not explain why they could not have meetings once a week to discuss what they were planing on doing. The council said that they were going to have these once a week meetings. In my humble opinion I believe one thing the council missed out on by not having those meetings was not getting all their “ducks in a row.”  By using the time leading up to the November 8 election by working out some numbers, throwing out ideas, and getting a feel for  each council members thinking. They explained why there was no “Plan”, but never explained why they never had the meetings.  Tens days later and nothing, not one meeting. We are mid November the State is waiting for a deficit reduction plan by the end of December. Why hasn’t the council demanded to see the Mayors plan?

If any of you get wind of a meeting please let rest of us know there are plenty of people in the city that have shown interest in what the council will cut.


7 thoughts on “We Said Yes What are You Doing?”

  1. hey raven, hope your not talking about the ordinance officers who work Fridays while everyone is off. Yes an ordinance officer has been working Fridays to show the citizen we’re there. Because the city is closed on Friday, it the perfect time to do that work without a permit… thats why ordinance works on Friday. and by the way, we sometimes drive out of the city for our lunch break so if your concerned about that …ask


  2. I never expected anything from the mayor or the council.They got what they wanted and that is that. What realy bothers me is that at the last meeting the way the council is speaking to our residents is with lack of respect,not everyone is as smart as them and I dont feel that voices from the council be raised because some of us don’t know everything,we go to the council for answers not to be spoken in the manner that older people were spoken to ,don’t raise your voices to any of us and talk down to any of us.Remember we still pay you and just because you got what you wanted please respect everyone.The council people know who they are who raise your the voices and who are so impatient with us and if they don’t just watch on T.V and then maybe they will realise that that is not the proper to speak to RESPECT PLEASE


  3. I believe the new state law on health benefits goes into effect January 1,2012. Which will reduce the cities cost by 9 1/2 percent. That probably is part of their reduction plan. Should amount to close to a million. I agree without revisiting the contracts the city is pretty much finished. The HO was just a con.


  4. Hopefully the Mayor’s plan is in the works and is being tweaked for presentation to the Council and the citizens of Dearborn Heights who voted in favor of the Headlee Override. At some point in time (and I’d hope it’s within 4 weeks of the election), the citizens of this community will find out what our future holds. We shouldn’t have to beg for this information, but the council or whoever, needs to put pressure on the Mayor to get the information out to the people and not just leave us hanging. We have a RIGHT to know what’s going to happen to the various programs in the City, and if they don’t know at this time, then let them say that, and work on a solution. Silence makes people nervous and unsure of the future of the city. Just my thoughts on the subject.


  5. There is absolutely nothing that they can do….

    And they know it.

    The “yes” vote only bought them more time. And keeping you (Kathy) off council allowed them breathing room to continue the farce of pretending that they have a plan.

    After the holidays, they will be forced to make some minor concessions. They will make cuts to the rec dept. They will close one senior center. Maybe a few lay-offs.

    By adding this additional 3 mills they have reached what the charter allows. You should expect them to introduce other legal verbage to concoct additional millages or special assessments for next year. Maybe trash pick-up. That usually works.

    Expect the scare tactics to begin sometime in the spring/summer. After all, they will tell you, “you don’t want a dirty city, do you”? And if we don’t get it we might have to get a ffffinannncial maannagerrr!! The ultimate boogy man.

    It is mathematically impossible to continue to run this city with the current revenue. Even with the additional millage, the payroll, health insurance, buy-outs, pensions, and other longevity costs are too much to afford.

    They always based their budget on the expected revenue. No thought was given to a potential rainy day, let alone a massive storm. They made it – they spent it. We’re fine, they thought. After all, our leader is a former CPA. He knows his numbers. A million or so was left just incase something broke. Well something broke alright.

    Problem is they irresponsibly negotiated and awarded contracts based on a revenue stream that they knew was impossible to maintain. And by the time they admitted this, they tried to make cuts. Those that could, hurried up and signed up for the DROP program or took the buy-out before they got laid off. Everyone is scrambling to get saved but there are not enough life jackets to go around. It’s now too late and the law will not allow them to void those contracts.


    The sad reality, and they ALL know this, is a financial manager is needed. He/She is the only one with the authority to void contracts and start anew (can you say General Moters). If anyone paid any attention at those so-called town hall meetings, the Treasurer was the only one who laid it out straight. Look at his graph. Look at his body language. He knows we’re going down and I believe he also knows that our captain is incapable of leading us out of this mess.

    In unison they will tell us that a financial manager is just above the devil.

    “They will destroy our city”!
    “We don’t need “outsiders” to tell us what to do”!
    “We can fix our own home”!

    Now, like sheep waiting to be slaughtered, we just sit back and wait. The countdown has begun. We’ll see.

    But I will not be surprised that if we ever get a financial manager that it just might be….

    the former CPA


  6. well what one thing I noticed is use of city vehicle on closed day by city hall people not saying who but it really was great seeing said person at place they were. Will say it was not really in the city but maybe they were passing thru and decided they wanted to be a kid again remember we the citizens of dearborn hgts are holding you accountable for your spending habits.
    Also Kudo’s to our DPW for the great job of cleaning our streets novel ideas hope to see more of this from this part of our city now just wish our city would get their party in to the groove or doe’s Santa Claus have to send his brother in.


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