Now What Happens?

Now it is up to all of us to either go to or watch the council meetings. Call the council members and ask them what their plans are for reducing our budget. We should be asking council when they are going to start discussions on reducing the budget. Are these discussions going to be held at a regular council meeting, study sessions or are they going to be held separate? How are they going to be advertized to let those that are interested know about them? Weighing in on the process is in our own best interest. I’m sure that every council member at this point has some idea of what they are going to be doing to reduce the budget. I know from talking with several council members over the last couple of years they do want to hear from residents. Now more than ever they want more residents to come to council meetings and participate in letting them know what we want for. November 22 is the next council meeting.


16 thoughts on “Now What Happens?”

  1. Kathy,
    Thank you for finding out that information. I just can’t believe there are TWO fires a night in this city. But, what do I know? Thanks again!!!


  2. Sean

    Answer to your question, B&E director is the only one who can order the closing of a building. That is why he is called out to the fire. The fire department investigates for arson and put out the fires. If a building needs to be boarded up and closed that has to be done right after the fire is put out. There is no waiting for the next day he must go and determine if it should be boarded up…


  3. Kathy,
    How many fires does the city have that would warrant him to take the car home on a daily basis? I can’t imagine that there would be one every night, or even once a week. I don’t know why he couldn’t just take his own car and charge the mileage back to the city IF this ever did happen. Or, I can’t comprehend why it couldn’t be done the next business day. Just wondering. To me, that would seem to be the job of a fire inspector. The B&E department could inspect the next day. That just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!!! I wonder if anybody could explain.


  4. Sean
    The council gave permission to the B&E director to take it home because he does have to do inspections of homes that have caught fire he is called when this happens. Councilwoman Van Houten bought the car being taken home by the CEDD at the last council meeting to the Mayor. He said that he would take care of it.


  5. Are you kidding me, Kathy? I can’t imagine why the CEDD would have to take a car home. What after hours work does he have? Obviously it isn’t to fix the pathetic NSP. And is the B&E director making inspections after hours? What does he do during normal business hours? What is the council going to do about this? Roll over just like they do with everything else?


  6. Fair is Fair

    I guess there was an uproar over it at the time he is the last one who will get this benefit. How many have parked the cars? The CEDD according to the last council meeting is still taking the car home. The Building and Engineering Director came back to the council to plead his case to take home a car. They gave it back to him. How many from DPW still take home trucks? Who watches out for this? Like I said long ago when it was adopted the cars should be parked. The blatant disregard for the council should never be tolerated.


  7. Why was the City Council in such an uproar over Dept heads taking cars home and yet say nothing over one of their own costing the taxpayers an extra $17,498.00? I’d like to see the comparison in the cost of the cars going home and the cost of Ken Baron’s health insurance. I’m sure Ken costs us alot more. $17, 498.00 a year could gas an awful lot of cars.
    Typical Political Hypocrisy!!!!!!!!


  8. Kathy, Can you check the line item on the Budget and report how much we are paying for Council Fringe Benefits for the One Council member (Baron).


  9. I will check into that and ask the question. If anything we can make everyone aware of what is going on. lifetime benny’s need to stop in our city and state and even on the federal level. How about coming to the city council meetings and ask some question yourself. please come out and support those of us who ask the hard questions. Thanks and I hope to see you there.


  10. As touched upon in earlier posts, the budget can be reduced by Ken Baron not taking health care from the city. City employees were told that they must take cuts. Why? so they can afford Ken Baron’s health insurance. This is too expensive of a benefit. In fact it is 150% of his salary. Where’s the outrage. C’mon Rose, Ray, Mr Haddous its time to speak out! No other part-time position gets free health care on the city!


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