When Will This Administration Do What Needs To Be Done?

How About Never if Past History is Any Indication.

In Wayne county several people fired, resigned, or suspended over 200,000.00 severance check. What happens in Dearborn Heights?  Why nothing of course. What do I mean by this well let’s take a look at the NSP Grant Program. The remainder of the money on that grant forfeited close to 700,000.00 dollars. The program ran over by at least 100,000.00 dollars in administration fees. Money still out standing to get back from the state. Homes bought and rehabbed and up for sale in an already flooded market. Home’s now vandalized repairs on the City Insurance. One home left with four corners standing after contractors walked through and bid on it. Bid  awarded to a company only to discover  that the whole house is water damaged. All those people in and out of the house and no one noticed. A failed program and no one held responsible where’s the accountability?

Well this is the kind of stuff that I am talking about this and much more. This is not just me there are many with-in city hall who are asking the same question. Yet there is no one to answer these questions and when the people in the city do talk about this it’s done hushed voice and on the down low. Maybe it’s time that some of you over there at city hall put together a letter and all of you sign it. You all are saying the same things and you are saying the right things so say it together.

How’s that for getting off the island Eddie? Just one more truth that you do not want to hear or face..


2 thoughts on “When Will This Administration Do What Needs To Be Done?”

  1. Since we gave them the HO, they probably won’t do squat!

    The Ballot Box is the only place where our voice carries any weight.

    It’s too bad that all of our issues need to be attached to the ONE issue that we can vote on, but that’s the way it is.

    the HO was our only opportunity to hold their feet to the fire.


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