To Leave a Message for ______ Press One..

Around two years, that’s how long the Mayor has been talking about going with Dearborn for the city’s IT. A year maybe more since the council did the IT study and still the Mayor is waiting for an answer from Dearborn.. City of Dearborn and the powers that be please hurry it up. How long do we have to wait? At the last council meeting the IT subject came up again. Council Chair Baron brought it up because of charges close to $900.00 for setting up or switching voice mail. Yep for some reason the people over at city hall can not take care of voice mail on their own. For some reason they have to call  IT to get “how to” instructions. Why? Marge Horvath said twice that it was due to

voice mail for me
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lack of training. Council Chair said “it’s pretty basic stuff.” I agree how many of you have voice mail either on your home phone or your mobile phones?

Again another area in the city without a step by step How To Manual. A manual with some step by step instructions on basic computer and phone problem solving could save the city thousands. A manual in each department and they could look it up and take care of some of these things themselves. Over the past two years there has been so many of these charges for nothing. On many invoices from IT you can find charges for such things as: downloading an update of Fire Fox, there was a charge for a volume knob turned down on a monitor. There was a charge for a machine not plugged in. Not just $20.00 charges these charges  cost hundreds. I can not make this stuff up even if I wanted to. Go back take a look at some of the post I have up about IT charges.


4 thoughts on “To Leave a Message for ______ Press One..”

  1. Every person has a manual for the telephone. I do and have never had to call the waste of money IT person! Either they’re too lazy to read it or not bright enough to figure it out.


  2. The people who populate the internet are very helpful.

    If people Google the make and model of their phone and the words “quick reference guide” they’ll probably find several online published by phone users themselves.


  3. Linda

    This is one thing that drives me crazy, I did not go to school to learn a darn thing about a computer I read and look up things and take care of it myself. There should be steps to follow you should not need to pick up a phone and call a tech come in and push a button giving permission to do a update on a per existing program. I am not claiming that I am some computer wizard, but you have to know the basics. I do not understand what the hell this administration is waiting for. These things should have been put in place years ago when the city got the new phone system. A simple step by step guide it’s not rock science.


  4. I’ve made my living writing “how-to” stuff. Except for very complex topics, formal “training” is rarely needed. People don’t need to commit a system’s operation to memory; they just need a little help.

    You’d think the people who installed the phone system would have provided a “quick reference guide.” Normally, one is provided with each phone.

    If not, the person who has mastered the system best within the city offices could easily write one (or several) and distribute them to the rest of the folks.

    Everyone always says that “training” (in this case, writing a job aid) is too expensive…until they look at the cost of NOT training.


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