Elect Them and Never Question Them…

Except the voters choice and never question your elected officials. I did not say it, but someone did at the last council meeting. If I understand what the resident was trying to say, he said so much. After watching the meeting twice I think I have the gist of what he was trying to say..

We complain too much, when the election is held, and the people have spoken you can not complain (his words) you can not question what they are doing. Except what they do no questions asked. Apparently having buyers remorse is eroding the American democratic system. I thought as a responsible Americans we watch what our elected officers do. Getting involved in the system is supposed to be what we do as Americans. If you want to do as this man say’s, than what took place in Detroit should never be questioned (Kwame Kilpatrick) the residents should  just “trust.” The Media was wrong for writing one word about his wrong doing.

We live in a representative democracy, so voting is very important. That is how we exercise our popular sovereignty. In order for the people to be sovereign, we need to choose our own elected officials and hold them accountable to the will of the people. Source:The Democracy Project.

Interesting Read What Do We Owe Our Elected Officials?

This city government has a responsibility to its residents, but by the same token we the residents have a responsibility to hold officials responsible for their actions. Remember when someone from the city says, ” trust us we know what is good for you, do not believe them, ask questions,” the only bad question is the one never asked.

Do we expect too much from our elected officials good debate to read

Elected Officials work for the people. Our tax dollars pay their salaries. They are accountable to us. When elected officials do not conduct the business of government based on our best interests, we must seriously ask, why not? More importantly why do we consistently allow them to get away with it? Think about it! Source: Rise Up

Would you place someone in a job and never check to see how well he or she is performing? Source: Rise Up

I can not say it better myself why would I hire someone to work for me and never check on their job performance. What is even better the man at the microphone telling us all we should not question our elected officials works for the city in the DPW department. So he has a boss that he answers to and if he does not do his job well guess what he will loss it. No, I do not agree I think we have a duty to  educate ourselves but to question the people we have hired by electing them to do the job. We are their boss/supervisors we pay them. It’s up to us to make sure they do the job we hired them to do.


15 thoughts on “Elect Them and Never Question Them…”

  1. Kerry

    You are right he was told that more than once and no you can not break a a contract the contract was opened up.. The Mayor gave them two options one take 10% the second was a furlough day. They voted for a furlough day.. The first go around they voted not to vote. That is when the Mayor went back to them with the option of a furlough day.. If the Mayor/ATTM had not given that option the union would not have voted on anything..


  2. I believe he was told that these were union employees. I’m not sure if you can just break a contact. I’m pretty sure this was a compromise!


  3. Bitsy
    Truman’s saying in modern terms…. If you can’t Baffle them with brillance…Befuddle them with bullsh**


  4. Kerry
    His point was if everyone took a true ten percent paycut , why the need to close on Friday to give matching time off. In his scenerio … no need for overtime if it snowed on Friday. For the Mayor to say everyone took a ten percent paycut across the board is somewhat misleading. If my boss said everyone has to take a ten percent paycut for the survival of the company, I would know that means working the same hours for less money. The man was only searching for an answer and wasn’t really getting one.


  5. He did mention the overtime, but he repeatedly asked why the buildings were closed on Fridays and that the employees should have just taken a paycut. But, snow doesn’t only fall on Friday and not all the employees will be out there plowing. I guess I missed his point then.


  6. Ripsaw teardown

    I am not against “the municipality” the opposite as a matter of fact. What I am against is this administration and there is plenty to be negative about. Please enlighten all of us of the positive things that this administration has done… I am not against the employees of the city I stand beside them and have always stood beside them.. There how ever is one employee in this city that not just this site talks about.. The council talks about her, the department heads talk about her, the employees talk about her, and the residents that I have talked with door to door are questioning this ATTM and her powers. They question the Mayors judgement for keeping her.. They do not know about something call the “Truth Page” Nor have any of them been on this site. What is annoying is what I have been watching happening to my city for the past two years. What is annoying is watching the councils frustration with the Mayor and his lack of transparency. So Please by all means Send a LIST of all the good that has been done over the past two years and I will be more than happy to post it..


  7. Here’s a more accurate perspective on what the gentleman was trying to say:
    Do what is right for the future of the City and the Citizens of Dearborn Heights. Dont be guided by (in the perspective of the writers and fans of this page) your obvious personal hatred of Mayor Paletko and his staff.
    I’ve never been accused of being an optimist or a “positive outlook personality”, but the absolute negativity and relentless criticism of everything that is “this municipality” and/or it’s employees is annoying, . . . to say the least !


  8. I actually thought that the older gentleman was a completely uneducated idiot!! Most of his information was inaccurate. And as for him working for Ford Motor Company, I’ll bet he NEVER had to take a 10% pay cut EVER!!!!!!!!!


  9. You made a very good point, lips.
    I agree with what you said about educating ourselves from all sides. That way we can make an educated decision. Its simple.


  10. In the words of some of our great leaders:

    “It’s plain hokum. If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em. It’s an old political trick. But this time it won’t work.” – Harry S. Truman

    Truer words were never spoken, Mr. Mayor.

    and to our citizen:

    “Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen who would protect the rights and privileges of free people and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage.”
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    If there are some who want to go along without questionning our elected (I’d underline that word but WordPress won’t allow it) officials, then God bless ’em. I, for one, plan on watching these people like a hawk from now on. We wouldn’t be in this position if the council had held the mayor accountable and if WE had held them all accountable. I know some of you will say that our situation was caused by the times and the housing market. I agree – to a point. Our mayor, with his background, should have been paying more attention and taken measures LONG AGO to make sure this didn’t hit the city as badly as it has. Cutbacks, wherever possible, should have been made long ago and not when the proverbial SH – – hit the fan.

    Lord, where would we be if Canfield had still been mayor?


  11. It was a rant from a city worker that does not want to lose his job. Don’t blame him for that but the taxpayers do have a responsibility to the city they pay for. Watched the league of women voters interviewing potential council members. Did you catch Ned saying their will be part time workers instead of full time as suggested by Plante and Moran. The HO will not save jobs. The HO is just a bailout of debt. The city is not providing the services they should now. Major Major cuts on the way regardless of HO. The Mayor and the council are in a thought rut. They need to come up with new answers to old problems.

    I agree with the older genteman a true 10% pay cut is when you reduce your salary by 10% and work the same amount of hours. Residents have some good idea’s on how to maintain some services but make them less costly.

    Is the Mayor and the council going to tell the taxpayers before the election what cuts are going to be made if HO passes and what cuts will be made if it doesn’t ? We should be given their action plan. I think receivership is in our future one way or another.


  12. I saw the guy. The only thing missing was hearing “God Bless America” in the background and a vision of an American flag in the mist. I think he was trying to say one thing, got going, sounded good to himself and just kept going, albeit off track. Did you see the faces of the timekeeper and the chair? They were a bit aprehensive when it came to saying “Times up”, you never know what the populace will do when flag waving is going on.
    Really, though, he was trying to say something, part of what he was trying to say I feel was that we have to pay attention and if you don’t, then don’t complain. The rest went on down the drain…or missed the boat.
    What was worse was the lady who followed him to speak, saying she was on the same page as he. Not true, grasshopper. This lady should understand that whatever side you may be on, you must pay attention to what the other side is saying, you must make it your business to educate yourself on all sides, not just the chosen one. There is a reason that the HO was brought up. On one side you get what they are saying, whether you believe it or not, you still have to pay attention and educate yourself to the other side. She inferred that she did not like or agree with the “Truth Page”, but that should give her an incentive to go there or any other site that has information about the HO. Stop sticking your head in the sand when someone challenges something. Go after the information, no matter where it is. If you like what Rachel Maddow and the Ed show says, also go see what Hannity and O’Reilly has to say.


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