Snow, Grass, and Overtime.

At the October 11 city council meeting, during the public comments a man spoke about snow removal and overtime. He was asking about if it snowed on a Friday will the DPW department be sent out to remove the snow? Someone on the council pointed out, removing  snow from the streets of the city an emergency DPW will be called even on a furlough day. Reopening the union contract, the Mayor gave the Union two options 10% pay cut, or furlough day. The union voted to take furlough day, finding another job on the furlough day, may have been the reason many voted for that option.

On October 6 2011, the assistant to the mayor met with DPW and gave them Fridays (the furlough day) to cut grass. DPW workers are now going to cut grass on Friday this information came from 3 different sources. Others in the same union are not  given any way to work  on the furlough day. This may have been for only this past Friday will have to wait and see. Not enough workers in the DPW department could be the reason Fridays are now  used to cut grass.


6 thoughts on “Snow, Grass, and Overtime.”

  1. OK, so the city workers have to work a day off, Why not just give them another day during the week to take off?? So I work a FRI/Sat pushing snow, why not give them a WED/Thur off > that way they still get a full paycheck but the city doesn’t pay overtime …. Just a thought


  2. i loved the last meeting with calling the mayor out since he was at a baseball game – as to feeding the seniors on friday, why cant they use the police station they have the large hall and it would be in a great location for both north and south end seniors- the police station has more than enough room and they are OPEN on fridays == just a thought


  3. Marge
    It was not just someone it was his assistant who gave the Okay for the overtime. Yes I did hear that he was very upset about it and he was not asked about it and he did not have any idea what she had done. This is a problem of on it’s own and should be addressed NOW… She is the assistant to the Mayor not the assistant mayor I’ve said it before and will say it again I did not elect her.


  4. Let’s talk about Oct. 6. I was in the meeting when the Mayor was told that the DPW was going to PLANT SOD not CUT GRASS on Friday. The Mayor was appaled to say the least that someone had authorized sodding on Friday and said absolutly no sodding, cutting or anything else to do with grass on overtime. The department worked at the Library setting up for the health fair that took place on Saturday and they also worked closing off the streets for the Crestwood Parade that took place on Friday afternoon.


  5. I felt like the panic was beginning to show at this latest meeting, both among the Council and the Residents.

    Interesting that the Mayor was at the baseball game.


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