The Numbers.


2 thoughts on “The Numbers.”

  1. A lesson from Harrisburg…..

    Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. Like Taylor, it embarked on a large municipal project that failed.

    Instead of making itself subservient to the State, Harrisburg had the guts to make the best choice.

    How many cities would do the same?


  2. This is the handout from the north townhall meeting. This was used as the presentation by the Mayor. The slide show. The question and answer guide from the pass HO people far different from the mayor. Q nd A shows 8 mil in total losses from 36 leaving a 28 mil revenue source. The mayor shows a loss of 3 mil to a 33 mil revenue source. The mayor shows a 18 mil deficit at the end of 2015. If HO passes by 2015 it would bring an additional 10 mil . Far short of the projected deficit of 18 mil. Who to believe …. who knows. Seeing as the mayor has pushed the Ho peoples proposal and his own that are vastly different. If the mayor and the comptroller put this together with any honesty the expenses grow and grow. The revenues don’t shrink that much . This is all very confusing . I think it is by design. Who knows????

    On another subject. I watch the council meetings and see every meeting someone protesting the ticket they got for not cutting the grass. I agree the grass should be cut. When it comes to the lectures about wanting to keep property values up the city should listen. Nothing like driving down the city streets that are a total mess to bring down the values. Chunks of pavement missing the slabs are pulled apart weeds growing in the middle of the street. I don’t know about other parts of the city but between Ford and Cherry Hill, John Daly and Inkster their is not a decent slab of cement in the streets to be found. Another winter on these streets and they won’t be drivable. Who wants to buy a house that you can’t drive down the street to get to? Property values will not go up if the city doesn’t maintain its streets and sewer systems. Priorities what do you spend the money on?


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