Not, Could It Happen It Did Happen..

We have a civil service commission in Dearborn Heights, and for many positions in the city you have to civil service test. In Dearborn they are looking to do away with it.

Lupher and Walling both said that in their research, they couldn’t find many–if any–comparable cities in Michigan still using civil service commissions. Murphy-Goodrich, however, named off several–including Livonia, Westland, Royal Oak, Lansing and Dearborn Heights.

Most of the cities with a commission, she said, are like Dearborn in that they have a mayor who presides above city council, as opposed to cities with a less-prominent city manager.

“If you have the general population electing a mayor who serves as CEO, then the potential for that position to exercise political patronage exists,” she said. “And that’s the whole history and reason civil service was instituted in the first place.”

Source Dearborn Patch Read the Rest Here

If you’ve

been here for a while or have taken a look at some of the older post. You will under stand why I used the quote above. That very thing happened here in Dearborn Heights, it is not a could happen here it already did. Here is one post about what happened. There are many post about this issue here is another one so many times I wrote about this one subject.

There was someone hired in clear violation of the charter and in clear violation of the NSP grant rules. The hiring of this person was a clear violation of the charter the civil service commission and so much more. Read the older post even with the commission, the council ,and the charter this Mayor still did what ever he wanted to and until this day nothing happened to him.. Not only did they leave the city they sued the city, and the city settled with them for $10,000.00. $5,000.00 for them and $5,000.00 to their lawyer. Imagine what would happen with this (Mayor) if there was no civil service commission.

Former Dearborn Civil Service Commissioner Marjorie Powell is seeking a court order to prevent Dearborn city officials from trying to eliminate the city’s Civil Service system through a Nov. 8 ballot question.

In a lawsuit filed by Dearborn attorney Morris Goodman, plaintiff Powell claims the city of Dearborn is in violation of Michigan law and is seeking an injunction to have the question removed from the ballot. Source:DeepsaidWhat Read the Rest Here


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