Mr. Mayor Not Because of You, but Despite You…

If the Headlee Override is successful on November 8 it will be in spite of you, Mr. Mayor.  I don’t want you to think the people are going to vote for it because they like or believe you. They will vote Yes for the Headlee because they love this city, because they care for this city. However,  if the Headlee doesn’t pass that will be on you, Mr. Mayor.  Why do I say this?   It’s not just from what has been written here on this blog and there has been a lot. It’s from what I am hearing when I go door to door, what emails I have gotten, and many telephone conversations. If you think that it’s just the people who come here talking about you like this you are very wrong, sir.  If you listened during the south end town hall meeting you heard it there. The people don’t believe you, but they still believe in Dearborn Heights. Walking door to door in the south and north end (I’ve encountered only one person who believes you) Everyone I have talked with has said you hid the truth from us.  You misled all of us.  The same goes for the council.  Council members love their cityThey don’t trust or believe you, Mr. Mayor.  I think all of us should remember that if you have watched council meetings over the past two years it’s very clear. The council is not willing to (cut off their nose to spite their face.”) They support the city and work for the betterment of the “City.” We should all remember that the council has asked the mayor many times for the numbers and he refused to provide them.The Mayor wouldn’t even admit  the city had a deficit. When council asked for the deficit reduction plan he pointed out that he doesn’t have to provide those figures until December. You can read here what the council asked for in July.

I don’t want to see the Mayor walking away from this unscathed.  He needs to be held accountable Not accountable for the decline in revenue or the housing market I think the Mayor should be held accountable for misleading the entire city.  He should be held accountable for not talking with and working with the council. He should once and for all be held accountable for his numerous Charter Violations.  He has been misleading us as far back as April in his state of the city address. He does as he likes, when he likes and is answerable to no one.


7 thoughts on “Mr. Mayor Not Because of You, but Despite You…”

  1. If the HO will not raise our taxes as all the supporters are saying, how will the city get out of the financial hole that the mayor has dug for us? When the city offices are closed on Fridays, why are my kids talking about going to the rec center for the ski club? I know that is on Fridays, because my kids have been begging me to let them sign up. If the senior centers are closed and there is no hot lunch program for older folks how is it all right to have a club that uses a closed building? If you call the rec center all you will get is phone numbers to call someone else that takes care of baseball or sports. That rec center is a waste of money and should be closed.


  2. I am not suggesting that city employees work for nothing. I am saying we all have choices. I am saying when we make that choice we should and need to do what we are supposed to or need to. Either that, or make a different choice.

    When I was on the Crestwood School Board for 8 years, I ran for office knowing that my stipend would be $25 dollars for every voting meeting. It cost me far more than that to be on the board between fundraisers , activities, gas and study sessions. The point being, I chose to do my job and made some hard choices.

    We should not forgive the past mistakes so they can make them again in the future. Einstein said that “insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results”. I am not insane.


  3. Rose,
    That’s nice that you’ve been able to work for free for 30 years, however, most of us have not had that luxury. I’m sure you’d find the same with the employees of this city. They ARE doing their share for God’s sake!


  4. Your right Kathy. The council does not make a lot of money and they work reasonably hard. They did sign up for the job and have a responsibility to do it. The council does not know how to say no to the mayor. That is their job. If the mayor will not give them information, then they must withhold a vote until they get it. If he continues to resist, then you don’t vote on things he wants.

    They share responsibility with the mayor. They asked for the job and they should do it. Had they taken the time earlier we would still be having difficult times but isn’t everyone? If you are upset with his assistant, who approved the position and the wages in the budget?

    I am not ready to support a Headlee override. I love my city too. I have been working for free for 30 years. We all need to do our share.


  5. WOO! WOO! YAHOO! So many people agree with you Kathy, and we all want him to pay for lying, misleading, his uncooperative attitude with the council, his obnoxious way of handling problems that the citizens have had, and so much more. Why doesn’t he bone up to it? Why do we have to keep discussing him? If he would get the hell out of the way, admit to his BS, I am sure the people would pass the HO just to save their city. As it is, who wants to give him another happy pocket pal to play with? (Oh, yes, I did say that….oh, my…)


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