City Council and Their Ginormous Salaries..

Watching the last council meeting and going to the town hall meeting, I heard several times residents talking about the councils’ “Huge Salaries.” A council member gets $9,000.00 a year.  The Chair gets $12,000.00.  They have not gotten an increase in 4 years. They get no benefits; no car paid for by the city, no cell phone stipend, and no reimbursement for gas or mileage.  They also don’t have health insurance from the city.


They go to numerous events throughout the year.  At many of those they make an out-of-pocket contribution.  On top of all that they have now given up 10% of the $9,000.00 they receive.  You may think they just show up every Tuesday and that’s all they do for the 9k.  Far from it.  I have been going over the agenda packets for almost 2 years, page by page, and it takes a long time.   If there’s any information I need, I find it myself or call one of the council members to answer my questions.  I have spent hours looking into things and I’m not a council member with the responsibility to vote on something.  I can only imagine how much time they spend, not to mention the phone calls and emails that have to be answered.  Just wanted to point all of this out.  It’s not the first time I’ve written about this subject.  Just thought it was time to say something again.


13 thoughts on “City Council and Their Ginormous Salaries..”

  1. Are you serious? Civil service is the only thing keeping the powers that be from hiring their family and friends. It’s called nepotism. I can’t say that it hasn’t happened in Dearborn Heights, but for full time positions, it is not ***supposed*** to. I know of the one incident that happened and at least she’s gone. Too bad it took $10,000 to get rid of her. It should have never happened. But, for you to say that civil service is a joke is a joke in itself!!! And how do you “get lucky” on a test? Either you’re smart and can pass the test, or you’re not!! Any city that wants to get rid of civil service is asking for trouble!


  2. I work on Tuesday nights and can’t go the the CC meetings. But I watch them on cable and most of them work very hard to be fair and make smart decisions. I don’t think the gray haired guy Ned is worth reelecting, doesn’t he realize that his microphone is on and everyone can hear him say he doesn’t understand what’s going on?! That is a waste of taxpayer money.


  3. The civil service thing is a joke. We should get rid of it too. It’s too much bureaucracy, and in the end you still have a good chance of hiring a real dud who just happens to get lucky on a test that may or may not even really have anything to do with the job for which they’re hiring.


  4. Try approximately $7.60 per hour. That is based on a 40 hour week. I don’t know about the rest of my council members but I am on call 24/7.


  5. I read that today in dearborn patch I was going to write about it we have civil service and not to long ago our Mayorviolated the rules to hire someone under the NSP program. That grant clearly states that they must be civil service to hire them.



    Dearborn Debates Purpose, Necessity of Civil Service System

    On Nov. 8, Dearborn residents will be asked to vote on a measure that will essentially abolish the city’s civil service system–a set of guidelines and governing commission meant to oversee city employee matters, including hiring, promotions and rate of pay.


    Lupher and Walling both said that in their research, they couldn’t find many–if any–comparable cities in Michigan still using civil service commissions. Murphy-Goodrich, however, named off several–including Livonia, Westland, Royal Oak, Lansing and Dearborn Heights.

    Most of the cities with a commission, she said, are like Dearborn in that they have a mayor who presides above city council, as opposed to cities with a less-prominent city manager.

    “If you have the general population electing a mayor who serves as CEO, then the potential for that position to exercise political patronage exists,” she said. “And that’s the whole history and reason why civil service was instituted in the first place.”


    [Interesting article. Lots to think about there.]


  7. Private

    Not even close I have talked with many of them the hours spent looking into agenda items putting together motions study sessions, closed sessions depending on the week you are looking a minimum wage and below many weeks.. Do not for get the answering of emails and depending on the council member those could be in the hundreds, when councilwoman Horvath said she has two note books full of calls to return and things she has to look into and take care of that is very true. All of that is time and that is all being done for 9K a year.. Yes they ran for the job and they never ever say anything about the pay not one of them say’s anything they consider it a service as do I, but what I object to is the implication that they are pulling down some huge salary..

    Oh and One thing that is bothering me not about any one here, but at the last ccm a resident said something about the Mayors salary when he did someone on the council said well he is the CEO of the city. Well I am here to say if he was the CEO of any company or small business he would have been fired a long time ago.. So unless I can fire him please stop saying that..


  8. I would not want the job, but they choose the position and for a part time secondary income that is decent money. It probably works out to around $30 hour and maybe a little more for the chair.


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