Is It Time For The Council To Lasso The Administration?

Does anyone else find it a little disturbing that someone here commented that two council members have told them that the ATTM is running the city. I have written in the past about this because the taxpayers did not vote for her you can read something here and here.

With a strong Mayor weak council system here in Dearborn Heights how much can the council do about this? I am not sure, but I do think it’s time for them to step up to and have a serious discussion with our Mayor. I am not talking about her personal life I am talking about what I have seen over the past two years. The council watch hands tied as she destroyed the NSP Program. Why was it given to her in the first place even after the former CEDD director left and before the now CEDD director came on board there was someone in that Department that was more than capable to run that program who had been running that program.

She hid serious allegations against the Mayor from the Mayor according to her sworn deposition. She wanted to fire the Director of the CEDD two years before the Mayor did it. Along with two other employees that she did believe that they were helping the person that filed the complaint against the Mayor.. She tried to intimidate two city council members the city clerk and another employee by sending them subpoenas. Where one employee was fired after they responded. This same employee was one of two that she wanted fired.

She has the power to discipline employees from her own testimony and her statements at a council meeting. She negotiates contracts on behalf the city with no back ground or experience in this field. She had the use of a city paid for car for more than 5 years. She used it for at least 3 years to go to another Job at night and we the taxpayer pay for her gas, insurance, and the maintenance of that car.

I believe that this position is not needed if the Mayor would do his job and stop pushing off his responsibility  on to his assistant. At the very least the ATTM could be a part-time position if the Mayor was doing his Job. It is time for the council to untie their hands and have a very serious discussion with the Mayor about this. Now more than ever after hearing the last council meeting and seeing what is going on now.


14 thoughts on “Is It Time For The Council To Lasso The Administration?”

  1. I saw the e-mail about the Citizens for Dearborn Heights. When I went to a meeting at City Hall, they spoke – or I should say Marge Horvath spoke. She was talking about the HO and the needed millage. I had gone to that meeting hoping to hear the FACTS and got someone who has a vested interest in seeing the millage pass. I have vascilated on which way I’m voting in November and still don’t know. I wish I had been able to go to a meeting without the council or the mayor involved and heard the facts of voting for or against the millage. I’m not saying Mrs. Horvath lied. Please don’t think I’m inferring that at all. I would just like to hear the facts from a disinterested party. I’ve said it before. I think the mayor has the senior citizens so scared that they’ll vote for this millage. If that happens and it goes through, I think our next order of business is to recall the mayor.

    I’ve had it with his lies by omission, his sloppy handling of this city, and let us not forget his assistant. Like someone said. If he goes, so does she. I understand the impact of what’s going on in the housing market but I believe our mayor should have taken steps long ago to try to counterbalance that negative impact.

    I’m also very disappointed in the council. I almost gag when I hear people say – we need to give a big round of applause to our council members for the job they do. What job? Letting our mayor run all over them and knowingly passing bad budgets and and not holding him accountable when he’s bypassed the charter?

    I hear Mr. Apigian is up for election. As far as I’m concerned, we made a mistake there. He has no business on the council. He doesn’t understand what’s going on and it’s pretty evident he doesn’t want to study the situation and make up his own mind. He’d rather vote the way the mayor tells him to vote. We need strong people on this council; people who will stand up to the mayor and force him to follow the rules.

    I think if I could be assured we’d keep the police and fire departments, I’d vote no. I’d almost like to see what happens if the EFM takes over. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about Paletko or “Krissy” anymore. They also say – better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. The truth will out on November 8.


  2. there is a voting day available in February. why don’t we start with getting the necessary signatures to put a recall for the mayor on the February’s ballot? That of course would be pending on the out come of November’s results on the current proposal.
    i would like council to start cleaning house immediately, after November’s proposal is done.
    the corruption in our city, and county is disgusting. there isn’t a big enough dump for it all.
    we have start some where. City of Taylor has it all ready on their ballot for November (the recall of their mayor). Look what just happened to their fired department. Yikes!


  3. there are a couple of councilmen that won’t stand up, because one day they might be the mayor.
    so don’t rock the boat. i’ll tell you what, i would only vote for the one who had the brass cahuna’s
    to step up and start cleaning this up. the one’s have spoken up to protect us, are the true leaders.
    not ones that talk out of both sides of their mouths! just keep sittin there. you know who you are.


  4. i know what he can do with his big stick. i have suggestions. i wont put them on here though.
    : ) : ) : 0 !


  5. no you can’t. not the ones that are not elected. police chief for example. he’s a bully, and you can’t vote him out!!!!! kk is a bully, not an elected official. can’t vote her out either.
    so, linda how do we get stop that ?


  6. You are telling the truth, and I want to know when things witll change? Oh, did I hear someone whisper, “Uh, never, as long as Paletko is mayor”? This has gone on much too long, no city lets someone like him do the things he has done. City council, can’t you stand up together for once and try to help the city instead of lead us to slaughter? Haven’t there been enough complaints? Isn’t there documentation of his ruthlessness as well as the people he has recently hired?


  7. The problem from the strong mayor weak council is that we have a truly weak council. Go back to the budget meeting. Three people said no. Horvath caved. It passed. Dearborn meter being put on the gas tanks without permission . Council caved. The council caves at every turn.

    The organization chart for the city shows the taxpayer as the Chairman of the board all city employees work for us the taxpayer. Their actions say they think they work for the cities employees. When taxpayers come to the council they are treated in a most disrespectful way. The mayor and the council should take some lessons in people skills.

    How do you deal with the strong mayor concept? Very easy. Council wants the financial information. You tell the mayor you will not approve one dime of expenditures until you get it. Holding the pocketbook of the city is a very strong gun.

    In short no one in the city works for their boss the taxpayer. The mayor always seems to skirt the law , does as he pleases . The taxpayer did not make the 100,000 dollar NSP mistake. When it falls apart he just says oh well we can take advantage of the taxpayer. Make them pay. Two existing council people are up for election maybe it is time for big changes.


  8. I’ve watched over and over again as this administration has violated the city charter, and not a thing has happened to him not once. He hired someone illegally to this city moved them around for a year only once under his breath did he say that he did the wrong thing. When you have a Mayor who sat on the council for all the years he did he knows just how far he can push things. The system we have in this city has been that way since it’s conception, but this Mayor is the only Mayor that has used the “Strong Mayor” to the extreme. There is not one person that works for now or in the past that has not said that every other Mayor worked “With” the Council. Everyone except this one now, now he comes to play it up for the public and tells them he needs the councils help. For the past two years no matter what they have asked for over and over again information they are suppose to have it’s not given. When several on the council asked about the deficit budget from last year he would not say anything, when not sure who it was asked about how they are going to approve this budget before we have a deficit reduction plan again nothing. He comes back with I do not need to show anything until this and that date to the state. Well what the hell does that mean to the state these are our elected officials that have to do a job for us and you say that.

    It goes on and on what about fighting to keep the cars for his department heads that just happened, even with all the financial problems that city is faced with.. I have put up here the audio of the study session when he is telling the council that “they are micro managing.” The Mayor carries the “big stick” and he swings that stick all the time there has been many meetings when questioned, and he does not want to answer he would scream, yell, slam his hand on the table, point his finger and on and on. Go back and read the post that I have written here so many examples.. Add to that the total power trip that this administration is on and it is getting worse just look at the latest with the ATTM and Cindy Lalso does anyone think for one minute that this is just all a big Coincidence.


  9. i agree. how can you play if you don’t know the rules. but i think Kathy has said before, that this administration makes the rules as they go as well.
    if we are looking for a even playing field, we will never have one when they rules are made up as they go.
    This administration has played that game for a long time.
    It’s like being on the school play ground, and the bullies are in charge. the playground rules say you can play on XYZ, but the bullies run everything, so you are not aloud to play on XYZ.
    If you voice your freedom of speech, the bullies will find a way to squash that too.
    The rules are this: who ever is in control, and carries the biggest stick, wins.


  10. It’s hard to deal with an issue without any background information.

    Are City Job Descriptions documented and available for review?

    What about the City Charter?

    Whose idea was the Strong Mayor/Weak Council? Is that concept documented? Did the voters have a say?

    It’s hard to play the game when you don’t know the Rules.

    For starters, the Rules need to see the Light of Day.


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