Here you can take care of this Mr. Mayor..

Some of you that may have watched the city council meeting might be a little confused when Cindy Lalzo was talking about a ticket she received from the city.. As you heard the ticket was for grass and weeds on her property.. She said that she was going to leave the ticket with the Mayor because the Mayor is her husbands Boss. Her husband as you can clearly tell has left her, what you may not know is he has left her for someone who works for the city.. She clearly says that her husband still has responsibility for the home that I guess she lives in and his name is on it too.. Many of us who heard her know who her husband left her for and understood what she was talking about but others that hear her will not understand it.. I think that someone should have said something to the husband before they slapped a ticket on their home.. She stated that she can not cut it her self she can not afford to hire someone to do it because she has to pay other bills with that money.. She said that she will have to give up the house back to the bank and that she is not going to pay the ticket. The ticket can be put on my taxes and the bank will pay it.. That is what she said.

How much control does the mayor have over who is seeing who and who is doing what on their personal time? None, but when you know of such situations in your office you would think you would want to do everything in your power to make sure that it is not going to stain the city. This is staining the office of the Mayor and now the city. Mrs. Lazlo said very clearly that she hopes this is not the start of her getting harassed by the city. I echo those sentiments its just a little to much of a coincidence. This is the same person who stood up at the first town hall and said so much against the Mayor and his assistant. The next you know a ticket on the property, she does not say she did not deserve it she said she did and that her property looks  horrible. She ended up leaving the ticket in front of Corporation Counsel what will happen is anyone’s guess.



32 thoughts on “Here you can take care of this Mr. Mayor..”

  1. Even if people use a “fake” name, it’s better than the 100 anonymous’ on here. I keep saying that it’s so confusing! At least I know your posts, Linda!!! It’s nice to be able to tell people apart!


  2. Linda

    Yes he does and he does drive his self I am not sure if this is the same car we pay $800.00 a month for or if that was was returned and he is using one of the old police cars..


  3. I noticed that I am one of the few who posts here using a real name. I didn’t think it would be a problem.

    Just out of curiosity, does the Mayor drive a full-size black police car with no markings (and does he do his own driving)?


  4. To Disgusted:
    You couldn’t have said it any better. especially about being a church going man.
    There will always be hypocrites a muck.


  5. I agree with what she has done. Everything she said is true. Maybe you have not been in her shoes so believe me it is not fun.He needs to be put out to the public. The mayor and his friends have bought shame to our city. She is not punishing us at all she is bringing out the truth of what this city is Shame on them they are the ones that are punishing our city with the way they control us.I thought our mayor was a church going man.


  6. How is it harassment when you admit you deserved a ticket? Explain how when you do something wrong, you should be excluded from the law because your husband has a relationship with someone in the city?

    They both are to blame, equally. However they both solved the problem. Good work. But I am not about to agree with the notion that writing a ticket, a ticket she admitted was justified, is somehow harassment.

    If you feel that strongly about ordinance enforcement, then throw out grass cutting tickets altogether and let our city go further into hell.


  7. Not Right

    She had a message that she was trying to deliver and that message was do not use the force of the city because me and you (her husband who works for the city) are having a problem.. Her husband is now seeing the ATTM and this just is not right most of us can see that she was trying to say he works right here and he is responsible for this ticket to it is his home to stop harassing me.. Not the first time this has been done in the city to a resident just the first time it has been brought to light..


  8. Linda. Your solution is a responsible one. You didn’t walk in, yell at the city for daring to give you a ticket and slam it down in front of the mayor. All for a ticket you admit was just.

    Laslo apparently has come up with a solution. Good for her. Problem solved.


  9. cindy, he is legally responsible for half of the bills. period. if/ or when you divorce, the judge
    will see everything he did and didn’t do, and it won’t be pretty. my mother divorced my father, and because of him not paying his “fair share” or his share at all, got into a heap of a mess.
    so, if he thinks he’s playing a funny, he might want to reconsider. my father’s clock was cleaned so to speak, after what he pulled. and he deserved too.
    I hope everything goes well for you.


  10. I received a warning ticket on my front door last Monday to cut my grass & weds before Oct 3rd. I spoke out as to what responsibility I. Should have regarding this on Tues at the city council meeting, I believe my husband should be held responsible for either doing this himself or paying someone to do this & that is why I gave the mayor, Krissy & john their ticket back.

    I don’t need the stress about my lawn care since he knows how it effects my RA he should have been doing this for me anyways. Its not just my home he is also the homeowner in fact I received a letter last weds addressed to both john & myself about the ticket. That does make us both responsible.

    He had made a financial agreement that he would cover our house payments & I would cover everything else & that has stopped, he has been threatening to stop this for quite some time & he has. It leaves me not able to afford the things I used to be able to pay for, including help with the grass.

    Just this Sunday, I herd someone was cutting my grass. To my surprise I seen my husbands brother in law cutting the grass I know he has a lawn care service & I didn’t know if he was doing this for me or who asked him to cut the grass.

    He told me that john called him got an estimate & he will be cutting my grass every 2 weeks paid for by John. I’m no longer on speaking terms with John since he stopped the house payments but I would like to tell him thank you & I do appreciate it. I wish that this could have been done before receiving a ticket on my door as it should have been since he was well aware of the difficult time I had keeping up with it that would have prevented all of this.

    Thank you everyone who stands behind me thru this messy situation. I’m not a scorned person as some have accused, but I’m not one who will just take some of the things I have had no choice in. I will stand up for myself when needed & I felt like the things I said was reasonable and fair.


  11. I also recall a gentleman whose deaf Mother got one. He even brought her to a City Council meeting this summer.

    It’s one thing to charge for maintaining an abandoned home (there’s one of those next door to me). It’s something else again to victimize the City’s citizens who are most in need of help just to make a Buck.

    As I understand it, they are directed by the Building Department to come before the City Council to beg for relief.

    The Mayor should be ashamed of himself.


  12. if she got a ticket before a warning, then the ordinance officer violated code.
    you the citizen have a right to due process. as much as i don’t like it, they have that right.
    in the case of someone with disabilities and the issue , i think maybe Linda Butler who is on
    the disabilities commission, may answer that. what ever happened to love thy neighbor, as thy self? If my neighbor needed help, i would help.


  13. Speaking of “surprise” lawn work….

    Here’s the warning the Ordinance says the City is supposed to give.

    Has everyone who received a “surprise haircut” and then a bill received such a warning?

    – – – – –

    Name and Address

    According to the Assessment records of this City, you appear to be the owner of the above-described property which is subject to the provisions of Chapter 33, Article III, Code of Ordinances, City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

    Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the aforementioned Code provisions that all noxious weeds, or other weeds, grass, brush, or deleterious, unhealthy growths, exceeding a height of six (6) inches, growing, standing or lying upon any property in the City of Dearborn Heights, shall be cut down, destroyed or removed as the case may be on or before the _________ day of _________,20_________.

    In the event of failure to comply with this notice on or before the date mentioned, in accordance with the above Code provisions, the city shall cause the weeds, grass, brush, deleterious, or unhealthy growths to be cut down, destroyed or removed. The expense incurred by the city in the cutting, destruction or removal of same, estimated to be $_________ plus haul away charges for this property, which includes the city administrative charge, will be levied and collected against such property in the manner provided by law. Should you wish to challenge the propriety of the abatement or the amount of the estimated abatement charge listed above, you may obtain a form at the Building Department. Please be advised that your completed appeal form must be received within three days of the date of this notice. The Building Department shall consider the appeal and notify you of a decision within three days of the receipt. The decision of the Building Department shall be final.

    Failure to comply with the requirements of Chapter 33, Article III, of the Code of Ordinances, City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, may also result in the prosecution.
    _________, 20_________.

    Building and Engineering Department
    City of Dearborn Heights

    – – – – –



  14. Is it possible that the Ordinance Department has discriminated against a Person with a Disability by issuing Cindy a ticket without giving her a warning or any other recourse that would enable her to find someone to help.

    I’d be curious to know how many more of the City’s Disabled People have received ordnance tickets or unannounced (and expensive) “lawn” services without a prior inquiry or warning.


  15. Cindy…

    It sounds as though KK, her daddy, and your husband have conspired to set you up, bringing the Ordinance Department’s impartiality into question. If you have an attorney, see of he or she agrees. Also make a video recording of your statements at the last City Council meeting and ask the City to send you a replacement copy of the ticket you received for your records.

    Mr. Mayor…

    Through your silence and inaction you are showing yourself to be a willing and active participant.

    If you want to pass the smell test, you need to follow Mayor Bing’s example and physically remove the participants from your administration.


  16. she flipped off council???? nice. now, that’s a quality gal you want to take out to dinner!
    Cindy, thank you for coming on the blog. i support you. may you always be blessed.


  17. To Not Right…..

    I have asthma, so I can’t mow my lawn either. Nor can I shovel my snow. I have to pay someone to do it and, since I can no longer work, I buy what I can afford. I think the people I hire do a good job under the circumstances. My neighbor, on the other hand, cuts his lawn twice a week, hoses down the street in front of his house with more water than I’d use in a month, and has nothing to offer but criticism.

    Maybe offering a little help would go a long way. I’d hate to think that everyone in this city is as mean spirited as you and my neighbor.

    Let’s not become a city of Jerks. I think we’re better than that.


  18. Dr. Mr. Mayor: You should follow the example of Mayor Bing and when it came time for negotiations, just the HINT of any impropriety and you should have prevented her from being any part of them. I know the people who write in to this site are a small minority from the city, but it’s sort of like a snowball. Keep it rolling and soon you have a ball big enough to make a snow man. How ’bout a fort to protect us against the unjustified reprisals of your assistant? Lord, when are you going to do something about her? She’s now in the paper, for God’s sake. As to Keith’s part in this, he may have been directed by his boss to ticket the property and Keith couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t know. I don’t know under whose orders the ticket was issued. But Mr. Laslo! I’m ashamed of you. You sound like so many men that have an affair and forget about all your responsibilities back home. The LEAST, the VERY LEAST you could have done was cut the grass or hire someone to cut it. I’ve always heard that when a police officer is stopped for speeding, as soon as the ticketing officer finds out he’s a police officer, he doesn’t issue the ticket. It would seem that if YOU KNEW this was Mr. Laslo’s property, the PROPER thing to do would be to notify him and tell him to cut his grass. And if the Building Department was directed by KK to ticket the property – that’s unacceptable. I’m fed up with our mayor and his assistant. Time for both of them to go.


  19. Whatever you think that’s fine by me everyone has a right to what they want to think. I clearly said at the city council meeting my health comes first & I have other bills that I have to pay 1st. But this is also my husbands responsibility, he could step up & have the grass cut!!

    If you think I don’t care about my community & I’m using this as a personal vendetta well that’s your thought. I don’t have vendetta’s but I’m not going to take their crap either.

    Selfish, insulting & irresponsible to grow up? That’s funny because that’s exactly what I thought when I got the ticket! What do you think the mayor should do about this? I don’t care I got other shit in my life to worry about anything right now & call it selfish if you want but I’m putting myself first.

    If the city is suffering because what I say, well that’s not the reason this city suffers… The city has & will suffer over what krusty & john have done, not because I take a ticket & tell them where to put it!!

    You think by telling me to grow up that means anything to me, well it does not you ain’t my mama & quite frankly I don’t need one either.


  20. Not right,
    Did you even listen to what she had to say? She has rheumatoid arthritis. She cannot mow the lawn. And her “ex-husband” isn’t involved with anybody. Her ***HUSBAND*** is. They are still married. As for a personal vendetta, maybe it is. But, should she risk her health to cut the lawn at a house that is equally owned by her and her husband? I think not. If she is sick, HE should be doing it. It is still his house and they are still married.



    Detroit Mayor Announces Removal Of Top City Official

    DETROIT — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced Friday that he had removed Kim James from her duties as Director of Buildings, Safety, Engineering and Environmental.

    In a release, Bing said James has acknowledged a personal relationship with a city contractor and would be leaving her position immediately.

    An internal investigation of the matter revealed no indication of the exchange of improper benefits, the mayor said.

    “This administration holds itself to the highest ethical standards,” Bing said. “We have worked tirelessly to restore confidence in city government and we cannot afford distractions or the appearance of impropriety. This unfortunate incident will not deter our progress in eliminating blight and strengthening our neighborhoods.”

    Karla Henderson, Group Executive for Planning and Facilities will oversee the department on an interim basis until a permanent replacement is identified.



  22. When she went to the mike the first thing the mayor said was” this is going to be a personal attack and I am leaving”. She said it wasn’t so he stayed. When Cindy said she deserved the ticket a female from the back yelled “yes you did” Can only guess who that was. I watched a council meeting where Miss kk got angry and gave the council the finger as she walked out. Wonder what outsiders would think of the city watching all this crazy behavior. Taxpayers from time to time are going to attack the Mayor. So Mayor I guess you are just going to have to grow some balls and take it. Maybe kk should be told to keep her mouth shut unless she wants to come to the mike as a resident/ taxpayer. Cindy I know how you feel ( been there done that) . You are hitting back the only way you can. You have done that with class and grace. Time to call a truce. The city should not use tickets etc . to harass people . Mayor you can strongly suggest to your employees that they cool it. Suggest to your employee that he cuts his grass and pay the ticket.

    People that live in this city are afraid to speak out. They are afraid they will be harassed. A woman was afraid to write on this blog she was being harassed.

    Save our city…..where to begin. I have some ideas ,not printable.


  23. Thanks Kathy,

    You never know what’s next in life…maybe I might come to your blog not be afraid to make a post here or there! Maybe its time…time for the many people that have to come here to make post secretly! Maybe its for them? They have been quiet because they have been fearing what the mayor or Krusty can do to them, she has made people fear their jobs, risk harassment from PD, ordinance, or whoever else she can.

    That is sad to have to fear someone so much that you have to hide your identity. I would never want anyone to fear me like that because well I just would not treat people like that! Only someone with control issues would be capable of that, and there are many “sick” people in our world.

    I’m sad to see this happen in our country! We have freedom of speech here because of the brave men & women who fight real wars for us!! They believe in freedom of speech and love our country they are brave and they take a stand and fight back for it! Thank you for all you give to us!! Its because of their strength I can say whatever I want even if the Mayor or anyone else thinks it is personal or not!!

    I just refuse to keep quiet & fear any of them! I am not afraid of what they can or can’t do to me because I have the entire country & military standing behind my freedom of speech! If they don’t like it too bad!

    I believe at times of harassment or when someone does you wrong, you may have to take a stand for what you believe in and fight take a stand & be strong by what you believe in!!

    I do or say what I have to despite the fear of what I may face, so understand that. I just don’t care what they could do to me, follow me, ticket me whatever…I’ve been thru worse in my life, I don’t fear them I pity them for the people they have shown themselves to be!! Cheaters, liars & any woman who knowingly prays on a married man well she ain’t much of a woman!!

    I have to say, thank you to everyone who supports me. My friend called me Monday and asked me if I read what was being said about the town hall meeting when I spoke out. In fact “it is what it is” was great thank you great comments I read that day but only to come home to a city ticket on my door, hmmm…well when I did stand up at the town hall I was proud of myself for risking so much of myself to do that!

    Yes I could just turn away & ignore them, trust me I have done that a lot but when I need to I will do what I have to do, trust me I will & I’m not done I will legally fight back!

    I’ve had about enough of them & their affairs & their bad treatment of others. I’ve been freed from someone who has failed me by cheating & turning to another woman like he has but when I was with him he was a good man, who worked hard for us, his family. I deserve more for myself in life I will get more and I feel great!!

    Now mayor these are personal statements, sad but very true! Something you may not see so often so I understand why you wouldn’t like to hear or see it from anyone, especially me. One thing I still don’t understand is why a Mayor would allow any assistant to have the powers she has thrown on people? Why? You would risk your reputation for her? What does she hold over your head to keep you protecting her? You are putting the city at a huge financial risk by keeping her employed I’m sure you know that, she told me the day I confronted her, that you knew about her & Johns affair & I know that’s true. But what does that say to us?

    I will be back here from time to time just to keep those people who defend them in check that I will do. Mayor & city council, Krusty & John there is now no escaping this it is out!

    PS..Kathy it was asked to be given by my husband John, I’m quite sure of that, Keith a very good friend of Johns & KK’s daddy are ordinance. Nice Keith you could have just told John to get his ass over her & cut the grass!


  24. This situation absolutely goes back to the mayor. He hired this person, she had the persona of a barmaid, oh, and she worked or works as one, I’d say she was one lucky ***, going from barmaid to running the city.
    Hiring her to the position she is in, with the baggage she carried on, is a reflection of the mayor. He gave her permission to pull her rank on the many citizens and employees, he gave her cart Blanche on her duties, and he forgot to tell her to at least be conscientious, have a little class when representing the city.
    But nooooo. She stepped into the cow-pies when she did negotiations that she had no knowledge on handling, she spread the manure when handling the NSP and other city programs, she has upset many a senior when they see how she dresses to represent the citizens. (And no one is envious.) She has made herself a spectacle all over the city, (including her arrival at the town hall meeting).
    Because she doesn’t have the intelligence, the knowledge, or the discipline for the job the mayor hired her for, she has ruined more of the city’s reputation. Yep. Thanks a lot Mayor P. Not only do we regret the gift of this employee, we have to pay for her too.
    Ms Laslo should get herself an attorney, so many have offered their services, free. It’s too bad that the city of Dearborn Heights will, once again, be stuck paying for something we certainly didn’t want.
    Note to Ms. Laslo: You Go, Girl!


  25. How is it harassment when you admit you deserved a ticket? She apparently could give a crap about her neighbors or her community from what I watched. She is punishing the entire community to carry out her personal vendetta. I don’t care who her ex-husband is involved with, that is just out of bounds. What is the mayor supposed to do about it? She is unwilling to mow her lawn and doesn’t want to get ticketed for it? That is irresponsible, selfish and insulting. Grow up.


  26. 1 + 1 = I think I can guess. I’ve heard about her but not everyone has so I won’t mention anyone’s name but her reputation precedes her. I had heard “slurs” along these lines but I thought it was just anger. Now I find it’s the truth. Where does it end with this woman? Once again. MUCH TOO MUCH POWER. If I was her “boyfriend,” I would be furious with her for having a ticket put on his property; but then, she has everyone else cowtowing to her so why not this guy? Mr. Mayor – if you read this site, time to do something about her. I was told by a couple of council people that you have turned over the city to her. By the way – will she be running for mayor? By the time your term ends, she’ll have more experience than you!


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