Non-Emergency City Offices Closed Fridays Including City Hall…

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — All non-emergency city offices including City Hall, the Canfield Community Center, Berwyn Senior Center and Eton Senior Center are now closed on Fridays.

Mayor Dan Paletko said the closures are in response to the financial challenges the city is facing.

The city has projected a shortfall of about $5.1 million for the current fiscal year.

“It is an unfortunate but necessary move that we reduce our business hours to help cut costs,” Paletko said. “We realize this will cause some inconveniences for our residents and business owners.”

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12 thoughts on “Non-Emergency City Offices Closed Fridays Including City Hall…”

  1. Just one thing the anonymous that write on the blog are many there are so many here on the blog so if you see a different opinion from an anonymous that is because they are different people.. I can tell them apart now after almost two years..


  2. Thought you just agreed with all of us in a earlier post? That’s weird!! You like throwing different thoughts out to us from 1 side then back to another? maybe u haven’t fully decided which way to vote?

    Well just let me give you some sort of incite of how terribly disgusted we are with the mayor and the ATTM KK…its not that we just don’t like them, its because of the way they have gone about running the city business, its horrible the way the talk to people & treat others, that’s a good reason not to like someone but to want to vote them out or see them resign solely on that reason it would be wrong.

    You know there is much better reasons they should leave, they have run us out of all the money, they spent it all and didn’t say anything until now. Well that is wrong.

    I remember not to long ago and hearing how bad the mayor refused to stop his fleet of cars to be parked. He fought council so hard on that issue they had to have study session for it.

    After the council ordered the cars to be parked to save us money, the mayor allowed his assistant to continue to drive the paid city car and she had the nerve to state on camera to a news reporter that she drove the car for 3 weeks after being told NOT to, and then she blatantly stated “by orders of the mayor” I parked my car and have been driving my brothers car for about a week! Now what a smack in the tax payer’s face! I was appalled to see and hear her make a statement like that. Now to have this financial mess hidden from us during that time & he did no stand up to KK and order her to park the car the very second council said to is a lack of leadership.

    Every time I think I might want to vote yes for this HO that brings up a very bad taste in my mouth. This is just 1 example of why we want them to leave & resign. There are so many other reasons also, and it has nothing to do with just not liking someone, but its the outcome of his very own financial judgement calls.

    Didn’t he just sneak past the charter to have a key style meter at our firehouse for Dearborns use? Didn’t that end up costing us money? He would rather help his neighbor then us his very own tax payers. To me that’s a good reason not to want a mayor like that..and you know there are many many more reasons NSP DROP medical reimbursements, he counted on getting back and then did not. You see that is what happens when you use unrealized numbers to make a budget. Those reasons and other just like this example have happened over & over & over..we just said NO! We are not going to take one more ram so we have to walk like we were hit all night…its bad, they should just go leave and make us happy. Many of us would change our vote to a yes if they were not in charge. Not because of who they are but we would have a renewed fresh start with anyone else but him! We need to know that the money is safe from his judgement of how to spend or hide things from us anymore.


  3. The mayor told me the 5.1 mil is 2 mil from last year the rest from this year. 2013 projected to be 7.1 mil 2014 12.5 mil and 2015 projected to be 18.6 mil The deficit is cummulative. You would have to double the property tax revenue to wipe out a deficit of 18.6 million. However I did hear him say the 5.1 mil was from this year…… so who knows. Cant keep up.


  4. It seems that several people are voting “no” quite emphatically, but yet do not offer any real solutions. I agree that things should be cut, but let’s talk about what SPECIFICALLY and REALISTICALLY can/should be cut. The city budget is published, so let’s look at it and offer real solutions and not just political bickering. (And let’s be real, I know someone will say fire the mayor’s assistant, but one salary will not fix a 5 million dollar deficit.)

    I firmly believe that if this vote does not pass, then we will see a much smaller police department, a much smaller fire department, and no senior centers or youth programs. Then we can really complain when we are looking like Detroit.


  5. Linda

    I am taking your last name out of your comments some people put their last name out of habit but do not want it on the blog. If you prefer I keep it just drop me a comment here indicating that and I will make sure to leave it next time you comment..


  6. I agree. The shortage was a BIG surprise.

    If we plug the gap with a Headlee Override (without knowing how the gap came to be), we will never know what the true state of the City is. I’m voting NO on Headlee to see what the City really CAN provide with the money it is taking in.

    Most of our citizens have had to cut back (myself included). Now it’s time for the City to stop partying like it’s 1999 and live on what we have.


  7. Lets all of us wish council woman Janet Badalow a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She goes above and beyond for our city although not always appretiated.


  8. This Mayor is responsible for the majority of this crisis and he alone needs to fix it. If we vote yes on the Headlee Override, then we are becoming enablers to the Mayor. We cannot continue to bailout city governments, state governments, or even banks or insurance companies any longer.
    Does anyone out there that is thinking of voting for Headleee realize that you will be giving a blank check to a Mayor that has caused this problem??? He and his assistant have mismanaged this city and put us in this situation and now they come to us hat in hand looking for us to bail them out.

    I say NO!!

    Let him stew in this and hopefully the State will step in, remove him and his entire administration including the City Council and put someone in charge that can fix this because I have seen enough from the Danny and KK show to know that they are incompetent.
    The Majority of the City Council has sat by and let them run this city into the ground so they need to go as well.


  9. At the meeting we were given a financial booklet. In the booklet the projected shortfall for this year is $2,842,493. So how did the shortfall get to 5.1 million in a week?????????????? I guess figures don’t lie except from this administration.


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