Keep This at What Price?

We need to stop tiptoeing around, calling for town hall meetings to ask the residents what services are important to you? Come on they are all important to us asking what service you would like to keep? We would like to keep all of them. Under the Michigan state law we are guaranteed some services under the city charter we are guaranteed services. These services are Police, Fire, DPW, and Waste Removal. We would like to keep all of our services that would include the senior centers, but what would you like to give up to keep them?

That was the question that should have been asked if everyone wants to start being honest about the situation in the city. If the Mayor was to be honest with the seniors he should be asking them what would you like me to get rid of to keep the senior centers? Would you like me to stop plowing the streets when it snows, then you can not get to the senior centers, or the bank or your doctor appointments. Would you like to let the garbage pile up in the streets to keep the centers open. Do you want little Billy playing basket ball or do you want police patrolling our streets keeping them safe.. Why was the water department on the list of services that you as a resident could select as important to you. The water department is paid for from our water rates.  The Library was another service that should not have been on that list the library has its own millage.

I am a realist and realistically we are going to have to give up something. We do not have much in services to cut from to begin with. I feel very bad for the seniors they do not deserve to have anything taken from them nor do the youth of the city. If things would have been looked at the way they should have more than a year ago there might be a way to do this without shutting down anything. One thing is for sure if there is any hope what so ever to keep the recreation department it can not be kept the way it is. There are going to have to be some changes maybe some buildings shut down and the services provided in those buildings moved some place else.


18 thoughts on “Keep This at What Price?”

  1. society puts a Value on things it needs the most, and if certain things are not used or abused, they will eventually go away. (for example : the detroit science center)
    that’s why having two senior centers and rec centers at each end is a bad idea. cause now we have the same problem. now it’s pitting one end of the city against the other,when we should be coming together as citizens to find a solution. the mayor can say all he wants, but he is using this to divide and conquer us with his crap and fear tactics.
    Yes, something will have to done. but this was brought up along time ago, and the mayor was like
    ho humming along, like reality never existed.




  3. Why not move the senior centers to the rec centers they should have plenty of room for everybody. Then they can keep both! Its important the seniors have a place & the kids also, why not share space?


  4. Michigan Molly,

    We’ve already seen city workers taking pay cuts, furlough days, increasing cost sharing for benefits and lower premium health care poicies. How much of the financial troubles should we expect the city workers to take on? It needs to be a joint effort between the employees of the city and the residents they are serving.


  5. just checked the website you listed. it shows all five locations in the city of dearborn heights.
    two of them i know are to be his office/city hall, and rental on mayburn. the other 3 MAYBE are rental properties he may own. did not say for sure on those 3. he would still have his name listed on those properties if he pays taxes. but for sure mayburn is his main residence.
    the charter states that he has to live in our city, not have to own a house.
    however, that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t live at someone else’s house outside of our city, and pay rent at his dearborn heights rental. so, if that is what he’s is doing, the charter doesn’t cover that.
    that is a loop hole.


  6. not the one on fenton, i live around the block. give him four corners house. it’s rotten to the floor boards just like him!!!!!! 🙂 🙂


  7. Hey! I got an idea! How about if the mayor purchases one of the NSP homes, you know the ones that aren’t inspected by our city inspectors? How about if he puts that money back into the city? Which one do you want, Mayor? The one on Fenton so you can walk to work like the head of the parks and rec dept? Or maybe the one that has to be built from the four corners up?


  8. The mayor lives in Dearborn hts but rents not own a house and does not pay property taxes but tells us what we have to do in our own city. I have been paying property taxes since 1964 and I expect to receive the services that we are suppose to get. How dare this mayor takes our money and him not contribute towards our city the way the tax payers do and by the way he does not need all those people working in his office that would save some money and he needs to take a pay cut also. We need our police and firemen with the way the crime is now. Please mayor step down


  9. Wages can be controlled.. For instance healthcare goes up 15% you cannot control cost. Can they not come up with a reasonable compensation package that lowers the cost of fringe benefits ie give them back money for their sharing in fringes or getting rid of some of them in their entirety. Employee assistance plans cost 150,000 a year. I would rather have the 700 dollars. I would bet a little creativity would go a long way. Let employees know how much they cost. Give them an opportunity to pick a compensation plan that suits them. If the city pays 5 percent to their retirement maybe 3 would do.
    The city is heavy on chiefs. Building maintenance has Superintendent .Supervisor. 2 leaders 4 Laborers and one custodian plus equip . operator. Do you really need 4 Supervisors for 6 workers? The state of the economy says you have to think outside the box. You can’t get to a place where wages and fringes are 120% of your budget. The city is fast approaching that number..


  10. If you cut employees any more than they already are, you will get NO services because there won’t be employees to provide them.


  11. lists five addresses for the Mayor, all in Dearborn Heights (and none in any other communities).

    Does he OWN a house in another community?


  12. Michigan Molly

    Sorry one other thing that is driving me crazy is that fact that this Mayor expects everyone else to do double and triple and they are doing it. Yet he will not do what he is asking others to do.. Just my thought..


  13. Michigan Molly

    I can only think of a couple of employees that should be cut the city hall is down as it is almost every department is short.. The only department that has not taken a cut in employees is the Mayors Department.


  14. Gee kathy when I said that the state would not allow cuts to anything that would endanger the health or well being of the ciitzens (vote for your city) I was called a fool and told they did not want the state involved . That they hoped I did not need EMS. Blah Blah Blah. To many of the people that live in this city fall for the scare tactics. They pass them on. The list of what do you want to cut shoulld have listed only the services they can cut. Someone called them on this. The list should have contained only the services they now give. Sewers were on the list. They haven’t cleaned out the sewers in 5 years or more. My basement flooded twice this year. My plumber said I got a backflash from the city sewer because they are plugged.

    The booklet they handed out defies logic. The one thing that stood out is the delaying of payments to the drop program. That is how they got to the low cost of the HO. Down the road that will have a big effect on the taxpayers.

    When wages, fringes and sanitation are 80% of your budget it leaves very little to carry on the cities other services. The mayor said 50% of the employees agreed to the pay cuts. I am sure he wasn’t one of them. Fringe benefits go up every year by at least 10% . The mayor said 13% for healthcare. Soon the 20% left for other services will be gone.

    Sorry to say but if the city has to reduce the employee costs. Cutting services will be a mute point if they don’t.

    The mayor and the council are not really interested in doing the big thing that has to be done. voting for the HO just delays a year or so . They are hoping for the best and praying for the rest.

    So once again call me a fool but at least I am a thinker that doesn’t fall for the sky is falling. I will vote NO because I am being sold a bill of rotten goods.


  15. Has the mayor taken a cut in pay yet? Has he bought a house in this city yet so that he pays taxes in this city ? What has he done for this city but cause problems. He has a new car a good pay check medical so on and so on.Get rid of the people that work in his office that would help,but no he gives nothing up. This mayor has done nothing for us in Dearborn hts.How many fund raisers has he had since he came into this office? and why because if he plans on running for mayor or anything else I hope that we are not stupid and let him anything to do that would involve him in anything to do with this city.


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