Dearborn Heights and the State Treasury Department..

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — The city’s precarious finances were the subject of a meeting Thursday between top city officials and the state Treasury Department.

The meeting, which lasted most of the day, was a fact-finding mission for treasury officials in response to talks of the city going insolvent if a November Headlee override millage does not pass.

Treasury spokesman Terry Stanton said in an email that treasury officials requested the meeting and the purpose was “to discuss the city’s financial situation, determine what brought it about, and to ascertain what plan, if any, city officials have to address it.” Source: Press and Guide read the rest here


20 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights and the State Treasury Department..”

  1. Vote NO – I think Private is just stating that he/she would rather make cuts somewhere else in their own budget in order to pay the extra $145 – $300 to maintain the basic services of dpw, police & fire. It didn’t sound to me they are siding with the mayor at all.

    Private – I agree, I’d rather pay the extra and cut somewhere else and not feel my safety is at risk.


  2. Private, all I hear from you is blah, blah, blah!! You are just as bad as KK, state your support of what you want, approval of the HO, then deflect to another concern what does any other bills have to do with this? Nothing!! You think this would have happened with any other mayor and assistant Ha Ha HA is what I say to that! We will NO longer trust this mayors word!! We don’t trust him, his word or his numbers! Get out is what we say mayor!! You lied to us all!! You make me sick threatening the seniors and kids they will lose their centers!! If your gonna ask us for money to fix this, then you should ask for it all, we would be better off knowing its fixed rather then hearing if the HO passes its still not enough so what services do you want to keep?? I say all of them except you and your assistant!!


  3. the meeting is not just for city services, it’s to inform the citizens that headlee overide will be on the ballot. it’s to inform us of what that means for our city. so, it’s more than a millage proposal, and discussion of services.
    The town hall meeting will in- compass a few topics. what the citizens and council want to see is where are the left over monies to be spent after the cities bills are paid. That is a real sticking point for everyone, because he doesn’t specify where or what it will go to.
    The mayor has his priorities out of sync with the real world. he doesn’t own property, so he has nothing in common with us.
    Yes, the city needs managing. the thing is, our mayor is lousy at it, or lazy at it. The mayor trust a person to handle these issues, that have a known track record of having personal finance problems themselves. closing their eyes, plugging their ears, blah blah blah……….. they don’t care
    i just can’t wait till this can of worms opens up. this could get interesting.

    Kathy, are they going to tape and put it on the cable channel? having to work both days, i would like to still see it. thanks


  4. Wow I did not say consultants would right the ship. I said the FIRST thing he shoud do is stop giving out work that staff can do. That would save some immediate money. Go from there. The city has a year end of June 30 all the numbers are as of June 30. The 2012 numbers are the taxes paid in August and the remaining amounts due in February.

    Some of this stuff is hard for me to understand because in the business world a Comptroller would work for the Treasurer. And certainly would not be paid more money. I also feel sorry for the treasurer . At this point I am sure his job is most unpleasant.


  5. “Cutting services will not fix his problem. What do we get for 19 million . Police ,fire ,garbage collection , snow removal and little else. The first thing he should stop is handing out jobs to consultants and contractors that city employees are capable of doing.”

    This is a myth. Taxpayers rightly want their money to be spent efficiently, however, pointing to one small area of expense that you feel is unnecessary and saying it will somehow right the budget if eliminated is simply bunk. If all the contractors stopped doing their tasks, the ship would not be righted and some necessary tasks would probably just not get done. As it sits in times of crisis, auditors ask for more contract services, not less.

    I am sure if the mayor knew that his discontinued use of some contractors would make the problem go away it would have been done years ago.

    Like it or not the problem is not going to go away with a quick, push button fix. Either the services are paid for, or they are not. Unfortunately those are the only two options.


  6. Just curious how can a efm lower our property values ? Things are just wonderful now (tongue in cheek) The streets are full of potholes. The sewers continue to back up. The grass the city should take care of is never cut. The entrances to the city look terrible. Flowers in all the surrounding cities none here. The city has dead trees. Higher taxes. On and on. Property values are sailing to the sky. The city is beautiful.

    The city has no financial management that is the problem I have serious doubts about the capabilities of the powers that be to manage anything. The financial crisis did not happen overnight. They just chose to ignore it. Emergency , Emergency you must pass the HO

    So lets all go to a meeting where you can tell what service you will do without. Magically our property values will go up. They already know what services we want to keep and by state law have to keep. Why are we having a town hall meeting on services? I want to see a three year plan on how they intend to get out of this mess . I want to see the total tax increase for the next three years. I want to know that we are not throwing our money at a dead horse.

    Wake up people we are being had.


  7. the reason why they hired the consultants was because Krissy didn’t know how to do the job, but was able to still the mayor’s Assistant. not to mention her $60,000+ salary(all the other benefits).
    when you have incompetent people working for you, in the long run it will always cost you more money. known fact. he wanted to keep her. she is the keeper of all his dirty laundry.
    also out of curiosity, you list a bunch of figures, and one with the year of 2012. I’m assuming this is what your taxable value is. if so, how did you get the figures for 2012? it’s 2011. if the city gave you those predictions, if i were you, i would see if that was correct. the city had our home over valued to the point an appraiser came out that we hired to make sure those figures were on the up and up. they were not, like we figured. the assessor was appointed by the mayor. she is not your friend. she is at the bidding of the mayor. their are some cities,like Livonia, that voluntarily made sure assessments were correct. know this because i have friends and relatives that live there.
    the bottom line is, i don’t think citizens would have complained about what they are paying, it’s what they were getting in return. nothing. the return on every dollar our mayor spent before the
    “CRISIS” was money not well spent. it was squandered on bull crap.
    the mayor doesn’t live in “our” reality. he lives in the TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the state treasury will look at the books, and they will see all the lawsuits and wasteful spending.
    the mayor and his Assistant have created unnecessary bills that were not in the budget, and the state combing through to see what he did. like the shovel ready project that never came for the community center??????? it’s all there. our treasurer has been at odds with all of this miss spending, and has been vocal about it from day one. he is the keeper of our cities checkbook, and i feel bad for him.


  8. Private
    I hope you don’t get arrested for bigamy.
    Taxes collected by the city.
    2008 $18,547,172
    2009 18,700,612
    2010 17,864,079
    2011 18,483,000
    2012 19,022,496

    Overall my tax bill went down slightly once. It goes up every year. The general government taxes are down 2 million but to the taxpayer the 2 million has been replaced with other taxes. So to the mayor he is down 2 million in his revenue to me I just keep paying more in taxes.

    The fact of the matter is the mayor has to learn to live within the money given. Just like families that get income adjustments. The reality of our world as it is today is not likely to change anytime soon. Things will probably get worse.

    Cutting services will not fix his problem. What do we get for 19 million . Police ,fire ,garbage collection , snow removal and little else. The first thing he should stop is handing out jobs to consultants and contractors that city employees are capable of doing.

    History tells me the mayor will not take the steps needed to get the city back on track.


  9. Private

    I have been saying the same thing about an EFM coming into the city not a good thing at all for our property values. There may be some communities that have an EFM and are doing fine, but not every city that has had one now or in the past is doing good. Services are vital to have in a city that is part of what makes a city we need to try and keep as many of them as possible. Again I am asking everyone to come to the Town Hall Meetings they are not what I thought they were going to be about, but if the city is asking what services are important to us than we better be saying what we want.. This might be the only chance besides the November Vote we as residents have in all of this..


  10. I have been caught again! Your just to smart! Your right I am married to the police chief, fire chief, dpw director, and the mayor, but I hope that you don’t hold that against me.
    You think that our property values have hit rock bottom wait and see what will happen if an EFM takes over the city and we lose are services. An EFM is not a good thing neither is losing are city services. So if that means I am married to the police chief then I guess your right again.


  11. lips,
    we will have to wait and see about the outcome from Lansing. i’m sure the outlook is not good.
    but the good news is, the state is looking at our city, and his chances of coming in as the EFM,
    is gone. he’ll have a big red stamp on his head.
    the truth will come out. we have to be patient on this one. sad to say.


  12. private, i have not always agreed with you in the past, but i agree with you this time on keeping the police, fire, etc. that is a need. not a want.
    think things look bad now, it could be worse. if we don’t have these basic services we are screwed.


  13. Michigan Molly,

    I may always land on the side of police, fire and DPW, but that is because I do not want to lose any of my city services. Even though I cannot afford it either keeping city services is more important then $145- $300 per year and I will cut back in other areas. I understand that everything is going up in price except my property value and my paycheck. I am more upset with my rising utility prices, gas prices, welfare fraud and all our money going overseas instead of staying here.


  14. If I were to get a ticket or have an accident, my husband would first say, “How the heck did you do that???” Anything that is unexpected, the first question is, “How the heck…” but not with the problems in our city. It is the usual scenario to be handed the problem, then the admin says, “Gotta cough up some $, and don’t ask any questions, just do it and do it fast.”
    Tell me why I have to give an answer, a yes or no to the HO, and I don’t even deserve to hear from the culprits responsible? Tell me why is it always, “don’t ask any questions, and just do it and do it now!” How long did it take for us to get into this swamp, and why don’t the responsible people have to tell us what happened before we have to cough it up?
    I hear your disdain, Private, but you aren’t listening. If you want something from me, and I have questions, well, answer my questions, give me the info I require, THEN I will consider my decision. I will not be bullied by this admin any more. If I don’t get what I need to make my decision, then there will me no decision for them.
    I am sick and tired of the arrogance, the obnoxious attitude, and the high and mighty demands. If you want to just lay down when they say it, then do it. You don’t mind paying for someone else’s bad decisions, errors in judgements, then do it. I mind and I mind A LOT! With this admin they don’t even pass out kisses when they get ready to ram it to you and I am just not going to take it!
    Michiganmolly is right, you want to do it? Go right ahead. I DON’T!


  15. private
    You always land on the side of police ,fire..I assume that is a self serving bit. My taxes have not gone down. I get this notice that says even though my value has gone down that does not mean my taxes will be less. Taxes for public act 345 went up 300.00 last year. Three millage increases were given the taxpayers for this year. You will be coughing up more than 147 dollars . Your value might drop 7% however your taxes will not. At the last council meeting it was being said the HO will cost taxpayers $20 dollars . How you can raise 3.4 million dollars at 20 a pop. Not enough taxpayers to pull that off. So step right up I have a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy.

    The police and fire make 30 grand more than I do. So even at 147 dollars do you really think I should have a $147 dollar income loss . So they don’t have one. They can afford the loss more than I can. If you feel that way DONATE.


  16. It is my understanding that several council members called the state and when a call is made they will meet with that city even if there is not a financial problem.
    Most of the cities in the State of Michigan are having financial problems most of them are worse then Dearborn Heights. I do not care who is in office because we would still be having the same problems maybe even worse.
    I do not care what my feelings are toward the mayor or council because this is not the time to hold them 100% responsible for the cities financial problems. I do not think anyone could have kept the city above water with the declining property tax and state revenue sharing cuts. The State needs to help the cities more and the federal government needs to help the States instead of sending our money to other countries.
    I will do my part to get the H.O passed because I do not want to lose my police, fire or other city services. I know that our police and DPW have taken severe cuts and I am waiting to hear what kind of cuts the fire department took, but I understand that they can only do so much before they have to say NO. Over the years my taxes have dropped and even if I have to pay $147 per year I am still ahead of what I was paying 5 years age. It is my understanding that taxes my drop another 7% next year so even with this increase we will still be paying less. It is easier for me to cough up $147 then for the police, fire and DPW to cough up 10-20% and to maintain our services.


  17. There is no reality in the city of Dearborn Heights. This past council meeting they voted to pass using two grants for parks. Which locks parks in for ten years. On the other side of the mouth they say they have to close parks. Council meeting of 8/23 mayor says his revenue projections for the court was off because people could not afford their tickets. If people can’t afford their 100 ticket how can they afford 600 in new taxes? What is going on here is living in the twilight zone. This town hall meeting started to be about Headlee now it is about services. You may only discuss services. How is this… I want to get rid of any and all services the mayor and his assistant provide..gone goodbye and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.


  18. Do you see that??? Even the Treasury Department wants to know what brought it about. When is the mayor going to get off his high horse, take responsibility, and tell the citizens what his part in this was?
    Ah, my neighbors, if and when you go to the town hall meetings, don’t ask how we got in this mess, just prepare to cough up more money and do without the city services that you have been paying for all these years. Otherwise, God only knows what will happen. The specific threats to us have not been made public as yet!


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