Giving Back Money To The State..

The city will be forfeiting the remaining NSP Grant.. No big surprise here I called this more than 6 months ago just looking at how this program was run in the past by the assistant to the mayor it is no big surprise that the city is giving up the remainder of the money.. There is 800,000.00 left in this grant according to the CEDD director the city has gotten back 575,000.00 back from the state. The city has about 325,000.00 outstanding to get back from the state. This program has been going on for two years, and still the city has not gotten all it has spent back. There are five homes going on the market for sale and four vacant lots.. We still have one home that has to be built from the ground up because all the bright people working on this program did not notice bulging walls or the smell from rotting wood due to water damage.

Not to mention all the change orders that have come before the council for their approval on just about everyone one the homes involved in this program. So bid low and then hit them up for change orders, who did the inspections of these homes? Well that would be the assistant to the Mayor and McKenna. McKenna hired someone to do the on site inspections of each home.  Our building department had nothing to do with the rough inspection of any of these homes. The Building Department did not put the specs together for these homes the CEDD department had nothing to do with this grant until just a few months ago.  In December of 2010 our Building department director stated at a council meeting that he did not know how he was going to pass these homes for inspection when it came time to sell them. This he said because he had not done any of the rough inspections to begin with.

More than 200,000.00 was spent on administering the grant 10% is allowed for the administration of the grant well the invoices from third-party administration exceed the amount that can be used. The city exceeded that amount by a very large margin if there are any outstanding invoices the city will have to pay for them from the general fund.

After this program was slaughter beyond recognition it was given back to the CEDD department where it should have never left. The Mayor took this program out of the CEDD Department when the former  head of that department would not, and could not under the rules of the grant Hire someone without doing civil service testing. A very high price to pay to prove a point, very high price to pay to show who is boss.

As we come to the end of the NSP program will there ever be accountability for any of this?  I will not hold my breath…


5 thoughts on “Giving Back Money To The State..”

  1. If I say anything I might go to jail LOL. I am so glad to see everyone waking up about what is going on in this city. I hope more people come out to the couincil meetings and put more heat on city hall to get it right.


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  3. Kathy, you have got to be pulling my leg. After all the complaints from every corner of the city about the NSP and now it will be dropped like a hot potato? If that is what was going to happen anyway, why couldn’t they do that before the costs had to dip into our general fund??? If I have to hear one more word about McKenna, Wade Trim, or Plante & Moran I will go straight out of my mind!!!!!
    You know, we have blamed Krissy in the past, but let’s get real here. It is the mayor, the mayor and his arrogant, can’t-touch-this attitude, so how else would she handle stuff?? He trained her and dropped her in the pool, albeit on her head, and told her she could do what she wanted to stay afloat, so she did.
    I have stayed on top of how other cities handled the NSP and we flunked. Really bad. And now to just drop it and pretend it was just dust in the wind? Oh, please. This is just another pile in the pasture, created by the mayor. Now, since he did it, why the heck can’t he be responsible for cleaning it up???


  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Mayor’s Assistant (Krissy) has way too much power and responsibility. Of course, if the mayor didn’t palm it off on her, he’d have to do the work. That means (from what others have said) he’d have to show up. If anyone wants to start a recall campaign, just let me know. He needs to do a PERMANENT disappearing act and take her with him. We’d all be better off.


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