Three Page Memo and a Three Year Budget is the Mayor Trying To Back Out?

The Mayor sent a 3 page Memo that out lined what was going to take place on September 13. He gave a 3 year budget plan to the council showing the changes that he was going to make. You can read some of what he had in that memo here now this coming Friday the city was supposed to be closed. That was going to happen because of the furlough day that he was implementing. This is what he told the council he was going to do along with 10% cut in pay, and a take 10% pay decreases for his self. The council voted to put the Headlee Override on the ballot based on the cuts the Mayor was going to be making. There is more to save with closing the city one day a week besides just the savings in salaries. You can not for get the savings in electricity, water, and gas savings, Mr. Mayor in utilities bills and those savings could be in the thousands by the end of the year. “Everything is on the table” or so you said any way just trying to keep you guys up on the latest in what is happening.

How things have changed since that Tuesday council meeting and even since the August 29th memo. The Mayor still has not taken the 10% pay cut. He put into place furlough days and now has changed his mind and has to meet with the AFSCME Union. If the furlough day is on hold then I would assume that the 10% cut for department heads is on hold. There are town hall meetings on September 20th and I think the other is on September 26th. I am very curious to hear from council members what they have to say about the Mayor now changing his mind.

Friday is the day the city is supposed to close, wondering if he (the Mayor) is still going to go ahead with that or not. If there is a plan in place and employees have been notified how can you than go and change that. What does he expect the AFSCME Union employees to do? Does he plan on keeping the city open and asking AFSCME Union employees  to take a 10% pay cut. With a furlough day at least they would have a chance to get a job that would make up for the loss of salary from having to take a furlough day. It’s not great but it is better than nothing. With the First town hall meeting just around the corner the plan he has in place should be the plan that he is going forward with. I hope as many of you that can get to the town hall meeting will attend.


14 thoughts on “Three Page Memo and a Three Year Budget is the Mayor Trying To Back Out?”

  1. No! You are wrong!

    You maybe fighting to “saving OUR city” by supporting the tax increase & HO.

    Where I am fighting to “save OUR city” by voting NO and NOT passing the HO! Don’t think for 1 minute that I don’t think about this city and the employees that have worked their careers here, I do! I am not voting NO just to thumb my nose at the Mayor, if you have read my belonging’s then you would understand why I will vote NO unless he redesigns or is recalled!

    1. If the HO passes, we will have our taxes increased, I can not afford an increase in my taxes I WILL loose my home. People are struggling not just me, we are hit hard by loss of income and property values makes selling not an option!

    2. If I lose my home, you will lose me as your neighbor and probably many more also, you & my neighbors I will have to leave behind will be looking at mine & even more empty foreclosed homes for how many years? 2, 3 maybe more? When and if my house would sell would be for what maybe 9000. I won’t pay my taxes if I’m gonna lose my house, maybe the bank will. But don’t you think the city receives more revenue on my house valued at 75000 or 9000. Wow, what will that do to the property values in OUR city! Of course that would decrease the values! So with revenue decreasing it only effects the budget #’s but increases the need for more from the HO then he is thinking now the mayor probably did not account for this decreased revenue. I’ve lived here for many many years I’m a good neighbor & good homeowner I don’t know who would be buying my house & moving in but that you will have to deal with!

    3. If the HO passes we are still going to lose our city services, shutting down buildings, employees having to do the same work if not more in 4 days instead of 5 for 10% less then they do now. They mayor said even if this passes it still won’t be enough to cover our deficit that further cuts would have to be made! So what else will he cut? Trash removal? Snow removal? Oh maybe some police or firefighters, or the people who fix the water from leaking in our streets yep then we pay more for that water to run!

    4. We have no choice and we have not ever had a choice in how our taxes was used. Not too long ago what 2 months only the mayor was throwing a fit because council wanted everyone to stop using city paid vehicles outside of business hours. He about had a cow about that & we were more concerned with how much his fleet of cars cost then he was! So that should have been done years ago but no instead he has approved an $800 monthly car for himself? He knew the city’s budget was failing when he got that, but he did not care! He gave his assistant $20,000 more then her starting wage, well now that is a huge salary increase!

    5. So I have asked myself what will passing the HO change for our city? Increased taxes, lose my home, lose more neighbors, decreased property values, lose more city services, employees lose 10% and what ever else he can force them to lose & then more because what he said was the HO won’t even be enough.

    6. Then I asked myself what would change in our city if the HO did not pass. Well our home values will decrease and my taxes WON’T be raised, I will get to keep my home, my neighbors will be spared 1 less empty house at least I can stay and be a good neighbor. Yes there will be loss of services and yes there will be a financial manager making decisions on what to cut from the budget. But honestly is that a bad thing? Maybe a financial manager can make the right choices in what we should cut? Maybe they can cut just enough so we can get out of this mess? To me my better option is to vote NO and when I do it is for MY CITY not against the mayor like you assumed!

    To me the mayor leaving our city is not out of bitterness or anger or just being able to thumb my nose at him! I simply do not want our finances to continue to be reviewed and cut by anyone who so obviously can’t balance a budget! It will only put OUR city deeper in debt with his lies and him hiding the truth from us the way he has, if he is left in charge how will we ever trust him to really tell us the true situation with the budget? Our city can’t afford the same leadership. Our city needs help, our city needs to improve our finances. These are the main reasons I vote NO and do so for OUR city!!
    As far as me saying I won’t waste my time going to these town meetings to me, I have no choice I have to work, but I have already made my mind up the only hope I have for a real positive change for OUR CITY is when the mayor don’t have control over our budget, its truly our CITY’S LAST HOPE! I DON’T NEED A TOWN MEETING TO ANSWER WHAT I WILL VOTE! I VOTE NO!! The ONLY way I can change my mind is if WE are Given POSITIVE HOPE that the finances will improve if the mayor leaves by whatever way, then that will be a positive hope financially for our city, THAT is not because I don’t care for our city its because I DO CARE! I CAN’T ALLOW HIS DECISIONS Financially RUIN OUR CITY ANY LONGER! WE CAN’T AFFORD HIS POOR DECISIONS. If you think I cast my vote from being angry, bitter or thumbing my nose YOU could not be more wrong about that! I cast my NO vote because I do care about our city and its financial future!
    I am smart enough NOT to have my thoughts and my opinions swayed by emotions of anger, bitterness or a gesture of thumbing my nose at the mayor! How childish, my decisions are based financially and for the financial future of our city! My thoughts about the mayor are just stated as he has shown himself to be to me over the years! I can’t help that it is not good and you perceive that as my reason for voting NO, but now maybe you can understand it is NOT the reason!


  2. Vote no………,
    Make a phone call to the city assessor. They can tell you how much your taxes will go up. That is what I meant by personal responsibility. Be proactive, don’t expect people to do things for you. And obviously I have no idea what is going on in your life or any other residents life for that matter. I have a ton on my plate, but I am proactive in the things that are important to me, including the city in which I was born and raised. If I am not involved and things don’t go the way that I want, I have NO RIGHT to complain how things are done. I did nothing to stop it.

    As for your comment… “that don’t (doesn’t) mean every resident should be held accountable for knowing about the city’s financial failures!” Of course not. But, if YOUR city is important to YOU, then you should take an interest in it and do whatever you can. That’s all I was trying to say. No offense implied.


  3. recall the mayor, no wait, vote no unless the mayor resigns –
    You’re right, I don’t know you or what you’ve done to recall the mayor. I didn’t say I was wasting my time reading your blogs, I was quoting what you said about wasting your time going to the meetings. Maybe by going and voicing your opinion you could make a difference. I didn’t say this was a guarantee, but just maybe…..I read somewhere on here where someone mentioned that we should be voting for OUR city, not on how we feel about the mayor, well, I agree with that. I don’t like or trust him but in the end, this is OUR city, not his. I understand your feelings of anger with how he has conducted himself but instead of being bitter and mad and thumbing your nose at him, shouldn’t we all be fighting to save OUR city? As someone else said, he won’t be here long, but we will.


  4. Anonymous & Sean – $15000.00 or so to inform residents of how their taxes could or could not be increased or lowered is the cost of being financially responsible! Take it from the mayors salary! I may not need to go to make my mind up what I will be voting but everyone paying taxes should be made aware so they can choose what to vote! How dare you say its their own fault if they don’t know! You don’t know what the people are dealing with in their lives, they could be sick with health issues or working more then 1 job to keep their home, they could be busy parents or taking care of their elderly parents, that don’t mean every resident should be held accountable for knowing about the city’s financial failures!

    That is the financial responsibility of the mayor they elected him to do that!! That is his job & now that he has failed well take it to all the residents! Money that would benefit residents the knowledge rather then to spend $15000.00 on a drinking fountain! No they don’t have themselves to blame it is the mayor whom they should put the blame!

    And no I’m not shy about the way I feel about this mayor and should I be? I don’t think I should what a mess this has been! How do you know what I have or have not done to get rolling?? You don’t! You have no idea! I did research the process to recall the mayor, I was more then willing to stomp the neighborhoods and gather voter signatures to do just that! I’m not just sitting back and saying I won’t waste my time going to a town hall meeting you tell me why should I go? Did the mayor present anyone with letter of resignation? No he did not! I have done more then what you know about, I have stuck my neck out about all of this & you have no idea what it has cost me! But I’m smart enough not to say what I have done, and what I will continue to do, but if you knew me then you would know it will be more & more until he is not the mayor!

    If you must know why I did not put the recall into action its because unfortunately for all of us it is too late for the mayors recall to be put on the November ballot, I believe this is why he was not truthful 2 months ago when he said he believed his budget was solid! He is an idiot but not that much of an idiot to risk recall its easier for him to hide the truth as long as he can and then when he is safe from recall then say oh sorry my bad looks like we are in debt!!

    As for me being productive you have no idea who I am and what I have done or what I will do in the future productively! I have every right to feel the way I do and to blog what every I think! If you don’t agree with what I say then don’t read my blogging! But there are people who do like to know what other people are thinking and what they will be voting and why! I don’t care if you think I’m wasting my time here or not its my time to choose how I spend it! If all you hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH well why waste your time reading what I have to say!


  5. Memo how stupid why even do it if you are going to change your mind a week later he is a joke, oh and did you hear they are going on a field trip all the way to Lansing.


  6. Recall the mayor,

    Okay, so we all know that you want to “recall the mayor”, you’re not shy about it. What have you DONE to get that ball rolling? Or do you just blog about what an idiot he is and how you won’t support any millage and how the city should spend BIG $$$ to send out a mass mailing for something you “won’t waste your time going to”? All I’m hearing from you is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…..Maybe you should stop “wasting your time” and try to do something productive.


  7. A mass mailing? At the cost of $15,000 or so? How about personal responsibility? People that say “I didn’t know” have only themselves to blame!


  8. I’ve said this before a mass mailing is necessary to ensure all residents are informed. But then again why would our mayor want everyone to know?? I’m not going to any of these town meetings its a waste of my time. I wil vote no if he don’t resign. Tired of the lies and mistrust of the budget and finances, there is no way our city will improve financially as long as this jug head is the mayor!


  9. It would sure be nice if a decision could be made so employees can look for Friday work. Some of them may actually want to make a budget. What a concept, right?


  10. Southender,
    Thank you for the information, but that is the problem no one knows where to find it, they just need to put it front and center bold letter or they can put something like this on the home page CLICK HERE for information on town hall meeting When I went to the city website I looked for something just like that.


  11. The notice of the Town Hall meetings are posted on the city website. Main page to the right hand side under More News, Events and Activities. You will taken to another page to click a link for more information about the meetings.


  12. Dennis

    I agree with you I am waiting for the Press and Guide to write something about these town halls I am sure that we will be seeing something soon. I was thinking something would be up on the city website by now announcing the time and place of these meetings, but nothing yet..


  13. Once again, I will ask about the two Town Halls on Headlee Override mentioned on this blog last week. I don’t see these advertised any place else – how are citizens supposed to know about these Town Hall meetings. What am I missing? The issue is not that I doubt what you (Kathy) post; it’s that not everyone reads this blog.


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