Mayor going back to AFSCME for another way to get the Cuts..

The Mayor is going to be meeting with the AFSCME union to ask if there is any other way for them to take the 10% cut. Looks like the Mayor wants to avoid closing the city down for a day a week. When asked by 3 different council members about his own 10% cut the Mayor said that a letter has been sent to the compensation commission asking them to meet before their regular meeting to discuss all elected officials  taking the 10% cut. They will be meeting before the November election. September 13 the changes are to be put into effect, but from what I understand things might be put on hold.

Someone all so pointed out to me that two years ago all department heads got a salary increase. This when times are so bad in this city. The average department head earns about 70k a year, they got 2.5 hours a week by 52 weeks in a year. That gave them 130 hours a year by about 30.00 an hour $3,900.00. They are getting a 10% cut that would average about 7,000.00. Two years ago they got large increase they are going to be giving that back and around 3,000.00 on top.. The AFSCME Union all so got increases that is why the Department heads received the salary increase. I am not saying they did not deserve the raise just questioning the timing of it, after all the city was not doing good at that time either.


15 thoughts on “Mayor going back to AFSCME for another way to get the Cuts..”

  1. Anonymous,

    They city can levy up to a certain amount on the police and fire millage. They don’t NEED taxpayer consent. It was voted on a long time ago. Please educate yourself before posting!


  2. Anonymous,

    The City Council MUST vote on the contracts. Anyone who told you they didn’t have a chance to vote on the Police Officers contract is full of you know what!


  3. At these “town meetings”, they are planning to hold, are they planning on telling us why, when the police contract was settled, without the Council’s approval, it included a “drop program” which means that every person in the City of Dearborn Heights that pays taxes, will now pay through (Act 345) higher taxes that we were not even told about. They don’t have to ask us about an increase in Act 345 monies. I’m not sure how much it was, but I’m sure the treasurer or council members know. It is being put on our taxes without our consent. This was done within the last year, so we were already in trouble. So now, on top of the tax increase that is already included in our taxes without our approval, HE wants a 2.9 millage increase.

    The whole country is in a mess and I don’t beleive ANYONE is spending our monies like we want them spent, but on a local level, at the very least, we should have a lot of answers before we vote for a tax increase.



  4. Oh I think we are paying attention!! Just to smh is not gonna do. I will smh all the way to & from the ballots casting a NO to this tax increase by HO!!! Too much money has been thrown around the past years by this mayor and his administration! Without any thought to the “real” budget issues! You can’t have a reliable budget without reliable numbers and factual financial history to base it on! Any moron knows you compare last years gas bill to current years for the facts, not by pulling a figure out of the air by amusing! Knowing the numbers & facts are the one thing that could have prevented this! And if other cm would have voted no when they had concerns with the budget numbers for the past 2 years! Now people are worried about losing services well too late! Thank you mayor I vote NO as I don’t trust you with any of my $$! I feel better with a financial manager & I’m in NO way concerned that you mayor could become one here! No way not for us we won’t tolerate that! Resign mayor that’s our only hope for any kind of financial hope for Dearborn Heights!!! I can’t believe people are voting or considering a yes vote! Mark my words Kathy those that do, when this all goes down bad & they are paying higher taxes only to have a financial manager come in anyways, well then they will have regret!! I won’t do that I will vote NO!!


  5. And I think I know why it’s so confusing. I just found out that DPW and other 40 hour per week employees got a raise, while 37.5 hour per week employees only received the extra money they would actually earn with those extra hours.


  6. Department heads and non-union have always followed what the AFSCME union has been given and have given up. In fact, non-union department heads and others had to pay more for health care and such just like the union employees. Why shouldn’t they get paid for working more hours just like the union employees? I’m honestly not sure why anybody would be upset. Just like the wonderful police chief who managed to get not only the benefits of the POAM, but also the COAM contract. That is who the employees should be angry with! Anyhow, I agree, why would you look at something as a gain if you are getting simply getting paid to work longer. I will shake my head right along with you!


  7. You should be beating down the door of the Mayors office and asking him why his assistant got raises. From my understanding the salary freeze has been in effect for a little over 2 years. The assistant to the Mayor has been there for 7 years I am trying to understand how someone in the city can get raise every year for 4 years and others do not get anything for 6 years. Are you saying that for all most the whole time the Mayor has been in office that none of the AFSCME Union Employees have not gotten a raise? In that same period of time the assistant to the Mayor has gone from 40k to 60k and no one has said anything about that? I do not work for the city and I can only go by what I am told from many different people and many of those people are AFSCME Union employees that have given me this information.. I think I will just shake my head at this one too.


  8. Sean

    That is not how it was explained to me a year ago and just over the past two weeks. As a matter of fact the people that talked with me about it are very upset that the department heads were given the same thing, and it was pointed out to me over a year ago that the ones who made out the most out of this were the departments heads.. Now as this was explained to me this was done during negotiating the AFSCME Contract and this was something that was “given” to them.. Why would people in the city government use the word “given” to them like they gave them a concession during their contract negotiation.. Further more several AFSCME Union employees that I have talked with over the past year have said that they are angered at the fact that Department Heads got the same thing they got. Their words not mine, I guess I just do not understand why so many would talk about this as if it was a gain. Why would you look at something as a gain when you are only getting paid to work? Well I guess I will have to just shake my head at this one.


  9. I was told that the city went to a longer work week and that is why they got the increase.. With the AFSCME increase the Department heads got the same thing that is why they got a salary increase. This information came from several people that work in the city and from two council members. What part of an increase is not correct.. The post was not a dig at the union it was to point out that the department heads all benefited from it. It was all so to show that 2 years ago this should not have been given the city was having problems then and the Mayor was well aware of what was going on..


  10. Somebody’s not paying attention. The union employees and department heads are already taking a 10% pay cut. This is about the city buildings being closed on Friday’s. Even with those cuts, a Headly Override may still be needed before city services are cut.


  11. Public employees should bargain with the people who pay them–US.

    The best way to do that is at the ballot box.

    Let’s not consider a Headlee Override until there are substantial cuts already in place.

    Raising taxes should be the last resort, not the first one.


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