The Reality for The City, Taxpayers, and The Mayor…

The Memo from the Mayor’s office dated August 29 2011 has several statements and a list of things that will take place on September 13 2011. The Headlee Override is not enough to balance our budget his words.

  • Pay cuts of 10% of all Department Heads and Deputies
  • Requested Pay cuts of 10% for all Elected Officials
  • Friday closure of all city buildings (with the exception of the to Fire Stations and the Justice Center)
  • Furlough for all employees working in closed building with a 10% pay cut
  • Elimination of cell phone stipend for all public employees

The memo goes on to say

All these cuts will not be enough with out the passage of the millage proposal; nor will the millage proposal alone provide the City with the adequate resources to meet the $5 million deficit. The economic turmoil of Michigan and the United States has vastly surpassed even the grimmest of estimates.

The Mayor goes on to say that the City needs to cut this deficit to be able to fund most of the services Dearborn Heights residents have come to expect. That is what has lead to the request for a millage on the November General Election.

In the same memo the Mayor writes that if the millage fails the $5 million deficit the City will require “draconian cuts. ”

  • Elimination of the Department of Recreation- cutting approximately $1 million from the deficit and this will involve:
  1. Closure of all recreation facilities, senior centers, and parks
  2. Layoffs of all Recreation personnel
  • Layoffs of 30-50% percent of Fire Employees and Closure of one of two Fire Stations and the outsourcing of EMS Services- cutting approximately $1.5 million from the deficit
  • Layoffs of 30-50 percent of Police Employees- cutting approximately 1.5 million from the deficit
  • Additional pay cut for remaining all General Government Employees of 20 percent- cutting approximately $900,000
  • No overtime for remaining Employees, even in cases of emergency.

The reality is that, if the millage is not passed and cuts of these magnitude are not undertaken, then the City becomes insolvent. A financial manager will then be imposed on the City. Cuts will be made without the input from the citizens and local control will be eliminated.

The Mayor in the same memo say’s “the reality is that Dearborn Heights thus far has fared much better than many of our surrounding communities.”

It is very hard to believe this man, I have said why many times before so I will not go back over it again. What I would like to say is I have talked with a council member that does confirm the city is in “trouble.” Not a word that this council member would use unless they felt the city is indeed in serious trouble.  They did however tell me that we need to see where the Mayor plans on spending the money in General Spending. They are not the only Council member asking for this, Councilwoman Horvath demanded that at the last council meeting.

Mr. Mayor if you are coming here and reading what the residents are saying then you should know by now how they feel. This is nothing compared to what I have been told, I will say just from the discussions with many, many people that they want to see the numbers. They are demanding to know where you are going to be spending this money. Here is some reality for you Sir, the people do not believe you, they feel that you have been misleading this city for the past two years. What they point to the most is your State of the City address they are wondering why you did not take that opportunity to tell all of us the truth. They all so mention your many statements at council meetings as to how good the budget is. Mr. Mayor the people working under the very roof you are at did not have any idea as to how bad the city is. People working for the city are asking the same questions as the rest of us “why didn’t you say something and why didn’t you do something before this?”

The reality for all of us going to the poll in November to vote for this is if the HO does not pass the city will have to make drastic cuts, and yes these cuts are going to effect our services. It is true that the city is on the path of an EFM coming into the city. While the mayor says that we will not have a choice in what happens I do not see how that is much different from what he has been doing for years. None of us have had a say in anything that he has done. None of us have had a say in the way he has handled this, we have not had the opportunity to study or prepare ourselves for this. That would be because the Mayor has hidden the facts from everyone.

I do not want to see the city fail at the same time the Mayor should not walk away unscathed from what he has done. I want him held accountable for his part in all of this. While he may not be able to control what the State and Federal government do. He can control what comes out of his mouth. While he is not responsible for the stock market and banks he is responsible for misleading the residents of Dearborn Heights.

Missy said this here on the blog:

drheights48127 – I understand your frustration with our mayor, I SHARE your frustration – However, you need to vote based on YOUR CITY and the things you want for YOUR city. Do not make the mistake of letting this man get in the way of that. He won’t be there forever, I cannot imagine him serving another term. If it’s true that he doesn’t own a home in the city then he will be out the door once his term is up and he’ll be laughing at you and the rest of us for leaving us in such a mess. Be pro-active and get out and help this city rise to what it once was!

I took that comment to heart, the vote has to be for the city not for or against the Mayor. If this has any chance of passing the Mayor will have to stop comparing us to other city’s this is our city and we are not doing all that great Mr. Mayor so stop it. The Mayor will all so have to show where the money is going to be spent there is an amount of money that is put for “General Spending” general spending covers many things we should know what in general spending this money is going to. You can not come to the voters and ask for money without telling us where you plan on spending it. We will get our chance to vote how we feel about this Mayor if he runs for reelection in 2013.


26 thoughts on “The Reality for The City, Taxpayers, and The Mayor…”

  1. “Pay cuts of 10% of all Department Heads and Deputies
    Requested Pay cuts of 10% for all Elected Officials
    Friday closure of all city buildings (with the exception of the to Fire Stations and the Justice Center)
    Furlough for all employees working in closed building with a 10% pay cut
    Elimination of cell phone stipend for all public employees”

    We are in 2013, lets compare back then to what he claiming on his website


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks that is just the way I feel about it I love the city and for the most part the people who are working so hard in it, but this man has to come clean and he has to give the numbers. That is what Council woman Horvath asked for in the very beginning.


  3. The Fire Fighters took the 10% cut and they lost two more yesterday the Fire inspector and deputy fire chief says something about what is going on right now to have the deputy fire chief leave.


  4. Bitsy08 – I must thank you for reading my comments and clearly explaining them for Missy! Bitsy08 you are right on, that is exactly what I was saying! Why would I want to put myself through horrible expensive treatment and have my family to watch me suffer with a dreadful disease like cancer to live my last few days sick and incoherent only to know that I was dying anyways no matter what I tried, death is still the outcome! I’d rather spend my last few moments with my family not sick from treatments! Its like paying for something that has no chance on improving my quality or length of life! Same outcome death & unrealized failed budget! So thanks you were right on!

    Missy – I do hear myself and I am NOT foolish!! Or ridiculous!! I’d be foolish to think that this mayor is going to be able to stay within a budget and get us out of his failed budget! It would be foolish for me to even try to believe any more of his lies and deception! Get your head out of your @ and try to think about what the real concern is! Balancing this messy budget!! The mayor has NO clue to what it will take to get him out of this at this point!! It is useless with him as our mayor resign & give us hope Paletko!!! I don’t believe he wanted to disclose how bad his budget was till December then how bad off would we have been! You are foolish to not see and hear and know what is really happening with this mayor!!

    Kathy-Another thing I’d like to point out is also we need to look at how he worded the furlough for all employees working in closed buildings with a 10% pay cut! So what does that mean exactly?? I would take from that the police & fire will not be taking a 10% cut or have their furlough days, & or is that is his loop hole to keep certain buildings from being closed and therefore they also don’t have to have a 10% cut? No wonder why he don’t want to not start the furlough this Friday it eliminates a 10% cut for any employees if their building is not closed!! I could be wrong but I just am sick of his deceptions and lies, he is just the mayor that would attempt to twist his words so he can escape them later!

    Employees of our city- I have great sympathy for you all, you have done your part and your boss the mayor is crapping all over you again! Wouldn’t it have been nice for him to have been somewhat proactive years ago so that this could have been avoided? I can’t believe the mess he has put you all in and I’m sorry for you. But even if this HO passes its his words that said even that won’t be enough! I wish I could help you guys through this but the mayor would seriously have to resign before I would give another dime from me towards his assistants $20,000.00 raise! He should have let her go long before ever asking a pay cut from any of you! I’m sorry for the way this is but I’m not going to be sorry about the HO, I Just have to say NO! Good luck to you all, I hope you can find better jobs and get better bosses too!


  5. No, Missy. What they’re saying (for instance) is I have cancer and I’m not going to seek treatment if the doctor says to me – no matter what you do, what medicine you take, what treatments you have, you are still going to die in 3 months.

    Did anyone read the article about Taylor setting up a recall campaign to recall their mayor for “fiscal irresponsibility?” Seems to me that’s what we’ve experienced with our mayor. I don’t know how many budgets he’s presented saying – we’re good. Everything’s hunky dory. And the council – what to say about them. They KNEW these budgets weren’t true but yet they voted to pass those same budgets. They didn’t stand up to him and hold him accountable. Now he’s vacillating on his 10% pay cut? If anyone doesn’t know what vacillating means – one of the descriptions of the word is “of two minds.” Sound like anyone we know?

    I’m reminded of an old movie and the famous saying from that movie is – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” I’m sick of politicians who say one thing to get elected and do something entirely different once in office.

    Does anyone watch the council meetings on TV? What an eye opener they are. I sent an e-mail to one of our newly elected officials because it was quoted that he said – I don’t know anything about this (the budget and the millage) but the mayor says we need the millage so I’m voting for it. He wrote back and said – in other words – shouldn’t believe everything you read. But I’ve seen and heard him on TV and believe me, he has no business being on the council. If we’re paying him $9,000/year, that’s $9,000 too much. We don’t need council members who “don’t know anything about this” and won’t spend the time to find out. They should be well-versed in how a city runs. I realize that most of them hold other jobs but they wanted this job so they need to spend the time to read to do this job well. Especially in these troubled times.

    I’ve been in contact with one of our previous mayors and was told in no uncertain terms – unless he tells us what he’s going to do with this money, I will vote NO on the additional millage. I don’t trust this mayor at all so I don’t see anything good coming of giving him more of my hard-earned money. We need full disclosure from this mayor and between the mayor and council. We haven’t gotten it so far. What makes you think we’ll get it now?


  6. Recall the Mayor: Do you hear yourself?
    “we have no hope, no choice, no future chance to fix this without drastic cuts and tax increases so why increase your taxes for the same outcome” What a foolish thing to say. That’s like saying “I have cancer and if I receive treatment I have a much better chance of surviving but why bother if some day I’ll die anyway, same outcome” Seriously, how ridiculous!


  7. Have any of you seen the mayors program on T.V?What a joke!!!!!!!!He is full of himself. Now he is talking to the acting clerk as if he has wone that position. This is what bothers me alot about all this in this city is that he pushes for his people all the time.Well now I will not vote for anyone that is in his back pocket.We need young blood in this city not anyone that is affiliated with this mayor in any way.


  8. Every one of your concerns and comments are right!!

    I DO NOT trust this man! Please, please, please, do not fall for his same ole way, again!!

    He is banking on being able to scare the seniors and all of us!! Do NOT TRUST him! He worded the 10% request to elected officials that way for a reason!! I don’t believe he intends to take ANY pay cut!

    He has proven to be untrustworthy so why do we even care what he says he has in plan to do at this point! Isn’t it too late for all of this huge fuss!! I say definitely believe it IS TOO LATE!! I agree with Lips, say NO!! Hold him accountable for his bad budget he promised us it was good & now we are crumbling! Things will NEVER change as long as he is responsible for our budget and he has proven he himself can’t be trusted!!

    I’ve looked at where he could have saved in the past couple of years and it was not in cutting employees hours and pay!! There are many ways he could have stopped this!! Why do you think he hasn’t implemented cost savings before now?

    Well I believe he didn’t even plan on coming out with how bad this was till December, but Janet Badalow called him out on that!! She said no way bucko that will be way too late! So where would that have left us? In a deep hole, one we would not have had any say so at that point!

    This is dangerous for us to entrust him again, I believe vegas lady this is going to cost each tax payer more then a few hundred bucks as he has said, its going to be over 1000 increased per year, no other way about it!! Math don’t lie but our Mayor does & he will do it again!!

    Please beware you are considering this because you love our city, well I do too, but we have, no hope, no choice, no future chance to fix this without drastic cuts and tax increases and like he said that won’t even cut it! He’s right it won’t, so why increase your taxes for the same outcome? The only difference is, if we vote NO we do have a hope that someone can be honest and trustworthy to really want to try to balance this messy budget!!

    Please do not trust him he will stab us all in the backs! Especially the seniors who are scared now and on a fixed income they will be surprised to see the real amount their taxes will increase if this is passed! We will all have regret for passing this!

    Time to resign mayor before we vote this way we can have someone lead us who hasn’t lied to us repeatedly. If the mayor resigns before November I would vote yes but that is the only way, we need a person we can trust with our $$!!


  9. Anonymous

    Councilman Berry was not the vote that gave the Mayor his car that would fall on Bob Brown who brought the vote back after it was denied only after the Mayor’s assistant said that they deal was only good until Midnight that night. This after she had said that they had two weeks to respond that was all on the record at the council meeting. I was sitting there when it happened and could not beleive that not one person called her out on the lie. When the Mayor was not going to get his car he sat back in his chair and said just like a little baby “well I guess I just will not get a car then.” That meeting was the last meeting Bob Brown sat on he had announced that he was leaving the council for the second time. That is how Mr. Pilot became a council member.


  10. Sean

    I noticed that in the memo he has given him self an out after pledging at the last council meeting that he would be taking a 10% pay cut. The Mayor of Dearborn did this 6 mo ago after stating that he can not ask his employees to do it if he was not willing to do it his self. I think what Stanley said might just have some weight to it the Mayor did not come out with all of this until it was to late to do a recall.


  11. According to his memo to the employees it states… “requested pay cuts of 10% for all elected officials”. I guess he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. IMO, he won’t!
    And someone should definitely look into everything that he has done since he’s been in office. How can you justify an $800 a month lease when the city is “broke”? That is just ONE example! There are many many more questionable things that he has done! And I agree…. something is VERY wrong with this picture!!!


  12. Doe anyone know if the mayor has taken a 10% pay cut yet ?.As a matter of fact seeing he does not pay city taxes he should be taking a much higher cut.I wonder if before we can decide on all of this if we cold not have someone check everything in our city since the mayor came wh he is,something is not wright with any of this..Before he said he found money then all of a suden DPW says there is no money this was after Mr Blakburn left.So if this is been going on for such a long time why was money spent the way it was? Something is wrong with this picture.


  13. I have only 1? The answer to this question will be MY SAME ANSWER AT THE POLLS!!

    1. Mr. Mayor have you prepared your letter of resignation to resign from your office before the Nov vote?

    if he says yes-I vote yes
    If he says no- I vote no

    I will vote no because I don’t trust the current administration to carry out the financial responsibilities of a mayor.


  14. yeah, and as soon as that happens, all of us citizens should show up, and really give it to him. drill him with question after questions. show him , we Joe Public are strong, and we are what stands between him and his precious millage. he screwed all this up. way to go Mr. Mayor! where did you get your CPA degree from? a cracker jack box?
    here’s some saving’s, get rid of your assistant. she doesn’t really earn her salary. we are pissing money away.


  15. Someone is out of their *&%^ mind if they think that the mayor will be the EMF for our city! That moron got us here, and now he thinks he will be the one chosen to clean it up! It’s just like him and his arrogance to think so! Hey, to our state representatives, and anyone else who makes that decision: Don’t you dare do this to our city! Paletko for EMF? No way! Study all you want to Jose, you will not be the one chosen if the citizens have anything to say about it!


  16. In the Mayor’s three year plan. How much additional millage beside the override did he put in? The overide is being sold at approximately 300.00. in the first year. That combined with the other millages we have could be 900.00 or more. The second year it could be 1500.00 or more .So when you all are thinking it is only 300.00 I can do that Buyer Beware.

    In 2008 the start of the recession The millage for public act 345 was $2,747,262.00 The june 2011 budget closed out with millage for act 345 being collected at $6,364,963.00 If this millage more than doubles every three years it will cost the taxpayer an additional $1200.00 I don’t know if this is a pay in and pay out but last year at June 30 ,2011 The city took in millage of $1,312,299.00 more than it paid out to act 345. I don’t know how much the millage for act 345 was increased this year. A few good notes to the budget would give that info.

    Millage for this year that goes to the benefit of police and firemen is $8,487,496
    This is separate from what is paid thru the Charter millage.

    The bottom line if you look at the budget and see where the money goes you will realize if they raise our taxes 1200.00 each this is not sustainable.

    I am sure the mayor’s three year plan is as faulty as the last two years . The only way the city has a chance to get back on track is to do what a financial manager would do Start over.

    So Mayor and Council come clean and tell the people how much you really intend to raise their taxes. Let them make an informed decision.


  17. I understand that the mayor does not own a home here in D.H that he rents.How true is that I have no idea.Is the mayor going to take a 10% pay cut?Does he need an ast. 2 people in that office is not needed or are there 3? We are being forced to vote yes for this as if we don’t then we wont have anything done for us in this city and that has been going on for a while now.There is always some reason why certain things cant get done.Maybe there are a few people here that have money but most of us don’t we are all on a fixed income my husband and I still work and have to keep working we are past retirement.


  18. If this mayor talks his way around answering the questions people have been asking like he usually does, like where the money from the HO will go, it certainly won’t make a difference.
    People want to stand up for their city, they want to pay their taxes to keep the city afloat. The citizens volunteer their asses off for what ever the city needs. What the people are sick of is the mayor’s way of skirting the issues, his outright lying, his defense of people and things that make no difference to and/or abuse the rights of the citizens, his outright lying (oh, let me say that again), his attitude that he can and will do what he chooses without having to get any flack from us, and the obnoxious attitude he shares with so many of his cronies and dept heads. We are sick of it. He doesn’t even try to defend himself on any of those issues. We are stuck with him and he knows it.
    So, he is cutting, cutting, cutting, when he should have been trimming in the past. Now who suffers? Take my police and firemen away? You idiot. This city needs those people. Take other things away from HIM, not us. He let his ass’t have carte blanche all this time,now I have to vote yes on a HO to cover his idiocy? Naw, we may be further ahead to have the financial manager come in and put the mayor out of his misery, if, in fact, he has any.
    He has already started his campaign. How many fund raisers has he had in the past year and a half, how much has he raised? When will someone in authority stand up and question where that money went??? There are laws for that!
    Start driving on Telegraph Road, North from Van Born, look at the unkept medians, long grass and weeds. Get to Dartmouth where Telegraph turns into the city of Dearborn. All the grass is trimmed, nothing unkept, flowers growing. Drive the other way and go into the city of Taylor. Same thing. Go to Michigan Ave to the city of Inkster, and you will see the same thing. Flowers, well kept lawns and medians. That is just a small part of the city services that he has deemed unimportant. Oh, maybe he wanted me to get my neighbors together and go and cut and trim and care for that area. After all, he wants me to police my neighborhood and cut and trim and care for other’s property, something else that was the city’s responsibility that he has transferred to the people.
    Vote for the HO and it still won’t be enough, nothing will be enough until he is out of office. When he is gone, it will still take a lot from us to get over all the things he has done. Too bad he doesn’t have to reimburse the citizens for all he has taken and wasted.
    Can’t anyone, except a financial manager, make this man do what is right?


  19. At the council meeting on August 23rd, the council talked about setting up 2 Town Hall Meetings. Ken Baron was supposed to get with the mayor and set those up. The fact that the mayor is involved leaves me questionning whether these will really happen. Does anyone know if they’ve been set up yet? If anyone from the council reads this site, they need to respond.


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