Information is King…

Be a well-informed voter come November 8 2011 some suggestions to all of us:

1. Contact the people you trust:

If there is someone who you trust to give you the facts, than touch base with them. That could be an employee of the city, a council member and Yes if you trust the Mayor to give you the facts then by all means call him and ask.

2. Understand where the money is going:

Find out how the money is going to be spent in what departments.

3. Does this have to go up for a vote to the voters to rescind the Headlee Override or does it just run out?

I think we should know how this ends or does it just go on and on..

4. Know if you can afford this or not:

Take a look at the numbers that Councilwoman Horvath put up sit down and ask yourself if you can afford the Headlee Override. Only you can know the answer to that question.

5. Get all the information you can:

If the information is going to be given to us in a timely manner, than it is up to us to be at those town hall meetings, or read the reports if any the administration will be giving.  It is up to each and every one of us to understand what is at stake.

6. Put your personal feelings to the side:(Note To Self)

Cast your vote based on the information not on how you feel about the Mayor, the Council or some who work for the city.

These are just what I have come up with so far, if there are more I will put them up. Understand you are responsible to get the information if it is forthcoming.. I will do my best to put up what I find out here and I hope that council members will continue to come here and use this blog as a way of informing the voters.


5 thoughts on “Information is King…”

  1. Just got word today that the Town Hall Meetings for Dearborn Heights are scheduled to be:



    The attached note says:

    I hope that you will be able to attend. We are hopeful that they will be informative, explaining to our citizens the position we are in and the options available for us.

    This note was from Ken Baron. What surprised me was “the options available to us.” I didn’t know they were proposing anything other than the Headlee Override. Let’s see what they have to say. Should be interesting and maddening at the same time.

    Kathy: I would have preferred to put this up as a new post so it had its own title but could find no way to do that.


  2. It is pretty clear to me where the money is going just check the numbers. 5.1 million dollar deficit .Which is probably on the low side of reality. Headlee overide first year 3.4 million . Cuts to make up the rest. Now he is almost even. Next year increase in headlee to make up for minimal cost of living increases from vendors. Headlee will never sunset. People will never get their jobs back. Employees will not see their ten percent back.

    My feeling the cuts being made are all designed to keep him personally comfortable . Finding a way to keep his medical paid, his bonuses etc and then he will run out the door. Laughing all the way to the bank.

    So the simple answer to what will he do with the money? Pay down that hugh debt.

    This is not a vote for the city because one way or another the city is in a place where it is doomed to fail.

    The handwritting is on the wall.


  3. Anonymous

    What good does it do to post it at city hall do they think that all 58,000 residents come to city hall to see it posted there what a joke… I was aware there was a meeting, but was under the impression that this was for Department Heads and Elected officials only… Next time you want to have a meeting that includes the council please post the time and date of the meeting all over the city.. I have heard what was said in the meeting bottom line is the city is in trouble something I did hear come out of that meeting disturbed me and I will give a chance for the Mayor to come out with the numbers. If the Mayor does not change his position on giving the numbers than I am afraid HO will crash and burn to many people are demanding transparency.


  4. Were you aware that there was a meeting with all department heads, Plant Moran and several council members last week that was open to the public? The meeting was posted in city hall. Perhaps it was posted to comply with the Open Meetings Act, since council members were to be attending. However, it would have been interesting to the public to hear what the departments had to say about what they do and what they need to function. I don’t know if it was a forum that would allow public comments. I did not attend, but I heard about it from some employees in city hall. It was held during regular business hours, so I don’t know how many people would have been able to attend. I also am unaware of how far the city must go in publicizing open meetings. Maybe just posting a notice in city hall meets the requirements of the law. Is Plant Moran supposed to come up with ideas for cutting waste, removing duplicate efforts, or what?


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