Coming out of the Financial Closet..

Monday with a memo to city employees the Mayor has finally come out of the financial closet he has been hiding in. The Mayor has been hiding the facts of the state of our city from its residents and it’s council for the past 2 years. He emerged from the closet after having no choice but to do so. It is an amazing turn of events since July when he was saying how happy he is with this budget. An amazing turn of events since January’s State of the City Address when he said that the city was doing great. Now the Mayor is singing a different tune. The city near collapse one reason he would like to pin this on is the not realized health care savings.  Has anyone thought for just a minute that he knew all along that the health care savings were a fabrication.

Is it possible that the Mayor knew that these savings were not going to be realized and he went ahead and gave the Police Officers Union what ever they wanted. Mr. Mayor every contract your assistant negotiated was based on the “Health Care Savings” Everything you have done with the budget for the past two years was based on the Health Care Savings. Yet here we are NO savings for the city the health care savings or lack of is not the only reason we are in this pickle this I do understand. When I think back over the past two years and the statements that this Mayor made to the Council on more than one occasion concerning the Health Care Savings. When I think of how many decisions made because of Health Care Savings it makes me just a wee bit mad (putting it nicely.)

Even in the memo he still is hanging on to “we are doing better than city’s around us.” Citing Garden city, Inkster, and Dearborn as the city’s that we are not as bad as. I know I know every city in the State is the same, not true there are city’s that have been proactive Sterling Heights to name one. How pathetic to say we are not like this city or that city. Why not say the truth Mr. Mayor, you have been hiding in the financial closet for the past two years. Tell the people I have mislead you, I have not given information on this financial crisis to the council. I have not told the truth to the employees in this city.

Who if anyone is going to make this Mayor accountable for what he has done in the past 2 or 3 years? The council can only do so much it is up to us to make him accountable. Have no fear Mr. Mayor as has been said by many who’ve know you longer than me “You are untouchable.” That is why I call you “Teflon Dan” Mr. Mayor if the Teflon on my pans lasted as long as your Teflon has I would never have to replace them.

One thing is for sure I will never call my self a politician talk about a bad taste in your mouth that phrase does it for me.


9 thoughts on “Coming out of the Financial Closet..”

  1. Think for myself? You’re the one who’s quoting something the mayor put in a memo. I made a phone call to someone who KNOWS what’s going on and gave me an UNBIASED opinion that validated what I was thinking. You believe the mayor?

    They have a recall campaign going against Taylor’s mayor who’s only been in office for 2 years I believe. The citizens are citing “fiscal irresponsibility.” Our mayor has been in office for 8 years. While I’m aware of “the times,” it seems that our mayor could AND SHOULD have taken steps to make cutbacks at least 2 years ago. Perhaps if he had done that and been truthful about the budgets, we wouldn’t be in as bad a shape as we are now.


  2. bitsy: Who cares what the “very big person” in the city says or thinks? Think for yourself! The memo from the mayor stated 30 – 50% of police and fire would be cut, one fire station closed and outsourcing of emergency medical services. Go ahead and vote no and then get ready to lay there dying while you wait for Community or Health Link to show up!


  3. I look at the info on line. What I was referring to was an item the HR director asked for approval on. NO info was available as to what that was . From what I could get out of it . It is lifestyle help for employees. Anger management, financial difficulties etc. These people talk to employees then refer them to agencies. Admittedly I am in the dark as to what this is. I don’t know if it is a union contract thing or what. What I do know is it cost over $700 an employee. that is 150,000 a year. When a city is broke one would think saving a job might be more important. Not one council member asked question one about this. So like I said the info wasn’t available so I don’t know what this is . I could be very wrong about the need for this but how are taxpayers to know? I would have questioned… but after a vote does no good. .The only thing said about this was from Janet Badlow who said it was a good program.

    Maybe the council could set up a before public session on agenda items only . Continue the other after the meeting.


  4. Vegas
    You are so right I have been to many meetings I know the council members you are talking about. I have seen a couple council members roll their eyes and so much more. As for Agendas you can get the agendas the whole packet on the city website you can see just what they are voting on you can call them or email them to let them know what you think about it.. I have always said that the public should at least get to talk before the council on such important matters before they vote.. HO would have been a good example for them to let the public talk first..


  5. What good does it do to come to the council meetings. We are clocked at three minutes. When we are finally allowed to talk you have already voted. People showed up for the ho . What good did it do them ? You voted already to put it on the ballot. I would be happy to show up at the meetings if my thoughts were considered. Why not have the agenda items with disclosure available and have the public speak before the meeting. So they can imput before you vote.

    Watch the playback of these meetings and you will notice some council people are very put off with the public speaking. They show disdain for the people and can’t wait to get the hell out of there.


  6. Marge

    That is correct the number was written in the memo given to the employees of the city.. The Mayor is the one who is saying these things. I remember that meeting and the funny thing is all you asked for was where the city was at with the contract for the fire fighters. If I remember correctly it was hard to vote on a budget when all the numbers were not before you at the time of the vote the fire fighters contract was still in negotiation. The assistant to the Mayor would not answer if the negotiations were almost done for what ever reason and then it went in to closed session.
    I am sure you did what you thought was best based on the facts given to you.. I have said many times I do not envy your jobs and even more so now.. I may be running for council., but I still do not envy what any of you have to do.


  7. You can say what you want about Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko but I believe he is a very clever guy. Over the past 2 years he has repeatedly stated to the City Council and to the taxpayers of Dearborn Heights that the city budget was balanced. The last time Paletko stated the city budget was balanced was just 2 months ago at a city council meeting when the city council was voting to approve the new budget for 2011-12. He knew then that the city of Dearborn Heights was in a financial crises. Sadly the city council knew the of the crises too but they also went along.

    I believe Paletko did not want to tell the truth about the financial collapse of Dearborn Heights last June and delayed telling the truth to delay his recall. If Paletko confessed in June, 2011 to the city council and to the taxpayers that Dearborn Heights is financially broke, his recall election would have been held this coming November. Now the recall election must be a “special election” at an additional cost to the taxpayers sometime in 2012. That’s why I say Paletko is clever.



  8. Get your facts straight buddy. I did not say 50% cut in the PD. I repeated what was in the Mayor’s letter to the employees. As for ME changing my vote for the budget. It was my understanding that without the budget passage there would have been no pay checks going into the new fiscal year without it. If you think the job is so easy and God is at our side when we have to make decisions that are not very popular why aren’t you at council meetings or better yet why aren’t you running for Council?


  9. I just got off the phone with someone who used to be a “very big person” in the city. I won’t name any names but I was told that they are UNBELIEVABLY OPPOSED to Mayor Paletko. At one time, Mayor Paletko couldn’t get enough votes to pass the budget so he had an “Executive Meeting” and somehow got one more vote. Isn’t that nice? The council KNEW the budget Paletko was proposing was a fable but yet they voted to pass it. There was agreement on both sides of the conversation that the council is ineffectual to say the least when it comes to holding the mayor accountable.

    As to the scare tactic by both the mayor and Councilwoman Horvath that 50% of both police and fire would be laid off if the city goes into receivership, I was told they don’t believe that to be true. They believe there will be cuts but not near as drastic as 50%.

    As to senior centers being closed, why don’t you GO BACK to how it was before. Close both of them 2 days a week. My idea was to close one completely and leave the other open only 3 days a week but I was told you can’t do that because you’re choosing one end of the city over the other. Not “politically correct.”

    The most important thing this person told me is what others of us have said: I WILL VOTE NO UNLESS HE TELLS ME FOR WHAT THE MONEY WILL BE USED.

    If the city goes into receivership, we’ll probably lose the mayor and the council AND ALL CONTRACTS ARE SUBJECT TO RENEGOTIATION. That’s not a bad thing, people.


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