This Is For Council Members…

Where is Councilwoman Horvath she left comments here many times and now on this subject she does not want to talk with us. Where is councilwoman Badalow or Councilman Berry. They all need to come here and answer some of our questions where is everyone? This is a QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU ARE YOU FOR HO OR NOT AND GIVE US YOUR REASONS. Talk to us we are here and we are worried..


26 thoughts on “This Is For Council Members…”

  1. Kathy,
    I agree with you 100% that he has definitely added to the deficit. He has done nothing, while asking every other city employee to give up more. Especially with the car issue with his assistant that came up a few months ago. Absolutely pathetic!!!! And if he was that worried, he would have done things long ago when he knew what was going on. This has been a long time coming and he knew about it. That I will not argue. But, as far as him alone misspending, I don’t think that is entirely true. There are so many other things that have caused the city to be in the state that it is. I have said it before that I DO NOT support this mayor. But, the blame cannot only be placed on him. I do resent the fact that he came out and said that the budget was balanced and was so wonderful, etc. Such a lie! And now the ***real*** employees and residents are going to pay. One way or another.


  2. Sean

    I will speak for myself when I say I do not think this has driven the city into this deficit. For me it is the principle of it he is driving around in a car that is costing the city 800.00 a month while he is asking everyone in city hall to make these sacrifices.


  3. I think we all “get” it, recall. I think I’ve read 3 of your posts saying the same thing. What you are not getting that this problem was not caused just from this administration mishandling money. Drop in property values, less state shared revenue and many other things contributed to this problem. If you would like to point the finger, please get your facts in order and then come here and express your displeasure with the city that you chose to live in. Someone else stated on another post about the mayor getting a new car, new phone, hire another secretary, etc. That is just a silly statement. Even though he has all of these perks, do you honestly think that is what has driven the city into this deficit? There seems to be a lot of people just complaining about things they don’t know about. Thank you Kathy for at least trying to give the residents correct information.


  4. This mayor, who doesn’t own property in DH and therefore won’t be affected by the HO, has a good thing going. He’s not going to resign and wishful thinking won’t make it so. In the meantime, I refuse to be bullied by the scare tactics of this mayor or the council. I want more disclosure (or at least some) from the mayor.


  5. I don’t care what services we lose!!! What don’t u get I refuse to lose my home over any tax increase because this mayor keeps mishandeling our monies! Resign maybe then there will hope!


  6. I looked back over the budget. Can anyone explain the act 345 revenues of $6,732,796 against the expense of $ 5,052,564. We only have 91 police and 48 firemen. This seems like alot of money on 139 people.

    Fringe benefits are $10,810,0 71. The city has 221 employees that is almost $ 49,000.00 each. What do they get for all this money? By the way the comptroller that makes 5.1 million dollar mistakes earns $82,500.00 .

    The rest of the budget is mainly salaries. Which means a never ending tax merry go round . The sewers will never get cleaned and the basements will keep on flooding.

    The budget presentation needs to be in a format that can be understood by all.


  7. Missy

    I never said I was not in support of the city I am maybe that is why I am so frustrated. I like many others do not want to see the city go down, but like others we want to know where the money is going to be spent..


  8. drheights48127 – I understand your frustration with our mayor, I SHARE your frustration – However, you need to vote based on YOUR CITY and the things you want for YOUR city. Do not make the mistake of letting this man get in the way of that. He won’t be there forever, I cannot imagine him serving another term. If it’s true that he doesn’t own a home in the city then he will be out the door once his term is up and he’ll be laughing at you and the rest of us for leaving us in such a mess. Be pro-active and get out and help this city rise to what it once was!


  9. I agree that nobody wants to pay more. But, housing values have gone down. I don’t know how long you have lived in the city, but I have been here for a very long time and my house payment has gone down almost $200 a month because of declining property values, making the taxes lower. I don’t want anybody to lose their house. I also don’t want to lose the services that the city provides. I don’t care to wait for a private EMS. I have a friend that works for a private company, and believe me, they are not in a hurry to get to your house. I’m not sure if this is one of the “conveniences” that you have referred to. It could be a matter of life or death in some instances. And I do like the fact that I can call the police and they actually show up within a decent amount of time. I don’t want to wait hours like in Detroit, if they even show up at all.
    With the cuts that are being implemented in the city with the employees and the HO that you are so against, I DO see change and hope for this city’s financial future. IF the funds are properly managed. Other people have asked to see where the extra funds will go. Not a bad idea.
    Have you read about other cities that have gone into receivership or had an EFM come in? You should.
    I do not support the mayor or this administration. I do not want the city of Dearborn Heights to be considered “the ghetto” like I have heard in the past.


  10. Marge,
    I can NOT afford to pay 1 more penny then I already DO! Don’t you get it, you are voting me into foreclosure! Hope you will think about that before you worry about what we could all loose from the city. Some of us would rather all the horrible things you said to go ahead and happen before we approve the HO? When you are saying you would hesitantly vote yes, then you are telling me that you prefer your comfort and conveniences then to keep me as your neighbor and resident!!! Sorry but that’s all I hear, I have worked too hard to loose everything NOW!
    I do agree with the comment posted by anonymous and vegas lady down below. Vote yes if the mayor resigns!!! And only because we can’t keep affording to run this city his way!! Maybe just that would give me just enough hope that we won’t be in worse financial trouble in a year from now! Marge the fear you have is valid to be threatened to lose all of those services, but now after years of being bullied by his threats, I just have to say enough is enough and move on because I don’t see change or hope for this city’s financial future. Time for all these threats to end! Scaring people on the news now mayor is just not working on me if it is true or not, I just think you will only mismanage it anyways!!
    Hope you do get reported and investigated by the state! I hope people out there that can see you for what you have done and I do hope since recall is unlikely well maybe our only hope is resignation!




  12. Marge

    Was just wondering if these numbers include the increase in the act 345 or are these just the numbers for Headlee. To my understanding Act 345 has gone up in the past two years by 3.6 mil Thanks in advance for your response.


  13. To the council.

    In six short weeks into the new year we have a 5.1 million dollar shortfall. The mayor said he and the comptroller stood by the budget 1000%. When the budget did not get approved you went into a closed session. You came out and passed the budget. Did he tell you then that the budget was short 5.1 million dollars and he was going for a Headlee overide? The mayor and the comptroller must be really incompetent at budgeting. The first order of business before these cuts are put into effect September first is to go line by line in the budget to see where mistakes were made. What caused this 5.1 million dollar shortfall. Unless you know that you cannot make intelligent decisions to correct the problem.

    It appears that the revenues should be pretty well known.
    The problem has to be in expenses.

    Employees should have some imput in what they would like to give up. There is alot of money in bonuses and fringe benefits ( no idea what that means, never explained) . Maybe this could be achieved without further pay cuts.

    Instead of being honest the Mayor once again says you must do this immediately because I have to report to the state.

    The city is run in a vacuum. This is no way to make rational decisions. How can you move forward when you don’t know where you have been. The mayor is not the king of Dearborn Heights he is only an elected official.

    I would like pen to paper to see exactly how this happened. How can the Mayor and the comptroller be trusted to do budgets in the future? I would like to see more experience people deal with the budget process.

    Council the mayor acused you of micro managing. Sorry to say he needs it.

    The 5.1 million dollar shortfall needed to be investigated before an override of Headlee was voted on by the council. The taxpayers need to be informed with actuals not with threats.

    If you proceed in carrying on the cities business the way it has been done in the past the city is doomed to failure.


  14. I have posted every comment you have put up here you have to go back to the post you left the comment in, or go to the right of the blog and click on what people are saying.


  15. I have seen any of the remarks I have put in this blog posted Am I doing something wrong or saying something I should not say Please let me know


  16. According to the Mayor at the last council meeting. He went to Oakland county because they have the best financial people there. Oakland county told him what to do. To bad he did not go there two years ago. The big concern why don’t we have good financial people working for the city.

    I read two articles of interviews the Mayor gave on the deficit. Once he said the deficit was 2.8 million and although we need 5 mills he is askiing for 3 because he feels he can’t get anymore from the taxpayers. The second article had slighly different numbers.

    Now you are saying the deficit is 5 million. So if the 3 mills brings in 3.4 million the shortage is still 1.6 million. Which translates to much higher millages for years to come.

    Half this stuff is covered by milages we currently pay. Without the service you don’t get the millage.We are now taxed to the max that is why you need the override.

    If an emergency financial manager can add.subtract multiply and divide. Thats alot more than this administration seems to be able to do. Good financial people do not make 5 million dollar mistakes. Simply put the mayor has been lying for the past two years. I will vote for the millage if he resigns and only then.


  17. I contacted Jeffrey Pepper who wrote the article about the city for the Press & Guide.

    I agree that it (the mayor’s letter to city employees) merits a closer look and I am working on that for an upcoming edition.

    I’ve written on the subject before (albeit not for the Press & Guide). I plan to include something in this vein as part of the forthcoming analysis.

    I also included Marge Horvath’s comments above and told him that the city has said they are going to have a Town Hall meeting. I’ve asked him to include the information about the Town Hall meeting in his article and to do an analysys of Mrs. Horvath’s comments.


  18. Marge

    We are not saying we are against it, but you know this mans history more than any one of us.. You know what he is capable of we do not want our services cut, but speaking for myself I do not want scare tactics used as he always does. Many of us would like to see how he came to these numbers. I want transparency once and for all in this city.. He has been misleading everyone in this city for 3 years.. He has had a deficit of 3 million for the past 2 years all the while telling the public how great the city is doing and what a great job he is doing..


  19. Marge

    Thank you so much for the numbers, but could you tell me for how long, and where is this money going to be spent? The money left as you pointed out in “general spending” has to be committed to something.


  20. F.Y.I. you will pay the following in tax with the override –

    Home value – Tax increase
    25,000 73.62 60,000 176.69 95,000 279.77
    30,000 88.35 65,000 191.42 100,000 294.49
    35,000 103.07 70,000 206.14 105,000 309.21
    40,000 117.80 75.000 220.87 110,000 323.94
    45,000 132.52 80,000 235.59
    50,000 147.25 85,000 250.32
    55,000 161.97 90,000 265.04

    for each additional $5000 the tax increases by approximately $14.73.


  21. You want answers? I’ll give you answers. With a very sour taste in my mouth I will vote for the Headly Override. What services do I want the City to do away with? Cut the police force, cut the fire department, have trash picked up every other week, let trees rot and fall on homes, people and worst of all kids, no gass cutting on public property, let water main breaks linger until a crew (small) that is working somewhere else can get to it, no streets plowed after a snow fall? I think not. We have cut back in many areas. The police and fire are down in manpower but you call for fire or police and they are there in no time. In this area we do have the best and I for one like it that way. Some of the things that are going to happen beginning Sept. 13 are, pay cuts (10%) for all department heads and deputies, requested pay cuts for elected officials, let’s see now I will be making about 2.53 an hour as opposed to the current 2.75 I am currently making. The possibility of closure of City Hall one day a week. Furlough days and 10% pay cuts for all employees. Elimination of cell phone stipends for all employees. If the millage fails, the $5 million deficit the City has will require possibly the following: Eliminate the recreation department. Close all recreation facilities, senior centers and parks. Lay off of 30-50 percent of fire and police employees. Outsourcing of EMS services, additional pay cuts for remaining General Government Employees, no overtime for any remaining employees even in the case of an emergency. There are many other ideas being considered but right now we are talking. Last and worst scenerio take over by an emergeny financial manager. Is that what we want? NOT ME!


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