The Word Hated The Most By This Administration…

The word that is hated the most and used the least by this administration transparency. How much of the cities current problems could have been avoided if that word was used with the council by this administration? Transparency; will it be used during the next few months when this administration is going to be talking about the Headlee Override?


1 thought on “The Word Hated The Most By This Administration…”

  1. I have been saying that word, Trans-par-ency, for a very long time and it still hasn’t caught on with this administration. I don’t know if they will ever get it, but this H.O. thing should show them. It is quite necessary to get the citizens to believe anything they say, but they have to get it first. Come on, Mayor. Repeat this word. Make it your mantra. Do it for the people. Show them you aren’t really the [*insert negative description of choice here] that we have been thinking and saying that you are.


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