More On The Headlee Override Story…

The proposed millage would allow the city to levy 2.9449 mills beginning in 2012. If approved by voters, it would generate about $3.5 million in tax revenue for the city the first year it’s levied.

Specifically, it would raise the general operations millage from 6.324 to 8.5 mills, the sanitation millage from 0.7436 to 1 mill, and the police and fire protection millage from 1.4875 to 2 mills.

Source: Press and Guide

Van Houten said she found the timing the proposal was brought to council interesting. It seems everything comes to council at the last minute, she said, and they are told to pass it now otherwise it’ll be too late. She said council has been asking for an update on the city’s financial situation for months.

She feels council needs to better define why the city needs these 3 mills and how they will be used, she said.

Badalow voted against the 2010-11 and 2011-12 fiscal year budgets, she said, budgets she believes resulted in a deficit for the city.

Zouher Abdel-Hak, resident, said he can’t accept that two balanced budgets were passed and now the city doesn’t have enough money.

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4 thoughts on “More On The Headlee Override Story…”

  1. I can’t believe I forgot this! Buy a house here mayor! Show us that you are willing to pay the SAME amount we will have to for this HO! Show us that you are willing to make an investment in OUR city and purchase property that you may have to sell one day and maybe take a loss on it like we will. Is all this too much for you to give mayor? Maybe we feel like we shouldn’t have to GIVE anymore either! Maybe we think we have given you way too much as it is! If I was 1 of your employees I would rather get a different job unless you made these sacrifices as well. Not just for the tax payers but show your employees, you know the ones you just gave kudo’s to for their part and accepting their contract for the budget! Show us mayor that you will lead us into a sound and secure budget! Time for you to step up to the plate! You decide if you will strike out or hit a run with OUR budget!!


  2. I can’t believe the words the mayor chose to use in his statement to the Press and Guide!! The mayor states he would support a 10% cut for all elected officials! He claimed that he is willing to work day and night to reduce this budget. He said we all have to work together to get this done!

    You have known the budget was in deficit & you hide this from all of us. You never came forward and told us or council when they were begging you for any information!! No you never said it was this bad, 2 months ago you were fighting to keep your city paid cars! Mayor lots of jobs were eliminated during negotiations, the city workers did their part and accepted that they could not increase the budget just to avoid this exact situation we are now in. You even gave them kudos’s a few months ago for doing so at your council meeting! City workers had to take on the extra workload to cover these cost reductions savings and now you want to cut more from your employees!

    You expect to cut, cut, cut from them and us taxpayers, yet you still have 2 people working in your office!! Why not cut them out of the budget and you do their work, seems like you should have been doing most of what you allowed your assistant to mishandle anyway, spending money where we should have been making money on the NSP, spending money so she can have a free car for what 6 years taxpayers have been paying for her free ride!! I think $60,000.00 dollars is a lot to save. what your secretary makes a year right there is a huge savings! You say we have to work together, You should take back the responsibilities that you never should have assigned to the assistant Mayor! Do the work yourself Mayor, we have to!


  3. What I find interesting is the question is all done in one question. If it is, they are still playing the taxpayer. It’s all or nothing? Sounds like a threat to me. They don’t really want your opinion they just want your money. They will hold these town hall meetings and do what they want.

    I am not even sure how they are doing this is legal. I think I will have to look into that. I thought they could only put the questions on individually.


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