I Want To Believe Yes I Do but Fool Me Once Same On You Fool Me Twice Shame On Me..

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We do not need to look at the past.  We need to look at the future, and the Headlee Override is our future.. Well that is the gist of what Councilman Ned Apigian said last night at the council meeting while he held up a piece of paper from the Mayors 3 year budget.. Great just throw all of what has happened in the past 3 years over our backs, put our heads in the sand and pretend that none of it ever happened. Thanks Ned for the great advice and I can see that you have not taken one minute to understand anything that has happened in the past to get us to this point.

What was very worrisome to me and a sign of things to come. When he said oh and you do not have to worry about the 10% pay cuts or the furlough days that is not going to happen if we can fix things with the Headlee Override  I think the Mayor would like to sell this to the taxpayers as if you do not vote for it we will close the city down. The scare tactics are already on the way just watch the meeting and how the discussion about Headlee was opened up and that say’s it all. You have one person coming here to the blog who was told by a council member that if they do not pass it the city is going into receivership.

We must look at the past to understand how we have gotten here and one of those things to look at is how this administration has run the city. The people out here do not want to give a line of credit to the Mayor to spend as he likes.  I think if there was someone else in charge the taxpayers might feel more comfortable giving them money to help the city. There should be accountability for things that have happened maybe we are all responsible in our own little way.. The Mayor and his administration are too, but you will not hear him say that ever. The blame is always placed on someone else or something else and what Councilwoman Horvath said is true, for two years they have not been able to get anything out of this Mayor. That goes for the public it is very hard to trust in someone who has made every effort to hide and mislead the public and the council. Just the way this was presented to the council and the public is a very good indication of how this is going to be handled.

What make’s you think that things are going to be any different now? Over and over again this Mayor has thumbed his nose at the council and the residents why would it be different now? Do I want to believe? Yes I do I want to believe things will be different.

Here are a couple of things the Mayor could do now:

1. Send a memo to the comptroller, and the treasurer that as of today you will be taking a 10% pay cut. Put it on the next agenda and to the Press and Guide.

2. By the Next Council meeting have an account of every penny of the Headlee Money you are going to get if passed by the Voters.. Every Penny from the cover all “general spending” amount that Councilwoman Horvath asked for.

Have just these two things done by the next council meeting and make us believe Mr. Mayor..


5 thoughts on “I Want To Believe Yes I Do but Fool Me Once Same On You Fool Me Twice Shame On Me..”

  1. With the cuts that the city employees are now being forced to take, I don’t expect the type of service I once received. I DO hope that everybody understands that employees, that will now be doing the job of 2 and 3 people (AND making less money), WILL be disgruntled. I am fully aware what is going on all over, but the city of DH should never have had this happen. Poor planning, poor budgeting and poor leadership. That’s all I can say. Shame on the many people that put DH in this predicament. You know who you are!


  2. City

    I was wondering the same thing myself you can email them and ask them questions maybe they do not know where they stand on this yet like many of us there is so much information we want so many questions and no answers. They got hit with this just like the rest of us remember this came to them last minute as does most everything he wants pasted.


  3. Where is Councilwoman Horvath she left comments here many times and now on this subject she does not want to talk with us. Where is councilwoman Badalow or Councilman Berry. They all need to come here and answer some of our questions where is everyone? This is a QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU ARE YOU FOR HO OR NOT AND GIVE US YOUR REASONS. Talk to us we are here and we are worried..


  4. A few discussions ago I read this:
    “Marge Horvath says : August 21, 2011 at 3:31 pm
    I’m not saying that the Council is going to approve anything, but the reason there will be no milage. Any millage would bring us over what the Charter limits so therefor Headly Override.”
    WTH is she talking about??? She voted to put it on the ballot….Charter limits? Someone tell me, what is she saying, and if she is saying what I think she is saying, then WTH is she voting yes to put it on the ballot?


  5. I have been to city hall three times in the last few months. I have seen councilman Ned all three times laughing it up with the mayor. Since day one councilman Ned has been the village idiot. Last council meeting he was appalled and did not know he was voting to take away the department heads cars. He just didn’t understand that. What a joke he is. I believe he is up for reelection is he not? Get rid of him and control the damage.

    Speaking of cars the city doesn’t need a fleet of cars. Pay mileage it is a whole lot cheaper. The people that think they are entitled to the perk of a car should be happy with the fact they have a good paying job with the best fringes available. Only the fire chief and the chief of police should have marked city owned cars.


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