Furlough Days, Ten Percent Pay Cuts, and Yes A Milliage

This is what the Mayor is proposing to over come the 700,000.00 shortfall he is already predicting for this budget. This is the budget that he just got done selling to the Council in April. Don’t forget we still have a $3.5 million dollar deficit from last years budget. It’s a three-pronged approach: a furlough day as for those working in City Hall and non-emergency positions, a 10% pay cut for those working in an emergency positions and a millage for the residents .  Furlough days for departments that have 2 people working in them departments and are already under staffed as it is. Who is going to get the 10% pay cuts? well, the Mayor claims (and I say claims) that he is going to ask the Fire and Police to take 10%. Ten percent from the fire department who have not even signed a new contract yet.. I think the Mayor is going to try to sell a millage to the taxpayers by saying he is going to do these two things in the city to get us to vote on a millage. That’s right folks what we have been hearing for months now he has finally admitted to. This is the same man who has been saying for more than two years that things are looking bad and yet did not do anything proactive to help prevent this from coming to a head. This is the same man who up until just two months ago would not even admit to the council that the city had a deficit. This is the same man who has not even prepared a deficit reduction plan for last years budget.  The same man who sold the budget at the last council meeting as something he was SO confident in. That was for the camera, but at the study session August 16 he said that he was going to be $700,000.00 short and we are only in August.

Just how is this supposed to work? Take the Assessors department, want to know how many people work there?  Answer: (2) two people.  So, if one takes a furlough day that leaves one person to run the department, right? The Human Resource department has two (2) people in it.  On a furlough day, that would leave one in that department. Every department has been cut to the bone and every department is under staffed. What could he be thinking? After watching this man for the past couple of years, I think he will tell the council whatever they need to hear to make sure they are on board with a millage ballot proposal. He will pay (lip service) to all of us to get what he needs.

How nice that our Mayor has talked with some business owners in the city to as he put it get “seed money” to pay for promoting his millage. Councilman Berry said that he has talked to 200 people who are willing to pay more taxes. Have to say, I have not talked with one person who is willing to give this administration one more penny to waste.. This is the same administration that has taken so much from others and has not taken one penny from himself or his assistant.  This is the same administration that gives little to no information to the council, and hides everything. The same administration that fought so hard for his department heads to keep taking their city owned cars home with them. This is the same administration that instructed his assistant not to answer any of the council’s questions. The same administration that is stonewalling the council on fuel cards for the city cars.

This is the same administration that just paid a former employee a $10,000.00 settlement. Yes, that’s right $5,000.00 to the former employee and 5,000.00 to their lawyer in two separate checks.  You know what that means, he did not have to go before the council to have them sign off on it. There is so much more and I will be writing more about it, but the bottom line is this administration cannot be trusted. Not one word that is being sold now should even be taken as a truthful statement from this Man. He has sold us so much crap in the past two years I think he is just going to be selling us some more.


When I see the Police and Fire sign that they are going to take another 10% cut, or when I see that the Mayor is going to cut his office budget (including his own salary), or when I see some of the ideas that the council is going to put forward into action. Then, Mr. Mayor, you can come and ask me to pay more. You Mr. Mayor will look like you are trying to clean up your mess. When I see you be more transparent, when I see you forth coming with the council and working with them instead of treating them as bothersome little flies. Then maybe Mr. Mayor I will vote for your millage





7 thoughts on “Furlough Days, Ten Percent Pay Cuts, and Yes A Milliage”

  1. Our city council gets to decide if they will support the mayor and decide if they will ask us at the polls to increase our taxes? I don’t see how anyone on our council could ask us the citizens to pay more and loose more services and workers on Fridays.

    Council you almost said no to this years budget but, the mayor assured you that this years numbers were solid, he had good numbers, you were asked out to discuss some issue in chambers and came back and passed this years budget. There were only 2 who voted no to this years budget. The mayor wanted you to wait till December to review this years budget and you were smart, very very smart not to trust him and demanded it by late July early august, thank you Janet for demanding the budget review sooner then later. We are 4 months into the passed budget and $700,000.00 in debt so far. Where would we be if we had took the mayors word and waited till December possibly 2.5 mil in debt or more? How can anyone on council come to us and now ask to increase our taxes? We can’t afford this, I have a hard time paying the taxes and keeping my home now, no wonder their are so many people deciding to foreclose and leave.

    This city always looks as to what other city’s are doing well I believe it was on the news that Taylor is recalling their mayor? I’m sure they don’t have as many reasons as we would have to recall ours! That would be my suggestion to council, you should do that recall the mayor, put that on our ballots please, help to save us citizens who will back you, it is well over due. Most of you believe him over and over and he continues to fake you out and we pay for that, we pay!

    We all were
    taught the story of the little boy who cried wolf 1 too many times? Well the mayor has been crying wolf for way too long. Pretty soon the end of that story none of the towns people believed him when he cried wolf again, and yes he was eaten by the wolf. Time to be the wolf council and and we will be the towns people but we will not run to the polls this time and believe him again. We will not and if the wolf don’t eat little boy who cried wolf, then maybe the towns people will need to just eat the wolf! We are not able to afford chicken any more! What other choice do we have? Our families need to eat!


  2. Don’t forget Mayor that city employee’s have families and a 10% cut is a lot. It is my understanding that our police officers already took a 7% cut plus a health care cut and the fire department cuts are still pending.
    In a city of our size if an assistant is needed why can we not make it a part time position to save tax dollars.
    Also why do we need a parks director and deputy director if we eliminate the deputy director the city can save probably $100,000 year.


  3. Since the mayor said he has talked to business owners and they have no problem paying more taxes, I think the cost of the business license should be multiplied, or an additional set of fees for these people. If T Berry’s constituents don’t mind paying more taxes, let them, but leave the rest of us alone! We are and have been paying our share, keeping our taxes paid, and that is enough! Let the people who “don’t mind” it, do it! I MIND IT VERY MUCH!!!


  4. Is this mayor on drugs??
    Let me say up front to all my city council members. You are MY council, of MY CITY and you belong to me and the citizens of Dearborn Heights. I am telling you that I will not support a millage as long as this mayor is at the helm. If you support the millage, I will not support you. I have been talking with other citizens and they are in the same mind set as I am.
    And while we are on the subject of MY CITY, that is MY firemen, MY policemen, and I don’t want to give any of them up. They do not deserve to have their salaries cut, nor their time cut. I want them there, available for ME and my fellow CITIZENS when WE need them. The Departments and city hall have been cut to the bone. If our mayor was a REAL mayor, did the job of a REAL mayor, we would not need the high paying position of his assistant, and he certainly wouldn’t need so much help in his office. Until I see cuts in the mayor’s office, there will be no agreement with me to cut anything else.
    What has it been, like two years since the mayor went around bragging that Dbn Hts was in fine stable financial condition, not like the surrounding cities??? What, he didn’t see this coming??? Not surprising that he was lying back then, too.
    I have lived in this city a very long time. I have never seen such crap going on, and it is such degrading crap. It is time for that to stop. Please, my council, please make the mayor do what he is supposed to do! Don’t put his musical chair politics up in front of the citizens who elected you. He is playing the music and one by one we are all losing. Stop this insanity!!


  5. I believe that City Hall would be closed for one day a week. Probably Friday and everyone in City Hall would be furloughed.


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