I Thought The Mayor Said He Was Not Doing This…

In July Ray Muskat of Dearborn Heights asked the Mayor what happened to Geothermal in the City. The Mayor said that it was not feasible for the city. The Mayor said he was not moving forward with it. Then would someone like to tell me what this is all about..

In Dearborn Heights, Ron Amen is spearheading a project to convert the city’s 33,000-square-foot senior center to geothermal heating and cooling. In a large grassy area next to the center, crews would drill wells to service the building and up to 400 neighborhood homes, said Amen, the city’s director of community and economic development.

Amen is working with Advanced Energy Group of Ann Arbor on the project. He’s currently seeking financing for a portion of the $700,000 cost, and plans to seek final approval later this year from the city council. The project also would include new windows and improved insulation.

“Between the savings that we would realize in our heating and cooling costs, and what money I would be able to come up with in the next few years from community block grants, I’m hoping to get it paid off in eight years,” Amen said.

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I am not saying it’s a bad thing just wondering what happened to we are not going to be doing this. I hope it works out I just wish we could be doing this for all of the city buildings. I hope in the future if there is ever going to be renovations on city hall that these type of energy-saving systems will be looked into and implemented.


12 thoughts on “I Thought The Mayor Said He Was Not Doing This…”

  1. I am going to try and attend your meeting. But let me say this. The TV program was cancelled by the Commission.


  2. Marge

    Thank you I hope something can be done as I said I am very serious about putting my council salary if elected and that is a big if towards these types of things.. I would appreciate any information you can find out about this. I think the commission contacting Wade Trim would be a very good idea I am sure their input would be a welcome addition.


  3. Let me say this to you, “Marge”. I went to CERT classes, got my bag and certification, and may I say, at those meetings I learned that the Berwyn Center was to be used as an emergency center. That person is correct there. If that isn’t true, then can I assume that someone lied about that?? As for Wade Trim, I was in meetings where they were present, I was representing the Disability Commission, as well as two other people.
    Previously, when the commission was on good terms with the mayor, the commission was going to do the “walk troughs”….free. The purpose of the commission is to work with the city to provide barrier free conditions for the disabled. When a complaint was filed, the agreement was that an already listed and hired ADA Coordinator (one of three in the state of Michigan) was going to do the “walk through” and prioritize the list. Her fee for that was $2000. Not $28K plus. Unfortunately, the administration chose to eliminate her and hire a city employee as the coordinator. Then stepped in Wade Trim, charging the city $28K plus. You are right, I may not be privy to all the info that you are, but what Titanium Lips says is true. Also, when I asked, “Why Wade Trim?” Mr. Amon said that they were on his list. That is a fact.
    I for one, do know the difference between a cooling center and emergency center. If you had been at the meetings that I was concerning the Berwyn Center issues, you would know what I know.
    As far as a great engineering firm? Heck if I know, but I can tell you this; The Disability Commission was set up for the city and BY the city, the bylaws and the Mission Statement were provided by the city. The commission had a purpose. The city, specifically the mayor, made the commission almost worthless. Before he changed the viability of the commission, we openly worked with dept heads, anyone who could help solve the issues at hand. The mayor made the dept heads not respond to the commission, not help solve the issues, and therefore, a complaint was filed with the Department of Justice. He put K.Kramarz in charge of the negotiations for the complaint. And, may I add, it did not go well.
    Also, the only TV show, on the DH cable channel, that provided information to the disabled community, was cancelled.
    I have so much more to add, but I cannot at this time. If you want more info, make yourself available for one of the commission’s meetings. You will find a fine group of people, very civic oriented, responsible and also we are all volunteers. All for the good of our city. You may want to hear more than one side of the issues at hand.
    I am sure Kathy can fill you in on the when and where of the meetings, and she may even be able to fill in more blank areas.
    Kathy, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to reply. Your blog is chuck full of info!


  4. I am not familiar with the reports that Wade Trim provides the city. Could it be, however, that they are also providing information regarding the construction aspects of making offices, bathrooms, etc. accessible according to ADA requirements? I am certain that the Disabilities Commission would certainly be able to identify changes that must be made, e.g., wider doors, lower sinks, ramps, etc. However, the city must still be made aware of the construction that would be necessary as well as the products (toilets, door handles, etc.) that are available to make sure the facilities are in compliance with the law.

    As I said, I have not seen Wade Trim’s reports, and maybe they don’t report on anything except the changes that need to be made. I just think we should be sure we are comparing apples with apples when talking about the kind of information each organization would be able to provide the city.


  5. I am not yelling at you Kathy??? Didn’t know who put the note up. I believe that the cost of putting the council up live comes when we have to store the tape for a certain time. Technically I can’t speak about this stuff but it is my understanding that there is a cost and there is also a lack of space to save many sessions unless we pay more for more space. I will research this next week and let everyone know more. I will find some answers about the disability commission situation but I am sure there are Federal and Start rules that must be followed and they probably require professionals to do the research and planning. Perhaps the Commission can contact Wade Trim and ask to have some input when the study starts. That would be a good thing.


  6. Hi Marge

    Just wondering are you talking to me, I did put up about putting the council meetings on the city website I get it very well Marge better than most do. That is why I am willing to give up my council salary to see that WE GET IT HERE IN THE CITY…. I would like to say that Garden City is not doing better then DH and they do have the city council meetings online… As for Wade Trim I think what the person who put the comment about them is saying, why use Wade Trim When we have a Disabilities Commission who can go to every city building and see what needs to be done with out costing the City 28K that is all they are saying… I GOT IT MARGE A LONG TIME AGO AND I GET IT!!!!! No reason to yell at me…


  7. The Berwyn Center is not a designated emergency center. The only two places in DH that are designated, by the American Red Cross, as emergency centers are Crestwood HS and Annapolis HS. Berwyn was opened as a cooling center just as several of our other municipal buildings are used in times of very hot weather.

    As for Wade Trim being on anyone LIST. Shows what you know about the City. Wade Trim has been our engineering firm of record for a very long time. No one knows this city better than they do. And I for one think they do a great job.

    As for going live with the council meetings. Great Idea!!!! Takes funds as I understand it and right now we do not have ANY MONEY, ARE YOU GETTING IT?????


  8. Lets not forget laying off 10 Police officers and fire fighters If you think it is bad now just sit back and watch.


  9. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. This administration has proven how ignorant they can be, and just line them up: Our illustrious mayor, his assistant, and now the dept heads….what a bunch of suckers. They are sucking off the citizens and just what do you think we can do about it? The Berwyn Center has been listed as an emergency center/shelter, for the citizens, and that includes the handicapped. There still is not a bathroom that can be used by anyone with a physical disability. R. Amon has requested payment to Wade Trim, $28K plus for them to go through the city buildings and make a list of things that could be done to bring them up to the ADA which is the Federal Law. And may I add, they are only 9% done….(but pay them, we must, they are on Mr. Amon’s list). And now our taxes are going to be used for Geothermal blah blah blah. Mr. Amon should stick to the simple things the citizens need, forget about anything new that will cost the taxpayers, or raise the taxes. He must be planning on running for mayor, he is telling lies and blowing our taxes on his whims.
    Yeah, lay off the workers, the people who make a difference in our city, and keep paying the dimwits.


  10. If anyone attended the study session last night, they would have found out that DH is in a pretty big hole and no one should be going to or expecting the City Council to give them money. WE DON’T HAVE IT. Even though some things would be good for the city, we don’t have the money right now. The City’s tax revenues are down because of the number of homes lost, so DH doesn’t have the money to work with right now.

    The City is looking at having city employees work 4 days a week instead of 5 or laying them off. That one day will save the city a good bit of money and it would be better than people losing their jobs. We can’t afford to lay off any more people from the Building Dept. alone because these are the people that TRY to keep our neighborhoods looking good.

    They also mentioned last night that there is one whole block in DH where all the homes have been foreclosed and the banks are selling them for as little as $9,000 each. I’ve seen what these low cost houses have brought into my neighborhood and I’m not happy about it one bit. I’ve also heard about problems others are experiencing due to this low cost housing and the people renting them. Banks continue to get away with this kind of “garage sale mentality” and we’re the losers.

    The Mayor also mentioned last night that he’s looking at increasing property tax. This from a Mayor who rents and doesn’t even own property in DH. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be voting on increasing my property tax when we’re getting fewer and fewer services from the city. I also won’t be voting to fill the position of Mayor with someone who doesn’t own his/her own home in the City. If you want to govern my city, you’d better own property and live here.


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