Is It The Rate or Is It Some Other Reason?

Councilman Berry asked at the CCM on August 9 if the administration ever looks at the rates the city is being charged by the many law firms that the city has working for it.. Corporation council said that the Mayor and his self looked at the rates back in 2006 and that all of the law firms working for the city are not charging the city their going rate.. That I would say is a true statement you can look at the last invoice for CMDA (Cummings, McClory, Davis, Acho) A senior Partner is charging the same rate as an Associate $135.00 an hour. I think the question should be how can we use the lawyers less? The rate we are being charged is not the problem it is the reason we have to use them in the first place.

Take this for example, on the last invoice for CMDA there are 22 charges relating to the Fire Fighters contract and Mediation. A contract that has been negotiated for over a year what went wrong in these negotiations that ended in having to go to Mediation? Is it any big surprise that the Fire Fighters would want what the Police Officers received? When you are going to do negotiating with Unions in the city and you give everything to one Union and then want to come and “stick it” to the rest of the Unions in the city. Is it any big surprise that they say “NO.” Not sure who was the author of this great plan, but it is a failure. You can not give everything to some and then turn around and expect others to take less or get nothing at all except threats. If this contract was handled in the right way to begin with we might have 22 less charges on one invoice. Sure there must be other instances when the lawyers were called when they might not have to have been..


4 thoughts on “Is It The Rate or Is It Some Other Reason?”

  1. I wouldn’t say these are her mistakes. I would say, however (and I’ve said it before), that she doesn’t have the education to handle contract negotiations. But – and this is a big one, people – who gave her the job? Can I hear – Dan Paletko? Of course you can. Perhaps we should start a petition to “get her gone” since the Council can’t seem to do it. She’s so protected by the Mayor that she doesn’t worry about what she says and to whom she says it. Absolutely too much power – misplaced as it is. Both of them don’t feel as if they have to answer to anyone – Council or otherwise. They’re giving away the City to the police because he wants them behind him when he runs for office again. I do believe police officers should have a pension but – Man – what a pension they’ve got. If I had that pension, I could forego my Social Security. Enough is enough. Let’s vote him out and help him pack her stuff.


  2. undercover

    We should not forget who is the person who gave all of these responsibilities to her in the first place. Some times I wonder just what he (the Mayor) is doing if she is the one running all of these things.


  3. Anonymous,

    You are not the only one who wants KK fired!!! The union contract negotiations is just one example of her failed responsibilities. Just because she settled the contracts does not mean it was handled properly, we all know that these past contracts have grounds to be reopened due to her conflict of interest.

    The NSP is another fixing the houses, the change order increased cost and we all know the sale price will not have a profit like there should be!!

    Not to mention her attitude, the way she talks with residents how many have complained about her attitude and rudeness. I can’t believe she still has her job!! Anyone else would have been fired!!

    We don’t need her costing us further money, besides when we need to cut cost and save money the mayor should realize he needs to start with her and his own salary!! As a tax payer I’m tired of paying for her mistakes!!


  4. We had the great and wonderful Ms. K to thank for the police contract.
    She has no law degree, or any experience negotiating contracts.
    I want her gone.


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