You Pay For It…

Why would you pay for something and then not use it. You pay for a house, a car, food, and so many other things in your life. Well you pay as a taxpayer for elections and many, many of you do not Vote elections cost money and the cost of those elections are paid for from all of us the taxpayers. The cost of printing the ballots the cost of the poll workers, the cost of the people who come in to get the elections ready. These people are better known as the (Pit Crew) and much more this all cost money and is paid for by you. So just like anything you would buy and not use that would be stupid, next time there is an election just think about how much money is spent and when you do not go and Vote just remember how much money you wasted by not doing so.. If we are going to complain about wasteful spending let’s not be wasteful ourselves. That’s just my way of looking at it…


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