The Charter Circumvented Again How Many Times Does That Make? To Many For Anyone to Keep Track Of.

We elected the Council and time and time again they are treated as if they are nothing but a bothersome fly to the Mayor. Who better to play the council like a fine tuned violin than the man who spent many years on that very council. Oh, but not so quick what’s that I see some claws on the council are they getting those claws out and sharpening them? I think so one thing is for sure there is a shift in how business is being done on the council.

It is a shame that the residents elected us and pay us a salary and we are nothing. That is what Councilman Tom Berry said on Tuesday July 26 2011 about the City Council. In a very long exchange Councilman Berry was angry and very passionate about the City Charter yet again being violated. The center of the dispute was once again the Mayor who gave permission to the Fire Chief to install equipment at the fire department in a joint venture with the City of Dearborn. Councilman Berry said “when do we stop this? When do we say enough is enough?” This is happening over and over and this is how the Mayor does things he approves it tells them go ahead do it and we will put it before the Council after the fact.. What is supposed to happen is you put it on the agenda for Council approval before you do any type of contract with anyone. You can go back over the past few years and find examples of things getting passed by the council because “they have to do it right away or else.”

This tactic has been used successfully so many times by the Mayor that it has just become the norm here in the City. What the Mayor is saying to the Council is you are nothing and I will do as I like and you will pass it even when I have circumvented the very form of government that the voters have put in place in this City. We may have a weak Council strong Mayor form of Government, but we do have a council and we elected them Mr. Mayor. We have check and balances that are to be followed and I agree with councilman Berry when and where does it end.

This is getting worse and worse before you know it the Mayor will be doing this with much bigger contracts and spending large amounts of money only after he has done it will he come before the council and say well it is done now. We are in this contract or that contract so sorry, but we can not get out of it now. Keep letting this happen and before you know it the Mayor will do just that. What is going to happen to the Mayor for once again violating the City Charter? Not a damn thing it was passed and on to the next time he will thumb is nose at the Council and the Taxpayers of the City..

Councilman Berry  I applaud you in your effort and I thank you for saying what many in the city have been saying for a long time. What is going to happen the next time he does this and do not kid yourself he will do it again. Just a few months back the Police Chief came before the council for approval for new seals on the police cars. Council approved the expenses of it only to find out less than and hour later after seeing a police car that they had already put the seals on the cars.The argument was the right one to have and the next time he comes before you with something that he has already approved with out your permission TURN IT DOWN FLAT..Oh and please can we start having some type of reprisal for violating the Charter… In the words of Ray Muskat “if there is not going to be any ramifications for violating the charter just throw it away get rid of the council and stop having meetings.”


15 thoughts on “The Charter Circumvented Again How Many Times Does That Make? To Many For Anyone to Keep Track Of.”

  1. bitsy08
    Welcome to the blog and thank you for commenting. The minutes of the council meetings are posted online after they have been adopted by the council if there is a separate record for each and every vote they have made and what issue that vote was for I do not know.. The council does have a Secretary her name is Eve and she works in the City Clerks Department.. We do not have term limits on any of our elected officials besides elections..She does negotiate contracts that is a fact and has been stated on more than one occasion at city council meetings, and study sessions. She has no formal education to negotiate these contracts and no the Mayor is not in the room for any of these negotiations.

    Yes the Mayor and his assistant do whatever the hell they want in this city if you have spent any time watching council meetings over the last two years you can see it time and time again.. The audio of the study session that I did post up here about the cars was very reveling on how the Mayor deals with the council and just what little respect he has for them.. He stated for the record that his assistant did not have to come before the council and answer any of their questions because he said she did not.. He was so out of control at that study session that it prompted a resident at the next council meeting to stand up and suggest that the Mayor take anger management classes.

    There does seem to be a change of heart on the part of one council member and maybe you are right maybe they have just seen like the rest of us what this Mayor is all about. It took me and my husband years to see what kind of person he is.. There is a saying that many of us use to describe the Mayor. “Your usefulness has expired” There are many that when they were useful to the Mayor had a great relationship with him, but when that ran out you are tossed to the side. A true Politician in every sense of the word he is more worried about his perceived reputation than anything else going on in this city. It’s all about the image when it comes to this man.. 2013 is not far away and I know there are many who are giving it some serious thought about running if this man has the gull to run again that is..


  2. The fact that people report the Mayor’s Assistant using the City car after the council voted they were to be parked, if true, is unacceptable. I have a suggestion. Why not have all the City car keys turned in to a third party at the end of the work day; one who doesn’t drive a car but works for the City. I find it hard to believe that ANY city employee would be called out on an emergency during the midnight hours but if they are, have them use their personal car and turn in an expense report to be reimbursed for their mileage. I also believe that these City cars should be considered “pool” cars and if anyone needs to do City work during the day, they fill out a request for the car stating where they are going, what kind of City work they will be doing, the hours the car will be used and the date of the use. I learned this at Ford Motor. Even a CAR company won’t just let you just take a car. You must have a LEGITIMATE reason. Of course, if there are people who work for the City that need a car each day, their use could be documented in some other way.

    I would also like to know if there is somewhere we can go to see how each member of the Council votes on certain issues. Certainly I would like to know when the Mayor has bypassed the Charter and how each council member voted. Did they support him – again – or did they vote no. That’s how we will vote, people. If they’re not doing the job we elected them to do, let’s vote them out!

    I also want to know if there’s a limit to how long they can sit on the Council. I’m for term limits. That goes for our U.S. politicians and our City politicians.

    As for the Mayor’s Assistant negotiating contracts – WHAT?????? What are her qualifications? As far as I know, she’s a secretary. I’m going on what other people have told me (and a lot of the time, you know what that means) but it seems that she’s giving away way too much. She is not qualified to negotiate these contracts so let’s get someone to do it who has the qualifications. Better yet – let’s just get rid of this rude person (I’ve caught her flack) altogether – along with her boss. It seems that both of them do whatever the hell they want.

    Raven said (above): It seems that the Mayor has had a change of heart. Get real, people. He’s a politician! I just found out his term doesn’t end until December 2013 and we have no term limits. I don’t know if this city can afford to leave him in office for that long. Our city is in serious deficit mode and it seems from what others have reported, that our dear Mayor will say no to others because of the City’s financial situation and yes to whatever he wants to do. I know that one of the people on the council used to like the Mayor but has now had a change of heart. Could be no more than looking for the good in some when you first get to know them and finding out the truth of them over time.


  3. I find it irresponsible and a total disregard of our council, our charter and the resolution!! Funny how the mayors office can put out a memo to all employees that they could wear pants if they came to work the last snowstorm, but why was there NO MEMO about keeping the cars parked after July 1st by orders of the mayor? Everyone knew council passed the resolution to keep the cars parked after 5pm July 1st!! But seems that must not have been too important to him to reinforce the passed resolution!!! I’m not surprised he didn’t want his employees to stop taking the cars home anyways, it was his way of saying what can council do about it!!!


  4. Justice

    She is not the only one who did not follow the resolution according to what councilwoman Van Houten said only two out of many parked their car. They all sent the message to the taxpayers starting with the Mayor elected by us. There is no reason to think they will follow it when they see the Mayor not implementing the resolution this starts from the top down the Mayor is at fault for what has happened in this city.


  5. Exactly!! I don’t know how she has her job! Fire her and get someone with an education! She openly said by orders of the mayor last week I parked the car, meanwhile she drove it for personal use up till that time some 3 weeks of tax payers dollars were stolen! She knew council told her after july1, 5pm park it! She was rude in interview, saying loud and clear I will use tax payers money and vehicle till MY boss the mayor says not to!! Well we supported councils efforts to save the money and get cars parked!! So you sent that message to us residents who saw you driving our tax dollars!! You are a piece of work! You act like a little kid being told no for the first time by her daddy! Grow up resignation or termination, it don’t matter to us but if that don’t happen and soon we will call the news back out on you and the mayor!


  6. Very interesting! I never thought of that, but it would explain the flip flop! Thanks for the different point of view, Raven!


  7. I noticed a change in our mayor since his interview. He seemed to be humbled somewhat…maybe he herd us residents loud and clear? But I will reserve my thought to see what kind of strict discipline measures he will enforce upon his assistant for breaking the resolution and driving my tax dollars after July 1st!! I hope he does hear us because I won’t be satisfied with anything lesser then termination of his assistant!! Time to stand up and choose mayor who’s it gonna be? Her words as spoken in her interview or ours the tax payers whom she admitted stealing from? We saw it so when you see the pictures of her car in her drive the July 4th weekend hope you make your executive decision!! My opinion of you is on reserve till then!


  8. Makes you wonder what other side deals he has with other cities that we don’t know about.
    thinks he is the great and powerful oz, or something.
    Everyone eventually found out that oz was just a jabbering idiot behind a curtain in the movie.
    pretty soon your curtain will be removed, and all will see the truth on who and what you really are!
    Well, Mr. Mayor, your the great and powerful wizard of oz, and your assistant is the wicked witch of Dearborn Heights. (k.k. called it a witch hunt, right?)
    Why don’t the both of you get on that broom of her’s, and fly the hell out of our city!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. I support your efforts in taking a stand Tom Berry! I’m proud of you for trying to uphold the charter process in fact I’m rather disappointed that council approved the contract before knowing all the information related to the pumps and how it works. I would have also said NO. I understand wanting to help your neighbors but at the same time you have to work on your OWN backyard first. The city of Dearborn could have waited 2 weeks since the charter was circumvented as it clearly was! I would never had allowed my kids to help our neighbors before helping their very own residents!!! I’m certain council did not think of how we the residents feel about this. The car resolution does have everything to do with what has happened here and what would it have hurt to have waited 2 weeks? What’s the rush always to pass what’s in front of you? The mayor turned the table on you right in front of you and he was good I don’t think you noticed how he played his cards 1 by 1.
    Its important to us residents who feel like he has gotten away with the car wars! Janet you herd the mayor he said he would terminate a employee who violated using the cars after your resolution. You have the prof you need and will he follow thru with his word? I was angry to see him so willing to help his neighbors save on their gas cost but he fought council all the way with saving us the residents the money we end up paying for all his fleet of take home vehicles by city employes! Doesn’t he think he should be more willing to help us in his own back yard? Well remember he still wanted to discuss this because of safety remember? Maybe a light left on would be life threatening? I don’t care if Dearborn would have to wait 2 more weeks for use of that pump, I’ve been waiting for years to have these city cars parked. I am just a resident who has seen her in the city car after hours use after the July 1 PASSED resolution.


  10. If your smelling RATS then you are in Dearborn Heights! My suggestion, you are standing way to close to the mayor and his assistant! Step back catch some fresh air, I know that stench, it lingers around them & its horrid!!

    I cant wait to have a new mayoral candidate! I will run to the polls when that time comes!

    I would vote for anyone with or without a back bone just to see Paletko pack up and leave his office! But I would rather vote for someone who will use their backbone! Please step up and get them out of that office! Time for some fresh air ad fresh faces!


  11. Car Wars Right? Are you saying that this is because of the car wars right? This is because councilman Tom Berry had a company that was going to regulate and monitor the use of city vehicles for free with no cost to us the tax payers right? Well no wonder why the mayor did not want YOU to do that! No wonder why he did ANYTHING HE had to do to stop that from happening! What a sneaky dog! No wonder WHY we are in a deficit!! I bet that smug guy went home laughing!! He thinks he is untouchable!

    Well the REAL QUEEN bee said it right, CALL back the news crew on his ass! Expose him for what he has been hiding from us, the TRUE personality of the mayor!! Simon will follow up on this! He is the solution council show him how the mayor and the assistant REALLY are! We have been paying her salary and she has no qualifications for the position! In my opinion the ONLY thing she has done is to defy and speak rude! Her favorite line I don’t know or I cant answer that! Well she looked scared and nervous talking to the reporter, like she was hiding the REAL TRUTH! She knows why she did not park the car July 1st she knows that was her way of saying the mayor is my boss, I don’t have to do what council tells me and I’m NOT going to either, NOT till I am told to by the mayor! Well mayor we the tax payers saw that! We saw her attitude and WE did NOT like it!! Who does this woman think she is? She had the appearance of someone trying to be something they are NOT and she does NOT have the education to back her in her position!! She screwed up the NSP, made a joke of the union negotiations and she has cost us tax payers way too much money! She comes and goes as she pleases off time more then she is there and we pay for THAT? Time the NEWS knew the REAL personal reasons she is the keeper of his secrets! covered for him in sworn deposition about the porn use from his computer and the law suit cover up!


  12. Did anyone read the contract? Does it say you can not have a competitor do the same thing, at the same time? My question is valid, Tom if their contract does not have a control in place for that then why not have 2? if there is no restrictions against you using a competitor then go for it. Its not going o cost anything for the company that you wanted, right? Well have them come in and do their thing.

    The mayor belongs in THE HALL OF SHAME he thinks hulled a slick one on you and I would like to see council go ahead with their plans for the free company you wanted, why not? If you cant then call back the news crew, call them and tell them about the REAL mayor of OUR city! He doesn’t think you would call them back to put the bad spotlight back upon our city! But it is time to do just that! Tom you need to lead the news crew right to the source of your difficulties sitting on that council. lead them to see that this is NOT personal like the assistant reported. Lead them to the TRUE facts we have been dealing with! How old is this blog? How far back can we go to see that we have faced the same issues with the mayor and his assistant flipping their noses at you. She will keep doing that over and over and the mayor is right beside her supporting her! Time to take a stand the news crews are tough professional reporters they WILL ask the questions! They wont back down they want to get to the TRUTH from the mayor! Go GET THEM SIMON! We have all had enough!!

    The mayor should be in the hall of shame!!! Someone call that news crew out!!


  13. Come on with it, T. Berry. You are saying and doing the right things. Now, step up there and MEAN THEM! The Mayor thinks he can slide past you, but you are going to show him, right? We are waiting for you, T. A lot of people have confidence in you.


  14. I smell a BIG RAT and who wants to say what or who is the RAT some one is looking to become a viable candidate for a mayoral posting by the voters watch who now found his backbone


  15. I am speechless, although I shouldnt be. The Mayor actually thinks he can get away with this crap time and time again! How can he possibly ok new equipment at the fire station without the approval of the Council?? Is that not against the charter? Please, council members we are begging you to have this man face some consequences for what he is doing! If he is going against the City Charter there has to be something you can do.


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