Who is the Mayor Pro Tem? I Know Who The Mayor Thinks It Is…

According to the Charter if the Mayor is absent the city Council Chair would be the Mayor this is what the charter says,

Section 5.4.  Mayor Pro Tem.

In case of the absence or disability of the Mayor, the Chairman of the Council shall perform the duties of the Mayor during the period of such absence or disability; provided however, that he shall not have the power of veto, and shall not have the power to remove the director or head of any department during any period in which he shall act in the capacity of Mayor unless he has so acted for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days; any appointment made by the Mayor Pro Tem in accordance with these provisions shall not be permanent until such appointees shall have served for a period of sixty (60) days following his appointment.
Who do you think the Mayor considers Mayor Pro Tem? His assistant, the Mayor when asked during his deposition who he considers to be the Mayor in his absents? He said Krystina Kramarz in clear violation of the charter, but who’s paying attention to such an insignificant document as the charter? This administration has turned the charter in to nothing more than a bunch of words that have little or no power when applied to them..

7 thoughts on “Who is the Mayor Pro Tem? I Know Who The Mayor Thinks It Is…”

  1. Well just like the constitution use it read it exercise it or LOSE IT too many people abuse the office and try to play games only when we you us hold them to it do they submit but only as long as you hold them accountable for it so as for cars go gps means we know where you are the police cars have it on board so why not city cars easier solution then all this clatter trap gas cards and all the blustering from the table while Rome is burning someone else is fanning the flames elsewhere


  2. Just saw but did anyone else notice? Finally people are listening about the City of Dearborn Heights cars not parked see on channel 2 @ 11pm! About time!


  3. krissy is nothing. can’t stand the fact that mayor once again is violation of our charter, our rights.
    Council, come on! start giving out consequences, to those you deserve it.
    They act like bad children, start punishing them.
    Marge you always lay down the hammer, show them how it’s done.


  4. Thanks Marge for being at least one of the city council members that stands up to the Mayor and his assistants BS.
    I wish all of the city council members had your courage and fierceness in dealing with this administartion.


  5. This is ridiculous!
    The Mayor pro tem is always the next highest elected official which in this case would be Ken Baron.
    Remember in Detroit when Kwami went down? Ken Cochran, the city council president, took over as acting Mayor.
    I know Dan knows this, so maybe it was his mistake to say Krissy would be acting Mayor in his absence or maybe he is just getting that arrogant.
    Even if he meant if he was out at lunch for an hour that Krissy would be in charge…it is still unacceptable.
    Krissy was never voted into her position by the people of the city, so therefore she could never assume a position like Mayor no matter what the circumstance.
    The Mayor has violated the charter so many times that it is laughable….and even more laughable are many of the city council members who refuse to stand up against him and her.


  6. He hasn’t followed the rules yet, he doesn’t give a crap what anyone or any document says, what makes you think he will start now? He thinks just because he says it is so, it is. This man is a total wound to our city. And Good God, who in their right mind could even think that KK could be accepted as anything other than his patsy, his gopher, his dementia? Is there going to be a time when the truth comes back to bite him? Is he ever going to stop injuring this city? Can he be contained like the out of control bs brain that he is? Come on, folks! What kind of trip is this guy on? The Daniel Paletko Cruise…..come and let him show you the way…to hell!


  7. I have, on several occasions, told the Mayor that he should leave a written notification to the Pro Tem that he will be out of the City and that he the Pro Tem is in charge. He of course ignores that information as I am sure he will deny that I have ever mentioned this to him. I know the rules. Been there done that.


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