It’s A Witch Hunt…

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Who is doing the hunting? Looking pale and worried the assistant to the Mayor had that to say to Fox 2 news when they questioned her about the use of a city car in clear violation to the resolution passed by the council ordering the cars to be parked on July 1 2011. She went on to say that she has parked the car for the last week and is using her brothers car.. She said who ever is telling you that is giving you false information and that this is a personal witch-hunt..So residents asking the council to do something about this is now a “Witch-Hunt” residents who are struggling to pay a car payment every month are on a hunt after the assistant to the Mayor..

The assistant to the Mayor takes home 60,000.00 a year and does not own a car she use to work in a Sports bar that she took the city car to. This is the same assistant who put down that she drove the car for 15 personal miles from the month of August 2010 to March of 2011. This was talked about by Janet Badalow at a study session held by the city council in June of 2011. In the same report Councilwoman Horvath sat down and talked with the reporter said when asked who pay’s for the gas she said “we do.” That is not all that we have paid for.  The last 6 years the taxpayer has paid for the insurance, maintenance, and everything else that has to go into keeping a car running.

The Mayor said that he would reprimand anyone who would be violating the resolution passed by the council. Just who are you trying to kid Mr. Mayor Janet Badalow said at the Council meeting held on July 26 that she has photos of the car parked at his assistants house over the July 4 weekend and she would be more than happy to show them to the Mayor. To this there was no response. According to the Mayors assistant she has been driving her brothers car for one week. You do the math she has been in clear violation of the resolution and no the Mayor did not reprimand her in any way. She parked the car under orders from the Mayor saying clearly to the council and the taxpayers that she did not listen to what they (the council have to say) or we the taxpayers are asking for. For those of you who missed the story on Fox 2 News click here

How long do you think it will be until  she does take that car home when things die down will she be taking it home again? She might become one of us average mortals out here in the real world and have to make a car payment, insurance payment, and god forbid pay for her own gas. We will just have to wait and see.


12 thoughts on “It’s A Witch Hunt…”

  1. I know right, loved this post perfectly written!! And every time I think of her I will lmao and remenber the salam days burning them witches,lol!! Perfect! But we all should be cautious and everyone should wear garlic necklaces for sure at city hall.! Or put a fresh bottle in your drawer and sprinkle over desk to ward off that witch! Good luck at work this week everyone!


  2. kathy you picked the perfect picture for this post. I think it does strongly resemble the witch! I bet that reporter didn’t expect her to point out a focus, he probally was expecting to see a broom, I know I was!


  3. lips, i have posted here before that i witnessed her shopping in my place of employment in the middle of the week. about mid afternoon. spent an 1 1/2 hours trying on clothes,and bought alot.
    i work about an 1/2 an hour away from dbn hts.
    talked to a council person to confirm that she wasn’t on vac during that incident.
    not telling where i work. my eyes are open and my mouth will be reporting if i see her doing wrong again.


  4. She said what Simon was told was not true! HA the nerve of that “witch” she avoided telling the truth herself. She did not respect the council resolution she was driving the car after July 1st last week was not July first!

    Mayor why did you wait to enforce the resolution? I would certainly reprimand them if that was the case! Well Mayor last week was not July 1st, and you did inform the news crew if anyone caught abusing the system will be in big trouble. How come it took the news crew to be up in your face for you to make that statement? Why did you not say that when the resolution was passed? Why did you allow her to drive the car after July 1st? You allowed her to take her car home after July 1st and you straight up knew that was in violation of the resolution, and now with a reporter in front of you, now you say those who violate will be punished!

    I see you for what you have showed me you are, you have been double talking and avoiding working with the council and I find you to be a smug arrogant rude and very untruthful mayor. I blame you for our budget deficit. You have failed as my mayor and your assistant has been a huge part of that failure weather you see it or not, that does not matter. What matters is our opinion of what we think of you!!

    You did avoid telling the truth. What happened to the mayor that said to council I told her she didn’t have to answer your questions! Why did you not want the reporters seeing you for who you are? Well I’ve been to several meetings and see how you talk to council. No wonder why it took someone to leak they were bringing a news crew for you to order your assistant to park her car!

    Mayor you really need to pay attention to your assistant more and what she has done, she really has casted a dark shadow upon your office! You both looked bad to us who has seen you both in action, u both deserve one another and what ever happens from here! I think your offices should be federally investigated! You should be ashamed of the both of you!

    Council has not been on any “witch” hunt but everyone is tired of the assistant being able to do anything she pleases! She actually referred herself as the “witch” that council hunts! Seemed desperate to point her finger and acknowledge it wasn’t till last week & ONLY because it was ordered from the Mayor!

    Maybe you two should have respected council July 1st would have been the right thing to do! But when was the last time either of you choose to do the right thing?


  5. Excellent post!!! I nearly laughed my head off!!!!!! What an extremely entertaining post to get me through the rest of the week!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


  6. I’ve heard it said that the night has a thousand eyes….KK don’t EVER think that no one is watching. They are. They know. They may hold the facts, photos, etc. for a while, but in the end the broom you ride will be on fire. No one will stand with you. You will be shown to be who you really are, and you have such a pompous attitude! It’s a long way down when you fall off your throne, missy. So many people are waiting to take their turn to shake you down, you should prepare for your fall.
    Just like Fundarski & Company, you are not that smart, so give it up before you are forced into it. KK you have been through a lot, but not as much as you will go through when you fall flat on your face and there will be no one, no Mayor, no union people, no one will help you up. You will be on your own.
    And by the way, has anyone heard from the Fundarski Fan Club? Has he skinned his nose yet?


  7. kathy can you link the news report to your blog? that way others that may have missed it can maybe see again, again? that would be awesome! thanks!


  8. Look I just saw, it was the witch…the very same one, everyone has seen her!! I tried to throw garlic, I tried asking her to leave us be, I tried being nice. Nothing has changed about her though despite everyone’s efforts! She is hideous she keeps bulling people, doing things to only benefit herself, she is selfish and someone who will do anything to reach the top,she has been spreading her untruthful words as if we would believe anymore lies from her mouth! We all have been accused of a witch hunt but nobody has ever said what should we do with this witch once captured?? Can we put her on a flaming pile of twigs and have her burned like the Salam days? Umm…NO!! But there is one thing we can do once the witch has been discovered and that is to unite to bring her down to a level where her super powers and magic powers will be removed from her hands!! Take her potions, take her spells, if nobody believes in her if her powers are striped away then she is just a mere mortal like the rest of us! But yes I did see the witch she was almost captured.


  9. She flat out said who told you this they lied!!! OMG!! the nerve of that woman! Who was she calling a liar? Did she mean Marge, the residents who witnessed we are the tax payers who have been paying for that car she has driven every where for how may years??? I’m sure she was not referring to her boss the Mayor?

    Everything said was the truth we have seen it and everyone knew she was being defiant not respecting council after July 1st order to park the car!! This was brought to the mayors attention several times and he chose to ignore the charter as well, why its obvious he had no intention of enforcing the resolution!!! He came across as a too faced liar to me! He did not tell the truth either when asked. Why? He did not say there are a few employees that have not parked their cars NO he did not!! Instead he made it sound as if he was unaware the cars were being driven! For those of us who go to the council meetings know his presence on the news was not how he is to the council at council meetings! He is a badgering bully to them, yelling and screaming, throwing his fist down on the table, he is rude and defiant and it is clear he does not work with the council to help and reduce the budget!! one thing I hate is a too faced liar! And our mayor may have just dug a big hole for himself with his statement to the news last night!!! He may have skirted the question by the reporter and he may be satisfied that maybe now she has parked the car this can be over. But what about the strict disciplinary actions he said that would take place? Really the same Mayor who told council in the public meeting that his assistant did not have to answer any of their questions about the city car, this mayor the guy we see every week fighting to keep the tax payers paying for all these cars, that now he is going to have strict disciplinary action against his employees who did not follow the resolution? Wonder what slap on the wrist will happen? How pathetic!

    Mayor a resident said just last week that they were bring the news crew to the council meting Tuesday is that when you decided you would enforce the resolution and make them park? You did not say any of that last night, you did not say instead you acted like you didn’t know about them taking the cars!! that was very two faced for you to have made your statement to that reporter!! You know you allowed the continued defiance about the cars and instead of you holding your ground position of I was the one who told her she did not have to answer council about the cars, you try and pull off the opposite like you were unaware!! How shamed I am for your answers to the reporter!

    Just wondering really how strictly they will be disciplined for breaking the resolution and not having the cars parked at city hall. No mayor we still want disciplinary actions taken! We feel as though we were robbed a car that cost us money was taken and used you have been told about the pictures and you knew that. Don’t try to hide now that you were filmed by the news you didn’t know!! We will tell the reporters that it was the 2 of you who were lying we have our proof you knew about the cars being driven after July 1st!! Swift and strict disciplinary action is what we need to see happen now and we will not stop till it does!! I think I will form a residential truth seekers group that will keep this kind of information publicized, since the only time you seem to pay attention is when you are on camera!! hope you enjoyed your little interview but don’t forget this is the same reporters who have asked the tough questions of Kwamee and Crristine Beatty!! They just don’t go away after being lied to, especially by the Mayor!!

    And to your assistant who clearly admitted to have only parked her car last week when ordered to by the mayor. You looked pathetic, your answers of this being a witch hunt and its only because of personal matters and the are lying statement, well wasn’t that quite the performance!! You are the one who avoided telling the truth, you would not tell him yes I did drive the car after the resolution was passed instead you said they lied well what did they lie about? Nothing it was you who was admitting without directly, saying yes I did not follow the resolution i did not park my car till the mayor ordered it last week! You are a fool if you can see that us residence laughed after you said well I parked my car and have been driving my brothers car for the past week!! We do know that last week was not July 1st!! You looked like a fool saying its a personal reason why is that personal reason again??? I just think people who have to work with you see you for what you are and its not them its you who carries yourself in that smug manor that everyone sees! Time to step down and get away go somewhere else! You have burnt every one in our city by how you present yourself, we have heard your lies, tolerated them, seen you bully people and you think you have some right or entitlement to do whatever you like to anyone you don’t care! You have stepped on one too many this time and we are not taking it anymore! Better get a grip on reality and get used to that news camera in your face since you lied and called us liar’s I’m sure they will want to ask you about your personal matter and why they would lie because of that? I believe sometimes Karma takes care of things when you treat others so badly like you have, well it usually is only a matter of time before Karma comes back badly to you!!

    Simon. We residents would like for you to look into this a little deeper, here you will see some unimaginable actions getting away with it by the mayor and his assistant! They are each other secret keppers. But be careful they will not answer a direct question when asked they turn it into something else that you will seem to have moved past your original question. They have almost perfected this , so be aware!!


  10. It looked liked the mayor was a bit taken back by the fact that fox 2 was there.
    krissy had a very cavalier attitude. witch hunt, huh?. if that is true(it’s not), then i guess
    that makes her the wicked witch of Dearborn Heights. What is she going to do? send her flying monkeys after us residents? or better yet, if she worried about a vehicle, she can always ride her broom to and from work!


  11. This is the person that I aproached maybe a year ago if not more about the car told me that the car was old and that it should be junked and that is what would be done when she did not drive it .I told her that I would more than happy to purchace it and that se should be happy to have a car to use for free.At that point she walked away from me laughing.


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